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    Welcome Vballz!

    So I’m going to write this letter and talk- text mode.

    I’m 52 years old, mail, White. I guess I’m supposed to apologize now. Anyhow I’ve been married for 32 years.

    I got into the truther movement probably in the late 80s to early 90s. The big thing then was saving the Earth and cutting back on electrical use and not using so much water. I asked my wife, if this was so extremely important, why don’t they shut down the large water parks all over the world, as they undoubtedly use a lot of electricity and obviously water.

    My brother-in-law was a firefighter in Oklahoma City during the bombing. We lived in Tulsa at the time. I never could really make sense of that whole incident.

    I worked with a man who was knowledgeable about the Ruby Ridge incident.

    I found through searching for podcasts of interest to me.

    I listen to Michael Savage podcast. He’s banned from entering Britain. His real name is Michael Wiener. I listen to Laura Ingraham. I listen to Lore. Great storytelling.

    I’ve gone to your website, and it is full of so much information, it’s a bit overwhelming. I am mostly looking for maybe a chat forum or things I can listen to through my phone. My internet connection is very slow where I live in southern Missouri. This limits my desktop computer capability, so most of my browsing and listening is done with data.

    I did hear your talk this last Sunday with your fellow Canadian. I had just gotten off of work, I am a registered nurse. I was walking through Walmart listening to you and the gentleman from India speak. Very interesting talk. I really enjoyed it.

    I hope you will add me as a member because I’m always looking for more good information.

    My son is a truther, but my wife is remains skeptical. That’s probably a good thing as it keeps me balanced. But being balanced with lies is not necessarily a good thing so maybe that’s not a good thing, now I’m rambling.

    Take care and I look forward to your next broadcast. By the way, you have a nice radio voice. I was listening to you being interviewed by that morning talk show. When they brought you on, I was mowing the lawn and it brought a smile.

    After listening to you through your podcasts, it seems as if I know you. Of course that’s not true, but you have a friendly voice and it is pleasant to listen to you talk. I don’t want that to sound creepy by any means, its more just a compliment.



    Welcome Markymark:

    I am UK-based, and found the site via a search relating to the ‘Hungerford Massacre’. It is an event I have had an interest in, over the last few years, and I have been Googling more about it, in the lead-up to the thirtieth anniversary.

    Having previously seen it as bizarre, in terms of how the events were reported, I have found myself very interested to read threads about it on your forum, which give a compelling case against its legitimacy; xileffilex’s posts this year are very interesting reads, and he has done research into the so-called victims and their families, which I had also done, but he had done in more depth; impressing me all-the-more.

    As a hater of, and cynic towards, the mainstream media, I feel there is much of interest to be found on the forums; seeing the highly-suspect nature of the reporting of one tragedy, ‘opens a can of worms’ in my mind, and I hope to read similarly about many other reported ‘events’, and how they are similarly suspect.

    Thank you for the work you do on the site, and I hope to be able to add input myself. If you wish for any more of an introduction, please let me know.



    Welcome Attie:

    i am from Europe, my name is attie ( ivory coast origin) and i found fakeologist site via searching for truth about many questions in my head and i found solutions by watching videos on mre Youtube channel and i wake up after learn this world is fake everything in powerfull rules run this world apart from us, i can’t accept all liars in school, politic, sport, cinema, real tv show, etc..
    For the moment i heard this truth about fake news, gender inversion, hidden transgenders and all hoax those captured my mind.
    I know now it will change my thought and paradigm shift.
    Here is like a secret place far away from media fakery illusionnist, handling…
    It’s very hard to register but i think it’s safe to debate about all propaganda and expose opinion without censorship.
    Excuse my english is not very good and thanks a lot you make a good job to open ours eyes and deception is so huge that can make you cry and that happened to me.

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