The Loveparade Disaster – Duisburg, Germany. July 25th 2010

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    Tom Dalpra

    ( Note: this is xileffilex’s post, I’ve moved it here because as much as it is obviously related to Hillsborough and Heysel in crowd dynamics, it’s not related to football enough for me. Seeing as I’m the pedant, I feel I should at least do the admin. I thought it looked interesting. For the record xilef, Yvonne Fletcher still does it for me as sexiest psyop actor in the Libyan Embassy effort. Call me old fashioned. The Love Parade – xilef’s post)

    Tom – are you ready to look into the “2010 Duisbury Love Parade disaster”?
    Plenty of footage – but I don’t see anything going on. Fuzzy images, jerked cameras, relaxed people…
    starting point:

    It’s ridiculous. I think you’ll appreciated the imagery at 8.48 et seq…straight out of the Libyan People’s Bureau reciple book.

    Tod im Tunnel….Death in the tunnel….Hmmmm

    A total of 21 people died, 13 women and eight men, aged between 18 and 38 years. 14 were reported to be Germans, 7 men and 7 women. Among the seven casualties of other nationalities were two Spanish women aged 21 and 22 years, a 38-year-old Chinese woman living in Germany,[18] a 22-year-old man from the Netherlands,[19] a 21-year-old woman from Italy,[20] a 21-year-old woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a 27-year-old woman from Australia.[21][22] Fifteen died at the site, six died in hospital.

    I came across this through an Australian – Maltese disaster evacuation scientist at Greenwich, Ed Galea, who has, er, studied evacuation of the North Tower WTC…;jsessionid=6A2115B5091A17C5629FDBCD5BD37E8C.f02t03

    . A data elicitation tool designed for the purpose comprised a pre-interview questionnaire followed by a one-to-one interview protocol consisting of free-flow narratives and semi-structured interviews of WTC evacuees.

    This paper briefly describes the methodologies employed in the collection and storage of first-hand accounts of evacuation experiences derived from face-to-face interviews with evacuees from the World Trade Centre (WTC) Twin Towers complex on 11 September 2001 and the development of the High-rise Evacuation Evaluation Database (HEED). The main focus of the paper is to present an overview of the preliminary analysis of data derived from the evacuation of the North Tower with an emphasis on frequency of occupant stoppages on stairs, occupant stair travel speeds and occupant response times. The paper also describes some of the evacuation modelling analyses of the evacuation of the North Tower undertaken as part of project HEED


    This is relevant to the Hillsborough study.

    Galea also has pronounced on the curious case of the Wilhelm Gutsloff in 1945…the deadliest of all maritime disasters…



    Appreciated,Tom. There’s much more footage at YT, none of it showing, as far as i have seen it, anything of a crush at all, just some casual hoisting of people up onto the bridge…I still haven’t finshed on the Y-F front btw.

    Tom Dalpra

    I love wonkypedia. Here we go:

    ‘Between 200,000 and 1.4 million people were reported to be attending the event’

    ‘You know:that sort of figure’. That’s just silly.
    😆 😆

    ”There was some debate as to how the deaths occurred. ( Some debate? This should be interesting. ) Some reports suggested they were caused by people falling off a staircase as they tried to escape the tunnel. However, autopsies showed that all of the fatalities were due to crushed rib cages. ( Ah that explains it then. After all, who would get a crushed ribcage by falling off stairs ) A 2012 scientific analysis ( scientific? You’d hope so) of the causes of the disaster dismissed the earlier descriptions of the incident as stampede or crowd panic, and instead found evidence for a phenomenon called “crowd turbulence.” ( well, with what we know about so-called ‘Science’, that sounds about right. Just make up some bullshit theory and sell it ).

    14 dead Germans. 7 men, 7 women…

    Will be interesting to sort this little puppy out.

    I wonder if Carole’s got an angle.


    Carole Thomas

    Familiar scenes post event – interview with two ” witnesses”

    Some of the comments translated:
    “Not exactly grief-stricken!”
    “Why are they all smirking?”

    Dunno- wasn’t in Germany at the time as I had family things going on in the UK.

