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    Blue Moon

    Just stumbled upon this- -I don’t know anything about who this poster is but he’s obviously been reading the same stuff we Fake/Clues people have been reading- He claims Kubrick “directed” JFK and Jr. and 911- I’m sticking with Frankenheimer because Kubrick wasn’t an international sensation yet- He hadn’t really proven himself- I’ll give him 911, though, but I think his protege Spielberg did most of the spade work- 911 is too indescreet for Kubrick alone but its big and loud and messy like Spielberg’s War of the Worlds- Plus, Kubrick never really worked with CGI- He did everything organic-

    Tom Dalpra

    Fascinating stuff.

    Nice to see Calcified Lies ( and Clues ) given a nod there on the ‘chartwood’ link.

    Movie ‘2001’.

    Post 9/11 clean up:

    Set design.

    It’s a bit like looking at the rocket on the launch pad of Fritz Lang’s 1929 film Frau Im Mond.

    And then forward 40 years to 1969

    Same set!



    Or even Oliver Stone whose currently filming Snowdon with Nic Cage (Again) 🙄

    Blue Moon

    Forgot about Stone- Yes, he’s a much better candidate- Which picture is “real” and which is from his movie?

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Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)
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