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    I figured I’d leave a bit here about myself. My nick here is columjaddica, which is just a handle I created when I decided that I didn’t want to link my old handles or real name with Sandy Hook research when I first started looking at that. It doesn’t mean anything I just thought it sounded neat. Feel free to shorten it to CJ.

    I currently live in Colorado, in the mountains near Boulder. We have a hoax-a-day policy here and there seems to be a real den of troublemakers down in the greater Denver area. Always something strange going on..

    I’ve followed conspiracy theories since 2002 but was not aware of the extent of media fakery until Sandy Hook. I only viewed Sept Clues and Cluesforum after Sandy Hook sent me into a year-long fit of research into everything.

    I have my own blog (which I never updated frequently and might do something else with) at http://www.simcell.info

    I also have another small private forum where myself and a few others research news stories and the characters in them.

    Glad to have fakeologist.com, the tone is a bit different than most alternative news sites and there are only a few other options online when it comes to discussing fakery.

    I’m interested in figuring out what can be done about all of this? How do you get people to view this with an open mind? How many people are involved, does the weather-man know what’s going on (I think he does)? When do they use pure media fakery and when and why do they use live acting or real force? How do they coordinate between first responders, courts, and the media to make these stories?

    Been a crazy year, turned my whole world upside down, but glad to see more people starting to get it.


    This is where I got my avatar from. let me know if it wont play, I’ve found that Vine doesnt like things like linux.

    Such CG
    Much impressive

    This took place in NYC I think right outside Vine headquarters and some other social media HQs. “Truck fire” incident with Corona commercial qualities. Got some very similar pics from Lac Megantic. It also looks a lot like a PS4 game.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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