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    What a strange story – the only “footage” of the evacuation of the WTC and the author of this event never says a single other word about the event.

    Video by Jörn Fellenberg aka Joern Fellenberg [uploaded 2009….]
    The implication is that this German citizen is working at Siemens in WTC2.
    The intercut frames after 1:00 are probably some earlier staged fire drill or evacuation with deliberated shaky camera to portray future panic
    The accent at 2:25 is Manchester/South Lancashire,UK “well probably be alright at 195 [Broadway]

    Joern Fellenberg
    3 years ago
    in reply to lucymo1000

    @lucymo1000 There was nobody directing us out of the building. Police and firemen were busy getting to the fire or were gathering to get organized. We thought it was just a small airplane accident. Everybody was quite calm. It was extremely difficult to get cellphone connection, I remember trying to place several calls, but without success. A lot of people didn’t bother about the attack. That was a strange thing I remember clearly from that day. In some places it was like ordinary business.

    Plane Wheel at 3:42

    Why is Joern partipating in this charade? He’s listed at Siemens USA at this site [co-worker Dale Logan]
    but his other video uploads are all from Germany.
    Webcache July 1998; last capture 2003
    Donor – Joern Fellenberg
    Cologne Area, Germany
    Industrial Automation

    In 2003, Joern was involved in smart cart transport technology.[Siemens VTS Research Group “Vision Technologies and Solutions”] at Princeton.

    What were Siemens doing in WTC2? The only connection I can find is in this video

    [1996 footage, apparently]


    Black Onyx
    1 year ago
    I worked In Tower 1(North tower)
    Black Onyx
    1 year ago
    We did a evacuation drill every month leading up to 9/11 I worked on the 90th floor that day the plane hit right above us and I and a small staff made it out a barely standing stairway B and took from about 8:59 to 10:16 to get out and I’ll tell you those stairs were packed with people the further down you went.

    See this thread at LRF which fizzled out…
    Contributed by: John Drucker Jr
    Contributor’s location on 9/11: Siemens NJ Branch Office in Pinebrook, NJ
    Contributed on: April 15, 2003

    This is a photgraph of the One World Trade Center Fire Command Station (310A). Seated is Lloyd Thompson, Fire Safety Director and Standing John Drucker Jr., Siemens Fire Safety Project Manager. The equipment shown is the WTC Fire Alarm and Evacuation System. I spent 8 1/2 years at the WTC working with the Port Authority of NY & NJ to restore, engineer and upgrade the Base Building Fire Alarm and Evacuation System at the World Trade Center. God Bless those who perished that fateful day especially my dear friend James Barbella. Sincerely, John Drucker jr.

    Here is the photo [the LRF link is dead] at its new location:

    I am just so suprised no one replied to this thread,

    I guess these videos were made to reinforce the narrative that the towers were a hive of activity.

    What of Drucker?


    July 18 2011

    Drucker was recognized last month as the Automatic Fire Alarm Association‘s Man of the Year,

    Drucker got his start in firefighting as a teenaged deputy fire marshal alongside Red Bank’s Administrator and Fire Marshal Stanley Sickels at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport in 1976. He was also a volunteer for the Middletown Fire Department, where he’s currently president of the town’s No. 1 Company.

    From Monmouth Park, he moved into the private sector, and spent 15 years with Siemens Fire Safety. There, he managed the large-scale, $78 million replacement of the World Trade Center’s fire protection system following the 1993 truck bombing ? a job that lasted eight years and might have put him at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2011. At that time, Drucker was assigned to a position that had him working from two sites: at the World Trade Center and an office in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

    “So, in a matter of months before 9/11, I was back and forth between Pine Brook and the World Trade Center,” Drucker said. “By fluke of schedule, I would have been in there.”

    The attacks ended his job at the Trade Center, and in 2002, Drucker was hired in Red Bank as the fire protection subcode official. In his time with the borough, he’s taken on more responsibilities as he’s obtained licenses for electrical and building inspection.


    Steve Warran has a better image of Lloyd Thompson

    Thompson broke cover in 2004 – or rather improbably the 9/11 commission finally tracked him down…er like he had totally vanished….

    As the deputy fire safety director in the complex’s north tower, Mr. Thompson stood in the lobby, fielding panicked calls from those trapped on the upper floors. He struggled to make evacuation announcements over a public address system that was damaged by the plane crash. And, most significant, he had a role in overseeing a powerful piece of radio equipment that the commission believes is central to one of the core mysteries of what went wrong that day: Why did fire chiefs have such a hard time communicating with firefighters upstairs in the building?

