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    Hello 517roadkillskunk
    Here’s my introduction:my name is Aaron Lewis and I just heard about this through a caller on infiniteplanesociety last night. 36 years old,I was raised in the mormon religion, at age 8 started questioning everything they were telling me. I left and refused to go at age 12. Since then I was a heroin addict in and out of jail and rehab. I was actually in a outpatient facility when 9/11 happened. They had me fooled,but I never looked into it right away, I was busy being a fuck up. Anyway I have never trusted much of what I’ve been told. I’m just trying to help expose the fakery and fuckery. I’m assuming that is what you mean by 9/11 story? I don’t believe it was real, no one died or cried, I believe the building was empty,the whole thing is fake,same with every mass shooter,school shootings,all fake period. ???


    Welcome Beevie:

    I started my fake journey back in 2014-15 listening to Markus Allen and Chris Kendall on Hoaxbusters call.

    I’ve appeared on two Fakeologist audio chat records under the handle Beevie.

    My current fakeology interests now are local to regional fake media and geopolitical hoax propaganda such as nuclear weapons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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