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24 days ago

Comment appearing first disappears on this complicated screen, but the one by “xile…” has it right. “Assange was several actors.Just giving him blond hair allowed him to move around. He was never in the Ecuadorian Embassy, never a prisoner, even now. Give him normal hair, he walks around and we do not notice him. Oddly, ear comparisons here, which are hard to do, seem to be the same person. I’ve worked with that technology. It is only rarely reliable. Here it seems she got it wrong in saying they were not alike. Unless you can do an opaque overlay, your… Read more »

26 days ago

I’m not sure if even matters how many different actors are playing the character Julian Assange. It’s the one narrative which will keep the liberal ‘intelligensia’ on the edge of their seats until the character is retired for good. Of course the legal profession won’t want the soap opera to end any time soon, it’s a great source of income. Ditto the MSM.