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    Photos of “bodies”

    At the time of writing, the official number of people confirmed dead – or missing and presumed dead – is 58.

    The Press Association say they have identified a further 54 people as missing, according to multiple reports from friends, family and witnesses on the scene.

    That seems very low for such a big tower block

    It is, and the emergency services have said the number is likely to get a lot higher.

    There have been accusations that the emergency services and the media are deliberately downplaying the number of dead and missing.

    There are a number of reasons – none of which are very reassuring – but they’re pretty good reasons.

    The main one is that the police and fire services don’t want to tell the public anything they don’t know for certain is true.

    In an age of fake news, alternative facts and unsubstantiated rumours – and with a chaotic and volatile situation on the ground – the emergency services see their role as being a reliable source of information and not to speculate on things they don’t know for sure.

    There are a number of factors involved in estimating the number of casualties.

    As a simple matter of arithmetic, you should be able to subtract the number of survivors from the number of people in the building and get the number of missing people.

    Unfortunately, nobody knows precisely how many people were in the building at the time.

    The figure is probably in the hundreds – but estimates have varied wildly between 100 and 600. The leader of Kensington Council says it’s of the order of “several thousand.”

    At present, anyone giving a more accurate figure than that is, to an extent, guessing….

    Unfortunately we can’t trust these paid liars any further than we could throw them.

    Are those photos of bodies convincing?



    Hero, preganancy, children and bodies, induced comas, top floor escape, the perfect psy-op story

    Hero dad battles through flames to get pregnant wife and youngest daughter out of burning London tower block from 21st floor before battling smoke-filled stairs to rescue oldest daughter who collapsed

    A HERO dad got his pregnant wife and youngest daughter down the tower block’s smoke-filled stairs — then went back up into the choking blackness for his older girl.
    The fumes were so thick in the pitch-dark stairwell that Marcio Gomes, 38, was unaware 12-year-old Luana had collapsed halfway down.
    Only her little sister Megan, ten, was with him and wife Andreia, 37, when the family made it to the lower levels of the blazing 24-storey tower block.
    They had stumbled over bodies as they desperately battled their way almost from the top.
    Distraught Marcio, a teaching inspector for Ofsted, immediately headed back into the fume-filled hell to save her.

    Last night the entire family was in hospital being treated for smoke-inhalation.

    Mum Andreia, who is seven months pregnant, was put into a medically-induced coma to help her and the unborn child recover.

    Clips like this are fanning the flames

    From 3.38 here, we have an unconnected 21st floor story, only 6 flats per floor



    Who lived in the flats? From the Daily Mail via the excellent Cluesforum thread

    We may compare with an official, perhaps part of the psy-op, list posted online from before the renovation, a directory of consultees in the block…

    Some of these are among the missing. e.g.

    Some were privately owned…e.g.
    Flat 104, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TG
    £161,100 Flat, Leasehold 26 Sep 2016

    Flat 92, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TG
    £250,000 Flat, Leasehold 14 Jun 2013
    Flat 112, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TQ
    £185,000 Flat, Leasehold 04 Mar 2013
    Flat 195, Flat 206, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TQ
    £190,000 Flat, Leasehold 09 Oct 2006
    £85,000 Flat, Leasehold 04 Mar 2003

    Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TQ
    £270,000 Flat, Leasehold 15 Dec 2011
    Flat 86, Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, London, Greater London W11 1TG
    £215,000 Flat, Leasehold 02 Dec 2002
    £150,000 Flat, Leasehold 06 Sep 2002

    Lists of electors may be found here, time not determined.

    No trace of owner occupier Ms B Benitez [104] on the roll but we see the parents of the two media exposed Alves siblings [105] who are supposed to be on the 13th floor MANUEL M ALVES and MARIA F ALVES
    Ms ADRIANA ZYMBERAJ, an Albanian or Kosovan name, at 106, is listed elsewhere in Grenfell Road in a low rise address on as well as on the above list for W11 !TG.

