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    A small 2016 15th anniversary story went under the radar – 9/11 Firefighter and survivor Nelson Haerr formerly of Illinois, is running an hotel in Llanrwst, North Wales, with his Welsh sounding wife, Mary E Haerr.

    Here they are in a TV show

    Check in here for plenty of 9/11 chat over breakfast…

    but not dressed like this

    I lost six work colleagues,” said Nelson….The 49-year-old, who is originally from [Bloomington] Illinois, said: “I was on a day off as I had traded shifts with George Cain and was called in after the city went into CY recall, which is when something big hits the city and all firefighters get called in.

    when the south tower collapsed, six of his workmates were killed as they were preparing to go in and battle the blaze – including George Cain.

    His other colleagues who perished were Richard Muldowney, 40, who was known as ‘Moondog’, Lt. Vernon Richard, who was crew leader, Charles ‘Chuckie’ Mendez, 38, Vincent Princiotta, 39, known as the Vin Man, and Robert Foti, 43……Nelson moved to North Wales in 2006

    An earlier article appeared in 2009, much the same material as repeated in 2016, except for some extra detail…
    “I initially felt angry when I got to the site because I was there to put out a fire, but it turned into a rescue operation which turned out to be rather fruitless, as there was nothing to rescue apart from firefighter Lieut Mickey Kross, who was with Engine 16, being pulled out of an air pocket in the stairwell of the north tower.”

    Mr Haerr retired from the New York Fire Department in 2007, shortly after meeting Llanrwst- born Mary while she was staying next door to his fire station while on a shopping trip to New York.

    The couple now run Llanrwst’s Meadowsweet Hotel and are parents to daughters Morgan, three, and Madison, one.

    full of 9/11 reminders
    full of horses **

    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009120064860 j

    Three dissolved companies


    Whilst living in New York Nelson met his future wife, Mary. Mary is Welsh-born and -bred but was working temporarily in New York when she met the dashing Yank. Nelson and Mary were married in the U.S., but they decided to settle in Mary’s homeland of North Wales. Looking around for somewhere to live, they spotted a hotel for sale in Mary’s hometown of Llanrwst, and it seemed that this hotel might offer the perfect package of home and income in one. They bought the Meadowsweet Hotel and they’ve been there ever since. They’ve built themselves a busy home and work life, running a successful restaurant and a 10-bedroom hotel, and become very much a part of this little community.

    a young boy called Nelson Haerr who grew up on a 10-acre farm in rural Illinois. Nelson’s father was a doctor but he’d come from a large farm in Missouri so the land was always going to be in his blood.

    Practicing medicine was a world away from farming, but Nelson’s father didn’t want to be too far from agriculture because farming meant a lot to him. So the family kept animals and livestock on their 10 acres, plus they **kept horses on livery and they made their own hay.

    Nelson remembers the tractor his dad bought new in order to run the operation: a Ford 8N with about 11 different implements. As a child, your dad’s tractor is an awe-inspiring machine, but by the time adolescence arrives most kids have other things to think about. Then, at about age 30, it seems we suddenly become just a bit nostalgic about our childhoods, the past and the machines our dads once drove.

    When Nelson left rural Illinois, he went to New York City where he worked in bars and became a firefighter. It was a world away from the country life, but he never forgot his roots. As a firefighter in New York you certainly see some sights, from the bright lights to the grim underbelly of the vast city, but nothing was to prepare Nelson for what happened in 2001. Nelson was one of many firefighters who saw firsthand the horrors of the 9/11 tragedy when two towers at the World Trade Center were destroyed in an act of terrorism, killing almost 3,000 people (including 343 firefighters). Nelson’s squad was on its way to the scene when the second tower fell, and the scene he met on arrival was one of unbelievable horror. “It was like arriving on the set of a bad disaster movie, almost unreal,” he recalls.

    A 9/11 story concerning Nelson’s role in 9/11 appeared on Sept 20 2001 in a local Bloomington paper

    Real people…

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