FAC 610 - African Awakening

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FAC 610
"African Awakening"
Africa de l'Oèst en 1875.png
Live September 13, 2019
Length 2+ hours
Guests Legende, Fakeologist, Geris, Gaia
Listen FAC 610 - African Awakening
first 2+ hours
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FAC 610, named "African Awakening" was the 610th Fakeologist Audio Chat on Fakeologist.com, aired live on September 13, 2019 with as new guest Legende from Burkina Faso, Ab the Fakeologist, Geris and Gaia. The audio chat goes for 2+ hours before FRAC 91119 in the audio here.[1]


"I am Legende, from Burkina Faso, Western Africa, and you are listening to Fakeologist Radio on Fakeologist.com, fellow Africans, please join in and let your critical minds be heard!"


Tree map export 2009 Burkina Faso.jpeg

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  1. FAC610 & FRAC91119 - FAC 610, first 2+ hours & FRAC 91119, last 3.5 hours