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    Nothing much here except a simmy picture, complete with few details of people, places, or witnesses. This is today’s news reporting, or perhaps sim reporting? Coincidence that this is the son of a person in the media?

    Man’s body found around 1:30 a.m. at ski resort near Collingwood.

    Reported missing at 1:00 and found by 1:30am…pretty fast work in the dead of night!

    Leon said Ogram was wearing a helmet. He said it’s hoped a post mortem exam to be performed at a hospital in Owen Sound by early Thursday will shed light on the cause of death.

    Why would the move him to another small hospital up there? Aren’t all autopsies of significance done at the coroner in Toronto? If it’s good enough for our soldiers (who died on the other side of the planet, we are told) to be examined (after a parade) by our top coroner, why is this man going to a minor hospital that probably doesn’t even have an M.E. (think Quincy, for a TV reference)

    FotoForensics   Analysis

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    He has a fairly extensive web history.

    I thought there were a few interesting things at his Twitter.

    “Bad decisions make good stories”

    Also, if you go to his website the domain expired just a few days ago. It still shows registered to him in WHOIS records.


    That “internet history” for “Taylor Ogram” feels very flaky. Like it was created especially to provide a verifiable online presence and history for the vicsim. And then left there, just waiting to be found.

    Many of ‘his’ tweets are just famous quotes, or banal comments that have no context and are not directed at anyone – “fuck I’m hot tonight!”, “I love cheese!”, and so on. They are probably computer-generated.

    There are software scripts that will automate the posting of tweets. Although it’s quite likely that all of ‘his’ tweets were created at the same time, but given a spread of phony timestamps. Only once the Twitter account had been established with (fake) history was it made live.

    Twitter will undoubtedly have a secret backdoor, a hidden API, especially for intelligence agencies. With facilities for creating tweets with pre-dated timestamps, and for the modification and deletion of existing tweets, from accounts of third parties.

    Like Facebook, the Twitter platform cannot be trusted at all as a source of credible information. Social media networks are weapons of deception placed at the hands of PSYOP operatives. It would be churlish for them NOT to use them!

    As for the “photo” of “Taylor Ogram”, there’s a slightly bigger version below. It doesn’t look any more credible. The composition of the picture is (intentionally) amateur, with its unattractive backdrop of a staircase and people’s heads. Ostensibly very spur-of-the-moment. And yet that floral bouquet is a pointed addition. It doesn’t suit the rest of the frame and has a funereal tone to it! Which does at least tie-in comfortably with the PSYOP narrative though!


    I got the same feeling on his Twitter, also “Megan Masters” and “MontanaMerante”.

    “only hate the sun when it starts to snow.. only know you love her when you let her go.”

    Sun & snow. Hmm, he died on the “Sunrise run” at the ski resort



    We had a suspicious snowboarding tragedy, just before Xmas 2012. The vicsim was a pretty young female called “Emily Watts”, also known as Mimi.

    26 year old Emily was snowboarding in the French Alps when she had a nasty fall. She suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to a local hospital and placed on a life support machine.

    On learning of Emily’s accident, her family flew immediately from England to France to be at her hospital bedside.

    But, tragically, doctors had to tell her family that she was not going to pull through. And five days later, on Thursday 13 December 2012, Emily’s life support machine was finally turned off.

    With Emily dead, her family had the depressing task of getting the French legal paperwork in order. Then an undertaker had to be appointed to repatriate her body back to England. That all takes time.

    And yet records show that, while battling with all that ghastly French bureaucracy, the family were – at the very same time – also busy setting up a British charity in Emily’s honour!

    We can see from the WHOIS records that they registered their charity’s web domain name just ONE day after their beloved Emily had died! At that stage shouldn’t they still have been in France, arranging for her corpse to be brought home?!

    In fact, from media reports we can see that their charity web site was up and running – and accepting donations – even before poor Emily had been cremated!:

     Code: arbitrary (select

    $ whois

        Domain name:

            Good Story

        Registrant type:
            UK Individual

        Registrant's address:
            The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
            address omitted from the WHOIS service.

            Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG]

        Relevant dates:
            Registered on: 14-Dec-2012   <----------------------------
            Expiry date:  14-Dec-2017
            Last updated:  04-Jan-2013

        Registration status:
            Registered until expiry date.

        Name servers:

        WHOIS lookup made at 02:14:21 24-Feb-2014

    And on Boxing Day, still three days BEFORE Emily’s cremation, her family were all over British TV, giving interviews about their new charity, set up in her honour!

    Filmed in their family home, surrounded by poignant photos of their dearly departed, viewers were told what a lovely girl Emily was. And, please, would we all donate something – whatever we could afford – however big or small – in honour of Emily’s name! From such a sad Xmas story, there came such hope..

    And the focus of their new charity? Lending money to help young entrepreneurs..

    One entrepreneur who has already received charity cash is a specialist milliner. She makes those peculiar “fascinators”, like that absurd thing worn by Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding of Wills & Kate.

    unforgettably ridiculous fascinators

    Hmm.. Maybe this website could apply for a few quid from the charity funds? Emily “Mimi” Watts would have been so very touched!

    The name of Emily’s charity? Appropriately enough, perhaps, the charity is called “Good Story” !


    Strange that they both have “good story”.

    Thanks for that psyopticon!

    Tom Dalpra

    good stories…pfff


    Tom Dalpra

    Pretend someone died – it’s a good sell – this we can conclude.

    Small-scale to large scale.


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