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Death of Celebrity Person (DCP) describes a category of psyOp which involve a prolific character of the media sphere that is going to end its public presence in the media as that namely character. The real individuum - a professional or layman actor - who encorporated that character may encorporate a new different character or retire.[ab 1]

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List of psyops

Years Dates Type 1 Type 2 Official Name
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Perps Description Fakeologist CF HB MM Other
1756 01/27 DCP Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Mozart [ab 2] [POM 1]

[MSM 1]
1843 01/20 assassination DCP Assassination of Edward Drummond Daniel M'Naghten Assassination of secretary Edward Drummond in Britain. [1]
[MSM 2]
1859 12/02 DCP Death of John Brown John Brown, abolitionist Life and death of John Brown, agent. [MM 1]
[MM 2]
[MM 3]
[POM 2]
[MSM 3]
1865 04/14 assassination DCP Assassination of Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth [MM 1] [MSM 4]
1920 10/17 DCP Death of John Reed John Reed [MM 4] [MSM 5]
1937 07/02 DCP Disappearance of Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart Female pilot Amelia Earhart believed to have run out of fuel and ditched in the Atlantic Ocean - Earhart museum hair sample found to be fake. [MSM 6]
1943 01/07 DCP Death of Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Influential engineer found dead in his New York hotel Room 3327, 33rd floor. [2]
[MSM 7]
1948 01/30 assassination DCP Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi Nathuram Godse Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, first leader of an independent India, shot at point-blank range by Nathuram Godse. [MM 5] [MSM 8]
1949 05/04 DCP Superga air disaster FC Torino Plane crashes into a wall of the Basilica of Superga, all people on board, football players of FC Torino die in Italy. [ab 3] [MSM 9]
1951 03/06 DCP Rosenberg Trial Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for espionage for the Soviet Union. [ab 4] [CF 1]
[CF 2]
[MSM 10]
1952 07/26 DCP Death of Evita Peron Eva Perón Duarte Death of Evita Perón, first lady of Argentinian president Juan Perón, at age 33. Possibly re-used as Madonna's mother. [POM 3]
[POM 4]
[MSM 11]
1958 02/06 plane crash DCP Manchester United Munich plane crash Busby Babes [ab 5]
[ab 6]
[MSM 12]
[MSM 13]
1959 02/03 plane crash DCP music The Day The Music Died Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper Famous fatal plane crash of multiple musicians. [MM 6] [QR 1]
[MSM 14]
1962 08/05 DCP Death of Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Iconic actress, model, singer dies aged 36 from apparent suicide but her name is not in SSDI. [MM 7] [MSM 15]
1964 11/12 DCP music Death of Sam Cooke Sam Cooke Soul singer dies aged 33 on 11/12/64 (33). [MSM 16]
1968 02/01 murder geopolitical Execution of Nguyễn Văn Lém Nguyễn Văn Lém Nguyễn Văn Lém of National Liberation Front executed in Saigon, Viet Nam [POM 5]
[MSM 17]
1969 08/08-09 serial killer DCP Tate murders Charles Manson "The Manson Family" murders involving actress Sharon Tate in California. [CF 3] [HB 1] [MM 8] [POM 6]
[MSM 18]
1970 09/18 DCP music Death of Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Death of Jimi Hendrix, aged 27, famous guitar player in Britain. [ab 7]
[ab 8]
[MSM 19]
1970 11/14 DCP plane crash Marshall University plane crash Marshall University football team Entire football team dies in a plane crash of Southern Airways Flight 932. [QR 2]
[MSM 20]
1971 07/03 DCP music Death of Jim Morrison Jim Morrison The Doors singer, aged 27, found dead in a Paris apartment bathtub by his beard Pamela Courson in the United States. [MM 9] [POM 7]