    Just know that it took ages for any court case to materialize ( January this year, I think), and then only the small fry were (allegedly) penalized.

    Must dig around a bit more…

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.

    Tom Dalpra

    Further on wonkypedia: under the title Eye Witnesses.

    ”The atmosphere was explosive. Many in the crowd seemed to be intoxicated. When people started falling off the stairs and pulling others with them, it became just chaotic. They just couldn’t be stopped. It was a living hell.

    —Eyewitness police officer”

    What was the heck was going on and was this weird behaviour in any way related to the ‘crowd turbulence’ which caused all the deaths?

    ”Police chose not to close down the event, fearing that doing so could spark another panic. Nearby motorway A59, which was closed during the whole Love Parade, functioned as an access route for emergency services”

    That was handy.

    ”The incident is directly referred to with footage in the 2011 documentary Life in a Day. In 2010 a song titled Remember Love was produced by Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, and Armin Van Buuren with the proceeds going to the families of the victims of the disaster. – ‘that always helps. Fundraiser for the ‘victims’.
    I wonder how many on the following list were real?

    ” See also:
    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Loveparade 2010.
    Hillsborough Disaster – FAKE
    Heysel Stadium disaster – FAKE
    1971 Ibrox disaster – FAKE
    Luzhniki disaster – ?
    Burnden Park disaster – ?
    Lan Kwai Fong disaster ?
    Roskilde Festival accident ?
    1979 The Who concert disaster ?
    Big Day Out mosh pit death ?
    Herd behaviour – OH YEH, THAT’S RELATED
    Crowd control



    There’s plenty of kilometerage left in this fishy case… First off, just look at the photo: no panic, people taking mobile phone pictures…people casually smoking.. who’s the big boy up front?

    a bit later…


    the number of dead rose from 19 through 20 to 21.
    Forward to
    july 24 2013..

    note the involvement in the process here of “G. Keith Still, Professor for Crowd Science at the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies”.

    google translate:

    The British expert would still play a central role in the process. He had written a first report in December 2011, setting out the 20 pages that the Love Parade had to end in disaster, that they should never have been approved. In March 2013 Still has now refilled detail once again, the Version 3.15 of its investigations are a key building block for investigators: On now almost 90 pages rises Still – without calling them by name – serious allegations against officials of the city of Duisburg and the organizer Lopavent

    note, he used
    computational methods

    The disaster at the Love Parade has often been described as a mass panic… Ultimately, no one knew exactly how many people were on the premises.

    which panic and the numbers bandied about, 250,000, 1,000,000 ,or even 1,400,000 of course,are nowhere visible.

    from t-online July 25 2010

    “With Towels covered dead woman lying in front of the tunnel at the entrance to the Love Parade, where the mass panic occurred. The forces are stunned.”

    As a result of a stampede in a tunnel before the event grounds died on Saturday afternoon after police said 20 people, more than 342 others were injured, a police spokesman said early Sunday morning…..unbearable crowds….Even Police Chief Inspector Jürgen Kiesemper called the situation “very messy”. “We still have to clear up what was there.”…immediately before the message about the stampede, police had reported the event site was closed due to overcrowding. “The police are on speaker advice to participants and ask them to go back to the main station.” More than 2,000 state police officers were on site, Kieskemper further said. An additional 1,200 federal police officers were used.

    Sounds like a hoax good and true. Any names of the dead? Need to look, witness stories….the like.


    The big documentand photo reference dump is here: [again suspicious in itself, as if to reinforce the offcial narratve]

    just a few tasters..

    no context at all….could be anywhere..

    the bild zeitung video shows nothing really…

    25.07.2010 – 20:39 Uhr

    1,4 Millionen Techno-Raver tanzten ausgelassen auf der Loveparade in Duisburg. Plötzlich Gedränge – und dann die Massenpanik. Das Ausmaß der Katastrophe wird immer schlimmer: Mindestens 19 Menschen starben, mehr als 342 wurden verletzt, zahlreiche von ihnen schwer

    more inconsequential pics..,w=583,c=0.bild.jpg

    and finally some thigh stroking:

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