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    Fake attack, fake deaths, but we have to have the memorial….unveiled Feb 20 2019

    GM on the stone relates to Palmber being
    posthumously awarded the George Medal, the second highest award for gallantry “not in the face of the enemy”.

    The memorial stone was commissioned by the Police Memorial Trust ** and installed at Carriage Gates after special approval was granted to place the stone at the UNESCO World Heritage site.
    [which wasn’t damaged in the fake attack because the SUV never crashed into any railings, the whole event was staged] #NDNGH

    ** a key operation in keeping the deception alive.
    We love our police.

    wreaths were laid by Mrs Geraldine Winner ***, Chair of the Police Memorial Trust and Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick.

    *** aka Mrs Michael Winner, wife of the famous film director who, if he had lived [assuming his death was real, just after the 2013 Vauxhall helicopter crash hoax] would have been proud of this one-take movie on Westminster Bridge.

    THERESA May unveiled +++ a national memorial plaque for hero PC Keith Palmer – in a victory for The Sun on Sunday.

    She invited members of his family **** into No10 for a private ceremony where they were presented with the tribute – made in Portland stone and slate.

    +++ er, not exactly in public
    **** not named, perhaps Keith’s sisters who

    claim the force is blocking their bid for the truth at his inquest

    [Standard hoax management, the same police who unveiled the “grieving” stone]

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    There’s nothing like a staged attack on a memorial to HRDPAR fictims – a variant of the subsequent crime narrative e.g. fraud to cement the hoax, keep the legal profession in work and allow a recapitualtion of the official narrative.

    A protester ripped up flowers from the memorial to murdered police officer Keith Palmer during a Brexit demonstration, when he was denied access to Parliament, a court heard.

    Daniel Forde, 26, was said to have destroyed floral wreaths left by the memorial stone outside Parliament and allegedly tore a bunch of white roses into pieces in front of police.

    Forde pleaded not guilty to a public order charge of causing harassment, alarm or distress, but accepts he tore up the flowers, the court heard.

    He shouted in the dock: “A guy was upset that he was denied entry to the public gallery, that’s why he ripped up the roses.

    suuuuure looks like he was a member of the Brexit protesting liberal elite…

    If that’s not enough…today, March 31 2019, we learn…
    Tens of millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money was used to fund terrorists including the 7/7 London bombing network and Osama bin Laden through a UK-based scam that spanned two decades.
    suuuuure. However, we know what the real scams were…

    A web of secrecy still binds this investigation, which was led by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and Special Branch, and prevents the story from being told in full…..Court orders barring the identification of gang members convicted of fraud date back at least 10 years….The paucity of reporting on the case is understood to be a result of officials’ intentions to ensnare gang leaders in their investigation. Various kingpins have fled the UK since the first trial, before they could be arrested.

    According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), nothing can be reported until they return to the UK to face trial – a condition that has some members of the legal community are crying foul.

    [because the legal profession is denied a further drink from the hoax well]

    What a joke! Who writes these scripts?

    Another minor 7/7 narrative “fraud” was reported back in 2010

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    Two years down the line and we are treated to a staged inquest into the fake London Bridge attacks, all stories having been honed over that time to cement the hoax.

    Some detail here in the [phoney] dental/DNA identification thread.

    One absurd theme re-used from the equally phoney but much cleverer and complex broad daylight Westminster Bridge hoax was the pitching into the Thames [with drowning….] of a fictim caused by the marauding vehicle. Suuuure

    Xavier Thomas, 45, from France was thrown into the river, body recovered [suuuure] three days later, Marchioness style. His ‘fiancee Christine Delcros had premonitions about a terror attack [suuuure] but she survived her [non-existent] injuries, having just arrived in London that morning for “a short break” [in their alleged relationship]

    Also “dead” on the bridge, walloped from behind [suuuure] by the errant white van was Christine Archibald, 30, from Canada who allegedly had just given her fiance [Tyler Ferguson] a kiss when hit by the van and “dragged across the road”. [somehow]

    Two couples driven apart by “terrism”. suuuure.

    from the BBC

    In a touching moment, Julie Wallace, the bereaved mother of Sara Zelenak, crossed the courtroom to take a seat beside Ms Delcros to comfort her.

    and wouldn’t we just like to see all that CCTV which was only released to the court..
    Over several hours, the inquest watched the horrific attack unfold from every angle, second by second, from cameras on buildings, in restaurants, in taxis and buses, on police body-cams and the public’s mobile phones.
    The hearing gasped as the attackers’ van was shown careering over London Bridge, knocking over pedestrians like skittles.
    One camera captured Tyler Ferguson running to the side of his fiancée, Chrissy Archibald, as she lay dying in the middle of the road.
    Other footage showed the attackers striding side-by-side through Borough Market, indiscriminately stabbing anyone in their path


    The usual chequerboard of re-assignments

    Australian Kirsty Boden was identified by DNA and dental records. Whew!