    Contrary to what some investigators have speculated, Mr. Thompson said that he did not believe he ever touched the radio equipment known as a repeater, a device that amplifies the hand-held radios firefighters use.

    The panel found that the repeater was working that day but fire chiefs mistakenly thought it was broken and stopped using it. The problem, the panel said in a report earlier this week, is that someone forgot to push a button, a mistake that created confusion about whether the repeater was working.

    But the button was indeed pushed, although not by him, Mr. Thompson said yesterday as he gave an account that is at odds with the commission’s leading theory on what went wrong.

    ”There was total chaos, and the situation at the console was not simple,” he said in a telephone interview, referring to the security desk in the lobby at which he was stationed. ”I think the commission will need to take a closer look at this.”

    Yesterday, weeks after the commission began sending him letters, interviewing former colleagues and checking with employers, Mr. Thompson emerged to tell his story.

    Mr. Thompson, who lives in Yonkers, said he wanted to rebut depictions of him as a mystery man who had made himself unavailable to the investigation. He said he never received the commission’s letters or knew they were looking for him. ”I was definitely not hiding. I’ve actually been seeking them out, not the other way around,” he said. ”I’ve been getting up every day and going to work just like a normal citizen.”

    On Monday, Mr. Thompson will release a statement of his account to the commission, said Ronald L. Kuby, his lawyer. Mr. Thompson said he hoped to move forward with plans to be married once the attention subsided.

    I’ve left out the convoluted attempt to square the circle involving who pressed which button and when and which button worked….

    Warran also picked out this piece

    May 25 2004

    It’s been charged that more than 100 firefighters never got the order to evacuate because the repeater was inoperable.

    One can see how he was caught in a bind. When history comes to be written
    the 100 firefighters had been written out in a scripted repartee with Philp Hayes in WTC2.

    In 2012,someone named Christopher Dolan received an answer to a FOI request for the 2001 WTC tenant fire safety guide for wardens [pub 1999]

    Click to access 13063-WTC.pdf

    In it we read:



    Hurley’s office is stated to be on the 35th floor of WTC2.

    elsewhere, undated, we read:

    Fire Safety Director: Michael Hurley (435-5677)
    Life Safety Coordinator: Barbara Ford (435-2889)

    Telepone World Trade Center Police at “help wtc” (435-3540)

    [different phone # for Ford and the police desk]

    Two “fire safety” deaths are recorded in the WTC on 9/11

    Richard P. Fitzsimons, 57, Lynbrook, N.Y., World Trade Center Fire Safety, World Trade Center.
    Lawrence Francis Boisseau, 36, World Trade Center Fire Safety, World Trade Center.

    Returning to Herr Fellenberg, there is no mention of any Siemens office in either WTC2 or even WTC1 for that matter

    The 35th floor of WTC2 has its own LRF post by Culto
    where tenants are disputed. No mention however of a Port Authorty Fire Office or of another tenant, the Ace Elevator Company, as per the Warran pdfs


    Maybe Siemans was one of the contractors hired to do 911.
    Another ridiculous story was the survivors under stairway B (north tower). They actually survived the building collapsing on top of them . 🙄
    “Holy shit, guys, we have a civilian up there,” the fireman called

    There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder. Elvis Costello


    Siemens is very involved in New York City and all the urban planning, sustainable living that is happening now. They have put in some kind of security system in the subways ….

    also, they are involved with FEMA, I saw from a quick search. There was a FEMA drill in NYC the night before 9-11 I always forget.

    There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder. Elvis Costello


    Anthony – that Youtube clip is even referred to as the [odd] Siemens video at Letsroll
    yet the name Siemens doesn’t seem to figure anywhere else among the research there or at CF. Weird or what?
    “we’re probably going to be alright at 195” [2:30 in the video], if it does refer to Broadway is significant because that’s the address of the 9/11 photo exhibition in 2011.

    “We are pleased to offer New Yorkers and visitors alike a unique opportunity to see these powerful images in a setting very close to Ground Zero as we join together to remember the tragic events of Sept. 11 and those we have lost,” said David W. Levinson, chairman and C.E.O. of L&L Holding Company. “

    The main tenant is Thompson Reuters.[L&L is the owner]

    This was the building from which the curious WTC7 collapse footage was reported by Jane Standley of the BBC

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