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    The two main community Crowdfunding sites
    currently just short of £1.4m
    Haley Yearwood [teacher at Kensington Aldridge Academy]
    (Part 2/2) We will be setting up a programme through one or maybe two established charity partners with the objective of the money going to the individuals and families that were residents of the Grenfell Tower at the time of the fire. Of particular focus will be children and trauma counselling for all ages, alongside helping the community move forward from this in the strongest way possible. In summary- short-term relief and long-term support.
    £0.4m target reached [£406K]
    Karolina Hanusova
    I have now found a Foundation I trust with the money you have all donated. – The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation is a trustworthy local organization which is forming and emergency funds panel to find ways to share the money amongst the families effected. 100 percent from the money they receive goes to victims. .


    Here’s Haley who has raised E1.4m online

    Laurence Kavanagh Lovely. Defo fit for work. See you Monday xx
    1 · 31 August 2016 at 18:49

    Laurence is assistant head of the Academy next door to the tower since February 2017

    An ex-resident who has been busy is Mercy Banda originally from Malawi.

    For Mercy Banda, 53, a social worker who set up a refuge in the Methodist Church early on Wednesday morning, the issue is similarly complex.

    She told BuzzFeed News she had to repeatedly stop journalists from entering the building, and had even had to ask the police to step in when camera crews refused to give people space.

    Banda, who used to live in the tower before moving to a different house on the same estate, nevertheless agreed that journalists had an important role to play in uncovering the truth of what happened at Grenfell, and finding out why concerns residents had been raising for years had consistently been ignored.

    Hmmm, shows Mercy in flat 206, which changed hands as a leasehold flat, in 2006, latterly owned by Deborah Morris. It seems unlikely Mercy was the owner because her current address seems to be still TMO owned although some houses in the block have been sold.

    Another early interview with the pusher of the exploding fridge nonsense as the cause of the inferno Mahad Egal

    Just before 1 AM erm we were eating and just about to go to bed when there was a sudden knock on the door. Erm, I Rushed to the door but there was no-one else on the other side. Smoke, was horrific. Slammed the door shut, and immeidately what the situation was went ? outside, wet up ? some towels immediately notified my wife she said let’s fly? we need to get out of here, just picked up some towels, wrapped it around the kids’ heads, barely had time to put shoes on, just stumbled on one over another it’s just went out the rooms, just evacuated as soon as we could, it was really like traumatising there was people down the stairs, some people carrying luggages, elderly, it was disabled, kids, it was, it was really like terrifying. Just incredible to get out of there to be honest with you, shocking it was too much. Erm there were some security barriers in, by the bottom of the stairs where we got stuck. We couldn’t get out of the building because we you know, you need a key thob [sic] , and luckily we had a fob. By the time we come out we were the first, maybe ten, families that were out. And there were some people rushing back in to try and notify more people.
    There was no alarm, there was no bell, there was no sense of erm, erm, urgency in a sense. The fire brigade that was there was only about a handful, they analysing the situation, erm my neighbour, was the one who woke us up, erm not woke us up but knocked on our door, and he said it was his house where the explosion had happened. It was, he said, his fridge exploded.
    Erm I’m not there to take any more understanding from that, I just knew we need to get out of there, he was bare-footed, he was knocking on doors you know, I knocked on several doors on my way there myself, just ran down the stairs after that, couldn’t take any of the smoke, and we just had to leave because we had kids in our hands.
    There’s people’s luggages on the stairs, which was hazardous, it was too much, there were gas pipes, in a very hazardous row, [? ] to go through the stairwell, because of the gas pipes that were connected there. So we didn’t know where the explosion, or these smoke and fires were coming from. So we were just really terrified and pirate? was to get everyone out of there as soon as we could and once we were out erm we obviously kept distance from the building but under an hour half the building was already covered in flames. Its, People are still trapped in there [glances back to steaming, smoking tower] I’d definitely say still trapped in there. We’ve had some calls. There’s , there’s people have been tweeting saying they’re still alive and they’re still in their room, locked in their room. There’s heard of a kid who’s is in his room still, trapped. [CUT]
    I live on the fourth floor when the fire started on the fourth floor, fire started next door to us, so we had a very condensed sense of smoke right in front of us, right on our doorstep it was really horrific…”


    Predictive programming from 25 years ago.

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    Who’s this in Flat 174, 20th floor, with no escape story?
    A financial analyst formerly with a hedge fund, now with an investment bank, a Czech national b 1978, Petra Doulova aka Petra Doulova-Barnaby [having married in 1999 Leroy A. Barnaby, well before her Birkbeck financial degree period 2003-7.
    Grenfell Financial Ltd ceased trading circa 2015/6.