    And from an Australian source , ~Brisband 4.12 pm June 7 2017 local time
    Ms Zelenak’s mother Julie Wallace was told earlier this week how her daughter had narrowly missed being caught up in the two previous terror attacks in the UK in the past three months – a similar attack at Westminster where four pedestrians and a policeman were killed and the suicide bombing at a Manchester pop concert which killed 22 people.

    “Where (the) policemen were stabbed three months ago, she was there the day before in the exact same spot,” Ms Wallace told 97.3FM radio in Brisbane.

    “The one with Ariana Grande (in Manchester), she was going to go to the concert.”

    Ms Wallace said she had spoken to her daughter on Friday afternoon, who had been excited about an upcoming trip where she would join her in Paris.
    “She said, ‘Oh mum! It’s only 28 days until you and I and dad can have baguettes and cheese and croissants in Paris. I’m so excited to go to Paris!’ because she hasn’t been.’

    She said Ms Zelenak had been travelling since March, having a “wonderful trip” and life experiences, and she was counting down the days until she travelled to Europe to meet her daughter to continue the holiday.

    hmmm I wonder where she fitted in the Au-pairing in all that fun??

    Two other Australians are recovering after being stabbed in the neck by the terrorists.

    Candice Hedge, 31, of Queensland, is recovering in hospital after being attacked in Elliott’s cafe. Andrew Morrison, of Darwin, is home in Australia **** after being stabbed in the throat as he walked down the street.

    **** an amazing recovery, so fit to travel so quickly.

    And a touch of the Malalas in the above BBC report
    Neil McLelland, who was looking out of the window of the nearby Wheatsheaf pub, was hit in the head by a bullet and fell to the ground, while five other people were injured by shrapnel from the shooting.
    Mr McLelland survived his injuries.
    [i.e declined to play a full victim role with new identity]

    The nonsense continues….



    The intervening two years allows extra “witnesses” to be recruited for the inquest
    Mark Roberts was among a group of people who had set up tripods on London Bridge to take photographs of Tower Bridge….

    suuuure, a sealed environment for the HRDPAR

    Witness Holly Jones said she remembered seeing the French couple looking “very happy together” seconds before the attack.
    I jumped to the right towards the railings,” she said.
    The witness said she felt the “wind of the van” as it sped past


    Here’s the distressed van after it’s been prepped for the photo

    [Delcros] told the court she was still “madly in love” with Mr Thomas.

    who writes this stuff?

    Here are the ‘lovers’ seen through the potato CCTV lens…

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    London Bridge / Borough Market fake attack 6/4/2017 – hoax management July 19 2018

    Relatives of Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, who was killed as she tried to help victims on the bridge, were ‘very proud’ of her for being awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

    She was originally from Loxton, South Australia.
    The hoax continues to give and give, not least for the benefit of the legal profession. And who’s behind the latest call to line the laweyers’ pockets but the boyfriend/partner of the above “dead” Kirsty. Either he’s in on it or he’s a useful idiot. I prefer the former. That they were shacked up together is documented, although it’s unusual both have their full names provided.


    although he seems to have had an earlier co-habitant, one Laura J Wood

    Here’s James back home in Cheltenham [home of GCHQ…] with his parents and one of his sisters
    Now, August 6 2019

    Kirsty Boden was stabbed when she went to help restaurant waiter Alexandre Pigeard in the June 2017 attack.

    Her partner, James Hodder, is petitioning for legal aid for families ahead of the start of the inquests into the Manchester Arena bombing.
    Mr Hodder, 32, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme it was in the public interest for families to have help with paying for legal representation at inquests that cover such large scale attacks.

    “You have to relive the worst night of your life in extreme detail in a public forum, repeatedly,” he said. “It is literally torture for anyone that’s been through that.

    Mr Hodder launched his petition after the conclusion of the London Bridge attack inquests and ahead of the start of the inquest into the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, which killed 22 people.

    He said his family spent “hundreds of thousands of pounds” on legal representation for the inquest and he would have been left bankrupt had his lawyers not decided to waive some of their fees.

    Hodder wants the Government to fund lawyers at these “lawyer-fests” [Hodder’s own words] following these fake terror events. The Government thinks not.
    But did his family REALLY spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on the fake death of a “girlfriend”? It’s nonsense. ****
    As was reported at the time
    Another Australian woman Kirsty Louise Boden, 28, who worked as a nurse was stabbed after reportedly running towards the injured to help.