    Missing “Tony” Anthony Disson, “10th floor” is at W11 1TQ [upper floors] and at Flat 195 on the RBK list.
    Steve Power W11 1TQ – “15th floor” missing, Flat 122
    Dennis Murphy W11 1TQ “14th floor” missing Flat 111
    Deborah Lamprell, Sheila Smith, Marjoria A Vital, Ernie Vital – all missing 16th floor, W11 1TQ
    Flat 162 – Vital ; Lamprell and Smith are not on the RBKC renovation list.
    For some reason, Mrs Burton, floor unknown, was listed as part of a married couple at Flat 165. [see below] who are not on the voters’ list.

    Vincent Chiejina 17th floor W11 1TQ aged 60 Flat 144 missing. Estate Mamagement board.

    Briket and Benkte Haftom “ages unknown” 18th floor missing Flat 155
    Mary A Mendy 20th floor Flat 173 age 54. Missing.
    Hesham Rahman age 57 20th floor – Hesham Abd-El Rahman flat 204 Missing.
    Mohamed Nmeda age 57 20th floor Flat 205 Missing.
    Mrs J Moore , perhaps Ligaya Moore Flat 181 Missing 21st floor
    Raymond Bernard – missing 21st floor, electoral roll W11 1TQ but no trace on the RBKC renovation list.
    El-Wahabi family – 6 members 21st floor flat 182 “Mr A el-wahabi” and others
    Abdulaziz, Faouzia, Yasin..
    ElgWahri, Mariem 19th floor missing. Flat 196. W11 !TQ -registered voters ESLAH ELGWAHRY and Mariem/Maryam Elgwahry.
    Packed 23rd floor
    Mohamed Neda makes a second appearance on this floor! [see above] “Flora Neda” appears in the electoral roll.
    Noura Jemal and 3 children – age of mother unknown Flat 192 Electoral roll as Nura
    Nadia Choucair aged 29 and 3 children. Flat 193 registered voters Nadia and Sirria Choucair.

    Many of the other “missing” do not leave any presence in the above two lists.
    There seems to be a general +3 between the flat number and the floor, but sometimes, the flat bears the same prefix as the floor. The 23rd floor “victims” seem to come from the 22nd floor, [19+3]

    The ower occupiers seem to be 195 and 206 at the higher levels, the equivalent of “plane impact zones” in the WTC, an interesting parallel….
    which might suggest a sub let.

    Flat 185, and the Burtons’ flat may also be owner occupied, on account of the entry in the last column of the RBKC consultation table.
    Flat 185 has housed a Dutch “consultant” Dr Bruce Stover
    and Tunde Awoderu
    “18th floor”
    but now with an address in Cricklewood NW2 and who in 2012 was chairman of the Grenfell Tower leaseholders association

    Sunday, 26 February 2012
    Grenfell Tower In Dire Need Of Modernisation

    Quite a number of people who are retired, about to retire or with overseas connections in the list. Here’s another video from Nadia, “DJ ISLA”

    arguing over the numbers of “dead”, a psy-op within a psy-op.

    Where’s the web cam footage from the night?

    PS indeed, this seems to be the list of owner occupiers of flats in the Tower in 2012

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    Flat 206 in the block is possibly owned by an atheist barrister [last link above]

    next door to flats 204/5 of the El-Rahmans and the Nedas.

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    Miraculous escapes- an essential part of any psy-op
    Natasha Elcock, flat 82, 11th floor, in the master list –

    Natasha Elcock, her boyfriend and daughter six, were fighting for their lives on the 11th floor of the burning building.
    And Natasha told how she managed to save her family by running a bath and flooding the entire flat.
    The 39-year-old said: “I let the bathroom flood. It kept the flat damp. It may have saved our lives.”
    The trio obeyed notices telling them to stay put.
    But after 90 minutes fire crews told them over the phone to get out.

    John Lewis worker Natasha, a resident for 20 years, added: “We tried the door but it was too hot
    We had our little girl on the wet floor and we went to the coldest room.
    “The door was buckling and the windows bubbling and cracking. It was terrifying.”
    She rang for help “almost 100 times”, once being put through to call handlers in Glasgow.
    Crews got to her at 3am.

    The trio had to step over a body then went to hospital with smoke inhalation.