[POM 8]
[MSM 21]
1972 10/13 plane crash DCP Miracle of the Andes Plane with Uruguayan soccer players crashes in Chilean Andes, 16 survive for 72 days eating their dead friends. [3]
[MSM 22]
1977 08/16 DCP music Death of Elvis Presley Elvis Presley [MM 10] [MSM 23]
1977 10/20 DCP
plane crash
music Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash Ronnie Van Zant
Steve Gaines
Cassie Gaines
3 members of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd die in a plane crash. [QR 3]
[MSM 24]
1978 11/18 DCP cult Jonestown massacre Jim Jones Mass suicide of 918 people in Jonestown, Guyana. [ab 9] [CF 4] [MSM 25]
1979 08/02 DCP
plane crash
sports Death of Thurman Munson Thurman Munson New York Yankees baseball player dies in a plane crash. [QR 4]
[MSM 26]
1980 10/09 murder DCP Murder of John Lennon Mark David Chapman The Beatles singer John Lennon allegedly shot by Mark David Chapman at the entrance of the Dakota Building in New York City. [MM 11] [MSM 27]
1981 05/11 DCP music Death of Bob Marley Robert Nesta Marley Bob Marley contracted a malignant melanoma under the nail of a toe july 1977, turned down amputation. boots were suspected source of infection. [MSM 28]
1982 03/05 DCP Death of John Belushi John Belushi Dies aged 33 from an overdose of cocaine with heroin. [QR 5]
[MSM 29]
1983 02/04 DCP music Death of Karen Carpenter The Carpenters Alleged suicide of Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters. [MM 12] [MSM 30]
1989 01/24 DCP serial killer Execution of Ted Bundy Ted Bundy Execution of serial killer Ted Bundy. [MM 13] [MSM 31]
1992 04/10 DCP Death of Sam Kinison Sam Kinison Dies aged 38 in a car crash. [QR 6]
[MSM 32]
1993 10/31 DCP Death of River Phoenix River Phoenix Alleged overdose death of actor River Phoenix. [MM 14] [MSM 33]
1996 09/13 DCP music Death of Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur Dies aged 25 after being shot. [QR 7]
[MSM 34]
1996 12/25 murder DCP Murder of JonBenét Ramsey JonBenét Ramsey 6 year old child beauty peagant murdered. [POM 9]
[MSM 35]
1997 08/31 DCP Death of Princess Diana Diana Frances Spencer Death of Princess Diana (36), Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul after being chased by paparazzi in a tunnel in Paris, France. [ab 10] [MSM 36]
1997 10/12 DCP plane crash Death of John Denver John Denver Denver was killed (53) when his experimental Rutan Long-EZ aircraft (reg. n° N555JD) crashed into the Pacific Ocean. [POM 10]
[MSM 37]
1997 11/22 DCP music Death of Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence Found dead by autoerotic asphyxiation (hanging), born the 22nd, dead the 22nd possessing £22,000, memorial established in Sydney named "Here it is" [ab 11] [MSM 38]
1997 12/18 DCP Death of Chris Farley Chris Farley Dies aged 33 from an overdose of cocaine with morphine. [QR 8]
[MSM 39]
1999 03/07 DCP Death of Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick Movie director Stanley Kubrick dies, age 70, just 4 days after releasing his Freemasonry movie Eyes Wide Shut and 666 days before 9/11. [CF 5] [MSM 40]
1999 04/26 murder DCP Murder of Jill Dando TV host Jill Dando gets killed "live on TV". [ab 12] [MSM 41]
2004 11/02 DCP muslim scare Murder of Theo van Gogh Mohammed Bouyeri Film maker Theo van Gogh, great-grandson of Vincent van Gogh's brother Theo, murdered in broad daylight in a street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [ab 13] [MSM 42]
2006 09/04 DCP Death of Steve Irwin stingray "Crocodile Dundee" Australian actor Steve Irwin died from cuddling a stingray. [QR 9]
[MSM 43]
2007 07/17 DCP Death of Jeremy Blake & Theresa Duncan Jeremy Blake & Theresa Duncan Alleged drowning of couple. [MM 15] [MSM 44]
[MSM 45]