    The coroner said she was killed in the vicinity of Southwark Cathedral by an “incised wound to the chest”.

    According to The Sun, 11 June 2017 and repeated in a local Townsville Australian paper…

    Among the dead was ‘Angel of London Bridge’ Kirsty Boden, whose boyfriend yesterday told of his pride in here brave actions.

    Australian nurse Kirsty, 28 — dating James Hodder after meeting in London four years ago — ran toward danger and tried to tend to victims but was killed herself by the knife-wielding Jihadis.

    James, 30, said: “Kirsty was eating in a restaurant with friends ** next to where the van went into the wall.

    “People were running the other way but before her friends could stop her, she ran up the stairway towards it all. Nobody was surprised because that’s the kind of person she was.
    “As well as being friendly and outgoing, she was brave and selfless.

    “I am very, very proud of her and her actions that night.

    ** but not her boyfriend


    **** but elsewhere, we read that

    Mr Hodder was represented pro bono by lawyers from Hogan Lovells at the inquest into the atrocity, which was one of four deadly terror attacks that struck the UK in 2017.


    So where’s the money going to? A new Nursing Scholarship in Australia! Kerrrching!
    9/11 2017

    To honour Ms Boden’s memory, the South Australian Government will set up the Kirsty Boden Memorial Nursing Scholarship for regional students in their final year of study.
    For at least the next five years, two people at Flinders University will be awarded $10,000 each.
    Ms Boden studied at Flinders University and then moved to London to work as a senior nurse at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.
    Speaking on behalf of Ms Boden’s family, Mr Hodder said “Kirsty loved being a nurse” and the scholarship gave them “some comfort”.

    Do the Bodens ever have anything to say? All very curious and suspicious.

    James, beaming, with South Australian Premier and a professor from Flinders University on visits to London in 2017



    Kirsty’s parents, Tina and Ken from Loxton, SA flew to London for the inquest. James met Kirsty in a shared house in 2013
    Source – [paywall] Adelaide now

    Dark glasses on for the “funeral” – hiding those red, grieving eyes no doubt…

    The “Angel of London Bridge” [hoax code] was also a talented swimmer, hence the sub-reverent setting for the mock funeral.

    The 28-year-old was farewelled in front of about 400 family members and friends at a funeral service at the Loxton Swimming Pool on Monday afternoon.

    Ms Boden’s heartbroken parents Tina and Ken Boden, brother Chris and partner James [“Jimbo”] Hodder were among the mourners.
    source Adelaide Now

    Funeral notice – “Always with us”
    you bet!

    An online fundraiser set up by Mr Hodder has raised more than $A32,000 in donations from around the world, with the money to be donated to charities reflecting Ms Boden’s interests.

    On the fundraiser page he said “Kirsty would be smiling” as he thanked people for their generosity.
    “Helping people was what she loved to do in her job as a nurse and in her daily life,” the page said.

    Before the service ended on Monday, longtime friend Melissa Hopper described Ms Boden as outgoing, bubbly and fun.
    “How could anyone forget that contagious smile and laugh,” she said.

    But the final words were left to Ms Boden herself, with the gathering read a post from her travel blog **.
    “I am realistic. I recognise that I may not go everywhere, but I should definitely go everywhere I can,” she wrote.
    “And so should you.
    “At the risk of sounding cliche, life is short and we should all use the time we have wisely.

    “Happy travels.”


    ** not a nursing blog, note.

    Source SBS News June 26 2017

    Forward again to the recent inquest…
    Counter-terrorism Detective Superintendent Rebecca Riggs told the inquest that Ms Boden was trying to help a waiter at the Boro Bistro, Alexandre Pigeard, who had been attacked by all three terrorists **** and was collapsed by a wall. The CCTV shows the ringleader, Butt, swiping with his knife at both Mr Pigeard and Ms Boden. It also shows she was bending down by Mr Pigeard, near a large pool of blood, just before she was stabbed. Badly injured, Ms Boden ran away from the attackers down an alleyway but then collapsed. Her friends found her being treated by paramedics, but they were unable to stop the bleeding. She died from haemorrhaging due to wounds to the neck and chest; a fragment of Butt’s knife was even found in her chest.


    In a break in proceedings there was an emotional exchange of hugs between Mr Hodder and the father of Mr Pigeard.

    Hmmmm Well done, Monsieur Pigeard. Thanks for participating in this hoax.
    source< The Australian M<ay 8 2019/a>
    **** not very efficient.

    It’s all looking very obvious.

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