    £10,000 achieved JustGiving



    no of vicsims jumps to 79.



    Some 9/11 style imagery from the Telegraph

    image taken by a “specialist police recovery team”
    The hero firefighter…

    Lots more grieving, hugging, posters, firefighters

    But can one believe a word of this?

    Search teams at Grenfell Tower are said to have discovered up to 42 bodies of victims in a single room.

    They are reported to have made the grim discovery during the painstaking fingertip search of the building in White City over the last few days.
    The claim was made in a YouTube video by a man as he stood in front of the charred remains.
    He said: ‘I’ve got a friend who works for the fire brigade here at Ladbroke Grove, yeah.

    Yesterday on the phone he said they found about 42 bodies in one room, all hiding together. No-one knows that.’
    ‘It’s only because we know the brother, he’s a fireman, that he told us this – but he can’t tell you lot that.

    ‘He can’t come out because he’ll probably get the sack or something. But they said they found 42 bodies in one room, bruv, in one room. From children to old people.’


    £202,000 of government money has been handed out to 180 families who were directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

    The payouts were recorded, as of lunchtime on Monday, by the newly set-up Grenfell Response Team (GRT) ** which is now managing the official response and support operation to the tragedy.

    The payments are being made up of £500 cash and £5,000, which is to go into bank accounts. So far, 126 hotel places have been found for residents of Grenfell Towers and Grenfell Walk.

    There are also 78 families who have been assessed and are on course to be placed in properties that are local or in the neighbouring borough by the end of the day. None of these properties are in tower blocks.

    ** run by the London Resilience Forum

    No published minutes for nearly 2.5 years.

    Here’s the expected facebook page for the “missing”, set up after every psy-op

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    More strange stories from the towers.

    “The fire spread so quickly, like they’d put gasoline on it,” said Larry Castro, 60, who has lived in Grenfell Tower for 26 years and whose flat was on the 17th floor. He has since been staying in a hotel in Earl’s Court.

    Mr Castro said he was sleeping next to his girlfriend when the flat’s smoke alarm went off and they saw fire coming in from the exterior window. They left the building immediately, leaving everything behind.

    Here we see Larry, aka Virgilio Castro, perhaps with his girlfriend on his right. Or perhaps his daughter.

    His daughter is a doctor who was on duty in Southend so missed the fire.

    He doesn’t look like he’s suffering from smoke inhalation.
    Virgilio is listed as living in Flat 146.

    The occupier of Flat 144 also 17th floor, is “missing”, Mr V Chiejina.
    The girlfriend of Larry is not named. Strangely, the daughter, assuming it’s the same daughter who’s a doctor, WAS at home and escaped…
    Virgilio Castro, a hotel maintenance worker who fled with his girlfriend and daughter from his burning flat on the 17th floor
    The daughter would be Christabel Victoria Castro b 1991. An Angelina Castro is listed in electoral rolls at the same address. Christabel graduated in medicine in 2016 from Kings College London
    So, was she in Southend or in the burning flat?

    The Evening Standard has another escape story – emerging slowly but again, all looking good.
    June 20 2017
    Jose Suarez, his wife Dorinda and his son Ivan “fled the blaze with just 15 minutes to spare after they were alerted by a neighbour”

    15 minutes to spare from what?

    Dorinda Suárez says she only has her nightgown and cellphone
    Flat 103 [13th floor] on the leaked list of pre-renovation tenants is listed as being occupied by a Mrs D Suarez-Chans on the same floor as the Alves family, whose ridiculous escape story was reported to the media by their son and daughter.
    On the electoral roll they are listed as Dorinda Costa, Jose Costa and Ivan Costa-Suarez. Elsewhere Jose Costa-Cotelo and Dorinda E Suarez-Chans.

    So, where were people going to when they “escaped”? Where are the photos of them “escaping”?



    More curiosities… there’s a rush to check up on all the tower blocks in varioius London boroughs
    Strangely, no other borough seems to have used the same type of cladding as on Grenfell Tower – quite a one-off!
    Perhaps one will emerge with exactly the same cladding brand in due course.