    Leroy Barnaby was also listed in the upper floors of the tower.
    Flat 174 is listed against the non-existent Ms M Laosmaa [vide supra] in the RBKC list.
    Doulova gives her address as flat 174 after the renovation list and appears on before the renovation…. I wonder if Petra knows Karolina. Petra leaves suspiciously little trace anywhere for a professional.

    And another company is registered in the Nigerian owned flat 185…
    Future Conversations, set up after the renovation list, with registered address at flat 185. This will need updating.
    In 2014, shortly after formation the service address was changed from the accountant’s address of 9 Bridle Close, Kingston-upon-Thames to Grenfell Tower.
    sole director David Andrew Collins, b 1974.

    Collins was interviewed by the BBC

    : “We repeatedly reported concerns to tenant management organisations for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, including fire safety concerns which were not investigated during the regeneration works.”

    David also states that residents had repeatedly raised concerns about the fire safety standards in the building.

    He said that tenants had “concerns over locations of boilers, concerns about escape, fire escape lighting…and the list goes on. Lots of things. I’ve spoke to Councillors and they refused to investigate. They didn’t believe the residents were concerned. 90% of the residents signed an independent petition asking for there to be an investigation into the organisation that runs this building because they’re so incompetent, the council turned it down. 68% of residents thought they’ve been threatened, harassed, pressured or bullied by the same organisation, or by the contractors doing the work. I personally had the contracts manager come over and threaten me on my own door. They’re the conditions that we were dealing with and they didn’t listen to our concerns,” he said.

    But wasn’t flat 185 being marketed at £2000 per week from 2016 into 2017, available from May 2017? That would imply it was either empty at the time of the fire or had a new tenant.

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    Predictive programming from 25 years ago.

    Amazing, 4th floor explosion… at 3.18 the 1968 Ronan Point explosion followed by the pack of cards collapse is called out. Another staged disaster? These things have been going on a long time
    nice little catalog of staged fire disasters in the side bar
    The disaster is thought to have started in the flat of 56-year-old cake decorator Ivy Hodge, who is now in hospital suffering from burns.
    She told reporters she remembered getting up to put the kettle on, “Then I found myself on the floor”.

    I’ll look at this in due course.

    and trying to square the circle…

    “demnoliton seems to be the only answer @1.03

    some more hints that the Ronan Point collapse in Butchers Road, Canning Town, was staged…
    Because the building had just opened, three of the four flats immediately above Miss Hodge’s were unoccupied. Out of the 260 residents of the building, four people were immediately killed in the collapse, and seventeen were injured, including a young mother who was stranded on a narrow ledge when the rest of her living room disappeared. Miss Hodge survived, despite being blown across the room by the explosion – as did her gas stove, which she took to her new address after the explosion.
    the four don’t seem to be named anywhere, and nobody died subsequently.
    Some people on this forum cite great uncles/ uncles/aunts as victims, as is often the case. There’s also a demand for a memorial….

    History of Canning Town East London

    and the event was naturally trotted out by the Guardian after the Grenfell inferno

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    Can anyone not doubt now that the Ronan Point disaster was a psy-op?
    May 1968 reprint
    All official comment was extremely guarded and omitted all reference to the cause of the explosion, but there seems little doubt that a violent gas explosion occurred in Flat 90, on the eighteenth floor, at 6.45am. A fireman who was the first into the flat said the gas cooker in the kitchen was lying face down on the floor and the gas pipe was shooting flames. The flat’s doors had been blasted out and so had the lift doors on the landing outside. Though there was fire damage in the flat, most of the evidence pointed to damage by the explosion. In all the destroyed flats it was the sitting room which fell. Had it been the only bedroom, the toll would have been much higher.

    The flats were completed in November [1967] as one block of nine in the area. The first 80 families started moving in from March 11. Mr and Mrs Thomas Murrell refused eight times to live on the top storey of Ronan Point, but when their old house was condemned they gave in. Last night they were on the list of those missing.

    emergency centre set up at the Hallsville primary school,

    note comments in this blog

    LenSeptember 12, 2016
    I was a police officer in the special constablery at the time .based at Dagenham east .when I come on duty on that day we were told what had just happened. We were all rushed over there to secure the area by linking our hands was a shocking uncle lost a family member there.

    I’m a Filmmaking student currently in the process of making a documentary about the Ronan Point partial collapse. I’m really interested to hear the recollections of those involved. My Grandparents and mother were living on the 18th floor at the time, but luckily for them the opposite corner to Ivy Hodge. So far I have spoken with former residents, locals, architects, engineers and a vicar who buried two of the four casualties. I would love to hear your views on the event. If you’d like to contribute your memories to the film please contact me.
    Ricky Chambers

    Patricia JollyMarch 06, 2017
    Since 2013 I and a friend have been having regular meetings with Newham Council to have a memorial placed in the Custom House area to the victims. One of the victims was my dad’s cousin …

    Strangely, that was the last post on that blog.

