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    H/T – Wolfman9

    The link provided by wolfman9 of the L.A.X. Shooting includes the usual “suspiciousness”.


    1. Shooting began around “9:20″am
    2. Multiple people shot at L.A.X. Terminal “3”
    3. “7” people treated,”6″ of them transported to hospitals.
    4. “3” male victims taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.
    5. “AR-15” was used by a “lone gunman”

    The usual “fun with numbers” spoof.

    A R

    Although this is a crystal clear fakery, absolutely evident, can you please explain your highlighted numbers in the article images? At least an overview.

    I have watched, like mentioned on the raw call, the full length numerology video, but can’t help to think that it makes it too complicated even for the scriptwriters who are, in my opinion, no smarter than your average tax collector.

    So, if you could, Johnny, please just explain succintly the numbers highlighted I would much appreciate it.

    Note that I’m pretty sure that the usage of numbers that are sacred to them exist in these psyops, and also certainly in a sequence that makes sense to ther cult, but I doubt that they would hide the numbers in complicated formulas with additions and subtractions.



    Hi ArmunnRigh

    My Skype name is John.E.See please feel free to Skype me anytime, I started to write out an explanation for you but think it may take much longer compared to a quick chat, but if you wish not to Skype me, I will certainly write out my explanation to you, though it will take me some time, as I’ve stated, the whole numerology is quite new to me, so i’d have to look up the meanings behind the certain numbers I’ve listed, just because it’s so much information to take in at once, but I certainly would like to explain myself or my views to you….I’d certainly prefer a Skype chat. Either way I will write my explanation out so anyone else can understand what my thought process was. I definitely do not want to make mistakes, which perhaps could make myself seem like a shill or something, either way, Skype me up anytime if you’d like.

    Thanks for looking into some of my stuff, I do appreciate it and any advice.



    Skype contact is – john.e.see (sorry I thought it was caps but it is not)


    My Explanation

    First Caption

    “…after a shooting that killed one tsa worker and wounded two others…”
    – in this phrase it’s a total of 3 people – 3 being the trinity and many others i’m sure of it….what are they? i don’t remember, every number seems to have
    many different reasons to these nutbars!

    “…at terminal 3 at around 9:20…..lax was allowed to depart until after 1:30….”
    – again the 3(stated above) then the 9+2=11 (yes my first addition, but the fact that they
    state “around 9:20” tends to make me think the 9:20 is deliberate, why can they not be specific..
    but sure, perhaps the adding is not necessary here)
    – 1:30 – being 13…..13 is significant to these freakshows in many ways…..look into it, don’t take my word for it.

    2nd paragraph

    “…they’re holding us at terminal 4, they won’t let anyone past terminal 5…….said Proudman 29……”
    – in this paragraph, i noticed 9/11….but again yes i added 4 and 5…..as well as 2 and 9….i honestly did
    not think adding is so far fetched, they seems to enjoy playing games, being secretive and blatant all at once imo
    Perhaps i am wrong here too….but it was an observation, maybe a wrong one. I tend to feel they do enjoy putting a disguise
    on the numbers, especially the dreaded 9/11 in aparagraph… i cannot be the only one who thinks that they may do this, i find it hard to believe they get
    their jollies out of numbers in the first place….pretty damn lame – imo

    “….back into terminal 1 and 2 but terminal 3 remained closed.”

    not sure what they are going for here, the 3+3=6 or 2 sets of 3’s or 33- either way 3 and 6 and 33 are all numbers they get off
    on, not I. but again i added 1+2 because it seemed obvious to me when they followed it with a 3, but again, maybe i’m wrong.

    Second caption

    ” as many as three others…”
    – again the 3, they can write the number out, it doesnt change it to a 4 by writing it out.

    “…identified as 23 year old…..”
    – Again 2+3=5 …. 5 is a magic number…how so? i do not quite remember, at this point i could care less.

    but again another addition….my bad

    “….more than 100 rounds remaining….”
    – for myself this statement is just the same template they have been using recently,like sandy hoax for starters.