    And the tower seemed to have housed professional key workers. [no escape or missing story]
    shows Daniel Lang living with Fiona McTaggart in the lower half of the tower, the latter is a teacher
    https://twi tter.c om/FiMctag

    Central Lobby Verified account @CentralLobby

    What to expect from The Great Repeal Bill – @DodsMonitoring’s Daniel Laing explains Parliament’s next steps: #brexit

    Retweets –
    Fiona McTaggartPaul TurnerYogesh K BistaVictor Martin HuntDods MonitoringSam WebberDaniel LTom HarrisIrina Bonavino
    3:52 am – 30 Jan 2017
    retweeted by Fiona McTaggart….a coincidence? or a flatmate?
    I can’t find any reference to either of them in the RBKC leaked list of pre-renovation tenants.
    https://twit ter.c om/dan44nl
    hmmm another Kings College graduate.

    More nonsense- a blind man was rescued after 12 hours –
    he was identified “by relatives” but not by the MSM! “believed to have lived in the tower for 30 years”

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    More crisis acting [thanks to Serik at Cluesforum

    note the duping.
    Clarita Ghavimi and Luca Branislav are both “survivors” from the 11th floor.
    “I opened the door and you just grabbed me…”
    “He carried her to safety [hero] Ms CM Ghavimi is listed at flat 75 in the leaked list, but Branislav is not listed pre-renovation.
    But he wasn’t as heroic as this hero

    Brave son battled through Grenfell Tower blaze and carried disabled mum down 24 flights of stairs

    A DISABLED mum was saved from the top floor of the blazing block by her son heroically carrying her down all 24 flights of stairs.
    The superhuman feat by graduate Shekeb Neda, 24, saw him battle through the choking fumes in pitch dark with frail housewife Flora, 55, on his back.

    yup, flat 205His uncle Aref, 54, told yesterday how the mum, who suffers from a muscle ­disease, collapsed from smoke pouring into the family’s top-floor home.
    He said: “Shekeb needed to get her out quickly. He took her arms, put them around his neck and carried her over his back down all 24 floors.”

    Last night the mum was in a coma in hospital. Tragically Shekeb’s dad — ­cabbie Saber, 57 — stayed put on the 24th floor and was missing.

    Meanwhile, high up in flat 184, Musstafa Siraq Abdu was running a civil engineering business
    about whom there seems to be no information.

    A Jordanian national, Omar Nasrullah registered a mobile phone selling firm from a fictitious flat number in Grenfell Tower, no. 149

    Magic India Ltd was registered in 2011 in “missing” Tony Disson’s flat, no 194…

    And Concored International for Leather Industries Ltd was set up in 2015 after renovation by yet another jordanian Adnan Abushareefa [several companies in flat 145 were run by another Jordanian national] in flat 111, the address of Dennis Murphy [“missing”]

    It makes one wonder whether Disson and Murphy were actually resident in the block

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    GoFundME – check
    Richard C Fletcher

    We?re raising £10,000 to Help Richard Fletcher to return normality. He was a resident on the 16th floor of Grenfell Tower

    Gabor Papp-Molnar

    Richard, one of our colleagues has managed to escape with his wife and daughter but lost all possessions. They are O.K. and safe, and they are staying with relatives.
    We, friends of him, are setting up a donation if you can spare anything.

    His wife is the Ethiopian Haymanot Gashaw flat 131, which they took over from renewable businessman Moses Ettienne who moved to W2.

    Perhaps Richard works for the Metroline bus company

    “missing vicsim” list from June 19

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    Best staged photo

    Silliest “survival” story

    Grenfell Tower ‘family of five who were missing and feared dead are found ALIVE after managing to flee as fire took hold’

    FIVE people who were missing and feared dead after the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower last week have been found alive and well.
    The five people are thought to be a Syrian family that lived in a flat halfway up the 24-storey tower after fleeing their home country due to the civil war.
    The family of five – made up of two parents and three adult daughters – are said to have arrived recently in West London and were caught up in the blaze which ripped through the tower block on Wednesday morning.

    They were reported missing by Catherine Lindsay, who was teaching them English, but now the family has reportedly been found.