2008 01/22 DCP Death of Heath Ledger Heath Ledger Dies aged 28 a few months before the release of The Dark Knight with his portrayal of The Joker. Wins posthumous Oscar. [QR 10]
[MSM 46]
2009 06/25 DCP music Death of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson King of Pop Michael Jackson dies age 50. [ab 14]
[ab 15]
[CF 6] [MM 11] [POM 11]
[MSM 47]
2011 07/23 DCP music Death of Amy Winehouse Amy Jade Winehouse Singer Amy Winehouse 27, dies in London, UK. [CF 7] [MSM 48]
2011 10/05 DCP Death of Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Co-founder and CEO of Apple dies age 56. [MSM 49]
2012 02/11 DCP music Death of Whitney Houston Whitney Houston Born August 9th, Whitney Elizabeth Houston (48) allegedly dies the 11th from drugs, in a bathtub - fake images of dead Whitney. [MSM 50]
2012 02/22 DCP Death of Marie Colvin Marie Colvin War correspondent, ex-Yale University, first to have interviewed Moammar Khaddafi after operation El Dorado Canyon, dies in Syria. [CF 8] [MSM 51]
2013 01/11 DCP Death of Aaron Swartz Aaron Swartz Internet "activist" Aaron Swartz (Harvard University), Stanford University allegedly commits suicide after being chased by CIA in New York City. [MSM 52]
2013 02/02 murder DCP Murder of Chris Kyle Eddie Ray Routh Iraq war sniper gets killed by his friend at shooting range in Texas. Company Kyle worked for involved in Boston Bombings two months later. [HB 2] [MSM 53]
2013 02/14 DCP Death of Reeva Steenkamp Oscar Pistorius Paralympic athlete shoots at his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp and she dies in South Africa. [ab 16] [MSM 54]
[MSM 55]
[MSM 56]
2013 06/18 DCP Death of Michael Hastings Michael Hastings Hastings died in a single-vehicle automobile crash in his Mercedes C250 Coupé at approximately 4:25 a.m. in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. [MSM 57]
2014 02/02 DCP Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (46) allegedly dies because of heroine overdose, won Oscar for movie Capote (2005), about Truman Capote who published In Cold Blood (1965-66) about the Clutter family murders. [MSM 58]
2014 08/11 DCP Death of Robin Williams Robin Williams Actor Robin Williams commits suicide at age 63. [ab 8] [MSM 59]
2014 09/04 DCP Death of Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Comedian Joan Rivers dies at age 81. [ab 17] [MSM 60]
2016 01/10 DCP music Death of David Bowie David Robert Jones David Bowie, famous glamrock music idol dies @ 69, 2 days after his birthday & the release of his 25th album 'Black Star' in New York City. [ab 18]
[ab 19]
[ab 20]
[CF 9] [MSM 61]
2016 04/21 DCP music Death of Prince Prince Rogers Nelson Singer Prince suddenly dies at age 57 in Minnesota. [ab 21] [MM 16] [MSM 62]
2016 11/28 plane crash DCP LaMia Flight 2933 Chapecoense soccer team Almost the full soccer team of Chapecoense, scheduled to play the final of the Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League) against Nacional in Medellín, Colombia. Just a few miles before landing, it was out of kerosine and crashed in a remote mountain. [CF 10] [MSM 63]
2016 12/25 DCP music Death of George Michael Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Last Christmas singer George Michael (53) dies conveniently on Christmas day. [ab 22] [MSM 64]
2018 03/14 DCP MCP Death of Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking dies at 3:14 AM (Pi-time) on 3/14 (Pi-day) in the United Kingdom, after having survived 55 years with ALS. He was born on Galileo Galilei's 300th death day and died on Albert Einstein's 139th birthday. [ab 23]
[ab 24]
[CF 11] [MSM 65]
2018 03/17 DCP controlled opposition Adrian Lamo death Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chelsea Manning, has died aged 37. [ab 25] [MSM 66]

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