    “…eight to 10 shots….”
    – guess what? yes i added 8+1 = 9. 9 is a magic number…how so? i dont remember…so many psychpathic number love shit going on.
    but also they keep it vague, give me the exact number….be specific when it comes to shots being fired.

    “the airport said that seven people….”
    – 7 meaning some hocus pocus bs to these nobs.

    “….3 to 4 inches….”
    – where did they get that measurement? did they just guess it? sounds like it….especially when it’s” oh i don’t know…
    let’s say it was 3-4 inches”…. this is not the first time i’ve seen their magical guessing.

    “….a drop of blood or two….”
    – one drop plus two = 3 – yes i like to add
    the fact that they even write this is obsured anyway IMO

    Third caption has the same numbers like the other attachments.

    Maybe i am wrong to add numbers, but i was never corrected from the get go so i figured i must be perhaps on to something….every post i made are my opinions
    first and foremost. I was under the impression that it was not any big deal to add 2 numbers that become a magic one when added, seems i’m not the only one to think this way, according to other websites..
    I’ve never
    claimed to know the numerology like the back of my hand, but when it would keep popping out in every suspicious story i looked into,
    i felt that i might be on to something. All i do know 100% is that in no way did i mean to make any mistakes, and was only trying to be helpful,
    it really interested me how we are all being played bigtime, and the reason i began trying to expose this bullshit is because i do not like liars.
    I am not a sheep, i am a human being, i take it personally when the Powers That Be pull off dozens of train derailments and school shooting etc, make it
    blatantly obvious to anyone who is observant,they mock us regularly…and it pisses me off. so i was accepted by tim, and he didnt have an issue with me posting, though i thought
    he would look into a few, just to make sure i wasnt being misled, but the amount of posts i did, how could he? they are pretty boring to read, and way too many,so i
    only blame myself for not being 100% positive before i posted something, but for me, it was very important to get any story posted ASAP, to let others readers
    know about a new suspicious event occuring, as well as helping to have something new the readers could view. By no means did i mean to
    put any type of disinfo….i know how greatful i was to find abirato.com – now fakeologist.com .i had been down many rabbit holes,my final rabbit hole was Jay Wiedner, he sucks you in with kubrick’s oddyssey, then warps
    and goes into some BS about parasitic life forms or such, psychos dont need to be filled with parasites… so it was a breath of fresh air to
    find someone who in a way was like me, just looking for THE TRUTH….i will forever be greatful. To any readers or any members……i sincerly
    apologize, in no way was i trying to muddy waters, like i’ve stated, i was still learning, this is a lot to take in, and how insane it truely is
    can make it a lot harder to fully understand…..I apologize for the possible tone this message may give off…..I apologize to all readers,and recommend
    not reading anything johnnyclues threw up in a post…..johnnyclues is feeling like johnnyclueless.

    I do appreciate the question….it made me realize maybe this is too big for me to understand or get involved in….at times, i felt like a child surrounded
    by smart professors here…..so many smart people here, it’s quite amazing. Thank you all…for your patience.

    P.S. Armunn…. you seem very smart and probably know much more about this than I do… i have no hard feeling whatsoever,i know the message sounds
    harsh…it is not meant to. One thing is certain,i have learnt a lot from everyone who is a member of fakeologist.com
    for that i thank each and every one of you. JC OUT

    A R

    Whoa, Johnny, in text messaging, like forum posts, there is no tone of voice much less facial expression, so it is ambiguous as to intent, but that’s a pretty intense response from you. No need to be so apologetic.

    Damn, as far as I’m concerned, you should have heard or read my thoughts when I was intensely into something like a bloodhound!

    My question was truly honest “want-to-know” as I really don’t know much about numerology. I do know that in numerology adding numbers is part of the process (like determining one’s number by adding the number values of one’s name letters, for example), but still I do get the impression it overcomplicates things to determine whether a story is fake through number analysis. What may also do is to entangle oneself into an abstract web that can never be factually proven. Yes, numbers are a big thing for them. Yes, they love to use them. Yes, you may even be spot on at your analysis. Is their existence alone something that factually proves that a news piece is fake? No.