    Not connected with the story of Mohammed Al-Hajali who allegedly died in his 14th floor flat – probably 11x door number, same floor as Denis Murphy
    His older brother Omar “escaped” and

    is recovering from smoke inhalation in hospital. Younger brother Hashem lived outside the tower.
    Mohammed, older brother Omar, 25, and younger brother Hashem, 20, were granted asylum in Britain after fleeing the Bashar al-Assad regime four years ago.

    Flat 112 on the 14th floor, is owned by Mr M Azab of Greenford, perhaps let out to tenants, since there is no trace of the Syrians in the pre-renovation document.



    Stranger and strange a big thank you…
    June 21 2017

    Sixty-eight flats in a luxury apartment complex where prices start at £1.6m are being made available to families displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire.

    Families who escaped the tower blaze will be able to take up permanent occupation in July and August in the apartments in the Kensington Row scheme about 1.5 miles south of Grenfell, where last Wednesday’s blaze left 79 people dead and missing and presumed dead.

    The homes are within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea but in the more affluent south end of the borough. They have been purchased by the Corporation of London and will become part of its social housing stock.

    The most luxurious four-bedroom apartments are currently on sale in the development for £8.5m but the homes being released to Grenfell residents are part of the affordable quota being built and feature a more “straightforward” internal specification, but have the same build quality.

    The complex includes a 24-hour concierge, swimming pool, sauna and spa and private cinema.

    It is not yet clear if the Grenfell residents will have access to the facilities, which are normally not included for those in affordable housing.

    “We’ve got to start by finding each of them a home,” said Tony Pidgley, chairman of the Berkeley Group, which built the homes…..
    And from the Grenfell action group website

    May 7 2017

    The same developers then spread their tentacles along the west side of Warwick Road. The result was the ‘Kensington Row’ development, a massive extension of the St Charles House complex, offering ‘a world of opulence and privilege’ in luxury apartments priced from £1.5 million to £8.5 million. Given its proximity to the Charles House/Kensington Row complex the destruction of the Warwick Road Estate is almost certainly designed to facilitate yet more of this obscenely opulent and exclusive luxury accommodation.</blockquote


    From the Strategic Housing Market Assessment for RBKC, 2015

    A3.34 In a rising market, the scheme generally makes a capital profit as staircasing occurs, thus
    providing an income stream for future reinvestment.
    Develop scheme(s) using off-site Section 106 contributions in cheaper areas along the main transport links running into RBKC

    Block B social rental

    The flats are among 120 “affordable housing” units in the Kensington Row development on Kensington High Street, which includes 301 luxury private homes selling for up £3.5m each.

    The Department for Communities and Local Government said the move was “a significant step towards meeting the government’s commitment that every family from Grenfell Tower will be rehoused in the local area”.

    Construction of the new homes, some 2.2km from the destroyed building in which at least 79 people are presumed to have died, will be brought forward, with workers labouring around the clock to complete the homes in July. The government said it had provided “additional funding” to fit out the flats, without specifying a sum

    The City of London Corporation, which runs the capital’s financial district, will buy the homes from developer St Edward, a joint venture of Berkeley Group, the listed housebuilder, and the insurer Prudential. No details of the transaction were released. Affordable housing units are usually sold at around cost price to social housing providers.

    As homes already allocated for discounted housing, the acquired flats will not add to the total of social homes in the Kensington and Chelsea borough…



    It appears that the council only recently, 3 months ago, changed insurance companies to one in Norway, Protector Forsikring, offering a much more agreeable payout on “casualties” than its previous policy with Zurich..
    ht tps://www.youtu
    Kerrrrching! [ possibly]
    This is, however, not an endorsement of that YouTube channel, a gatekeeper around the faking of deaths globally, perhaps
    because…we read on another video

    Annie Logical 22 hours ago
    I’ve told you my stance on this and my last video, this was a ritual sacrifice, people died, the narrative is being portrayed by actors.?

    hmmmmm. Perhaps the glossy, professional intro to her videos ought to have sounded alarm bells.

    There’s no proof anywhere that anybody died. Only what we are “told”.

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