    An alternative to numerology analysis, which is too much time and energy consumming without producing proof of enough quality, would be to analyse the story itself. What are the facts being told? Let’s enumerate them. What are the places they took place in? Can we get maps or blueprints of these places to, for example, determine where terminal 1, 2 and 3 are located? Where in the building did the police enter? Where exactly was the shooter according to the story? Etc.

    One simple way to reveal a fakery without requiring the energy draining numbers crunching is for example:

    To me, this kind of simple analysis is far more productive than numerology – even if one’s analysis is right. Why? Because we already know the perpetrator so all that needs to be done is to find contradictions or holes in the story to reveal a fakery. We don’t need to get exhausted finding their signature.

    And by all means, Johnny, it is very possible that they hide these numbers in these things although I think the scriptwriters are not “that far into the cult” and really not very creative, it’s just that I think there are easier and more productive ways to determine “guilt” other than to waste our energies and resources into numerology – unless it’s not energy draining for you and it’s actually uplifting.

    I’m not smarter than any of the people here – I too went and may still fall into dead-end rabbit holes, but I’m just more conservative when choosing where to apply my energy and time.

    BTW, I added you now on skype, so feel free to chat there as well, should you want!


    i’m not concerned about revealing fakery or proving a particular event is faked. it happens everyday, apparently everywhere. to me, it is a fact of life.

    i already know it exists: but just how prevalent is it? i rely, in part, on signatures like occultic numbers to help me answer that question. i don’t have time to develop a case for an evidentiary hearing. instead, i’ll listen to karl rove. i won’t study their reality “judiciously, as you will”; i’ll go ahead and take advantage of our “history’s actors” pride by recognizing their silly signatures.

    A R

    i’m not concerned about revealing fakery or proving a particular event is faked. it happens everyday, apparently everywhere. to me, it is a fact of life.

    i already know it exists: but just how prevalent is it? i rely, in part, on signatures like occultic numbers to help me answer that question. i don’t have time to develop a case for an evidentiary hearing. instead, i’ll listen to karl rove. i won’t study their reality “judiciously, as you will”; i’ll go ahead and take advantage of our “history’s actors” pride by recognizing their silly signatures.

    Yeah, I see your point. In my case, I already know the signatures will be there in every fakery so I’d prefer to identify the psyops themselves – even to extrapolate on the intent behind them – while in your case, smj, you prefer to identify the signatures in the fakery that was already revealed as such.

    It seems quite positive, as the differences in personality and vocation between the members are the most valuable resource of any society. In the end, both will lead to the same end and enrich the research.

    I did not intend, and I really hope he didn’t take it that way (again the ambiguity of text over a more personal contact), to discourage JohnnyClues from his research. Honestly I did want to see if I could understand the numbers being shown – as I had tried many times earlier from other authors on other presentations and at least partially failed to.
    Still, asking questions and discussing seems to be the point of a forum, as it checks and rechecks the work and promotes a better understanding of the aspects that make up the overall picture.


    Thanks Armunn

    I do agree with you…..and yes, sadly written emails, or replies can be deceiving in a way, at least for myself, because it’s so hard to get a “tone” for the message etc….I did take it the wrong way, I just started to question myself and think maybe i’m over my head, and wrong, and I know my intentions are good, at times for myself, what is going on in this sick world really irritates and frustrates me, like it does most. I truly appreciate you reaching out to me, and skyping me, to chat live, it’s the only thing better than in person for me.

    I know now I definitely took it the wrong way, and felt like I had to try to defend myself, I do apologize for that.
    I have decided to take the words from another smart user “Tom Dalpra” and the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple stupid)….in any future posts I will certainly try to use the kiss effect, and be in the high 90% sure before I post….A valuable lesson for me, and a good one.

    Thanks again Armunn for understanding my point of view and for the great Skype call….I look forward to speaking to you again….Johnny

    I urge any fellow fakeologist to Skype me at john.e.see if you’d want to chat….not many discuss these important issues going on, so it can be a very lonely place… I will add and chat to anyone willing to do so.

    A R

    For my part, JohnnyClues, it’s quite all right and just a misunderstanding that I won’t give another thought about. I’m glad we got to clarify where we stand over skype.

    Fruitful discussion is a powerful weapon to have on our side!

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