    Thomas PJ Murrell aged 33; brother William P b 1934, Sister Maureen T b 1937 Mother nee Jolly Probate [admin] £1000 exactly July 8 1968 !!
    Pauline Lilian Murrell aged 31 nee Driscoll. Brother Dennis b 1935 Probate [Admin] March 23 1970 £2,462 !!
    THOMAS Arthur Joseph McCluskey aged 49 estate £909
    well well well, guess what was added to Free BMD on June 14 2017!!!
    Four died in the Ronan Point Tower Block collapse on 16 May:
    Mr Thomas Murrell & Mrs Pauline Murrell, Flat 110, 22nd floor.
    Mr Thomas McCluskey & Mrs Edith Bridgstook, Flat 85, 17th floor.

    Deaths due to multiple crushing injuries.
    no Murrell children recorded from 1963-8
    Psy-op confirmed: Mrs “Bridgestook//Bridgestock” leave no trace. Ditto Miss Hodge.
    Miss Hodge died unremaked upon in 2004, her last address was Broad Leas Court retirement homes in St Ives, near Cambridge. Her 1968 injuries were “minor”

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    Interestingly, the House of Cards predictive programming reached the MSM on June 20

    No, the repeated script is no coincidence.
    The spook controlled BBC wheeled out another anonymous witness today
    PM Radio 4 programme. from about 9.40, an escapee from the 8th floor. i.e. flats 51-56
    “The whole floor, we managed to escape because there was this boy that knocked oh all our doors. So our floor is one of those floors that everyone survived”

    Salma and Rawda Said are listed at flat 54, the former recently appointed a director of Cryptoweb Ltd in February 2017. hmmmm


    More mischevious social steering by the BBC – which has suddenly produced two “survivors” with no previous story and who have no online presence in Grenfell Tower or even since June 14 as “lucky escapees”. They just “emerge”.
    The girl, aged 10, [born Westminster London 2007] is either reading her lines or has memorized them. “They should give us houses”
    notice it says “daughter” not “his daughter”. Her grief at 0.43 looks synthetic.
    Her implied father is noted as a company director of a hairdressing business in Liverpool
    then of Algerian nationality dob 4 10 1976, actually setting up the business in 2013, address 78 Granby Street, Liverpool 8.nice! “Revolution Crew” [sic] faded awau towards the end of 2015.

    This pair is said to have lived on the 15th floor, flats 121-126 which is quite an empty floor from a circulated recent electoral roll list. #IUn that case, they would have been great friends of Steve Power in flat 122.

    Eleanor Kelly, chief executive of Southwark Council and spokeswoman for the Grenfell Response Team, said the taskforce would be “very welcome”.
    She told BBC Radio London: “This is a disaster on a national scale….
    [coroner] Dr [Fiona] Wilcox described the inside of the tower as “apocalyptic”.
    apocalyptically empty.

    Mrs F Dedrich and Mr S Thongrod, allegedl to be living on the 15th floor before renovation leave no trace on electoral rolls either.
    The former would be Fatima Dedrich, nee Boukhmiss, married 1995 Aston A Dedrich

    Hounslow MPS? Verified account @MPSHounslow
    Can you help us find Aston Dedrich who is #missing from #Isleworth ? If so please call 101. Our ref is 16MIS052178. Thank you.
    1:21 AM – 28 Nov 2016 [9:21 AM GMT]

    oh, it seems there was a short-lived GoFundMe page for Fatima…

    Mariam Azizi
    20 June at 11:26 ·

    PS. I will be closing the gofundme page I created earlier this week.
    1. Fatima Boukhmiss & Reem Dedrich (Mother and Daughter)
    15th Floor – now left homeless.
    2. Neda Family (Mum, Son & Missing Father- please update if any info)
    24th Floor

    Reem Dedrich b 1996
    Student at Richmond, The American International University in London
    Richmond, The American International University in London
    Bachelor’s degree Field Of Study International Relations
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2014 – 2018
    Activities and Societies: International Affairs Society, Women in leadership


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    More unlikely survivor tales – from about 9.00

    “…burnt, is down, and people lost their lives…”
    Antonio Roncalto

    allegedly living in flat 72, same floor as Mrs Ghavimi [funny they never seem to namecheck each other]
    His son Christopher
    Antonio married in 1987 Maria D S Rodriguez Cardona
    “Rescued by firefighters after 6 hours…”

    Antonio Roncolato, who shared a flat on the tenth floor of the Kensington high rise with his son Chris
    He told the Italian newspaper Repubblica how he went to the window and saw ‘pieces of molten concrete’ fall from the sky, ‘a lot of confusion, then emergency vehicles, fire brigade, the police’.
    After several hours unable to escape because of the thick smoke filling the corridors, he was rescued by firefighters.
    ‘For me and my son, our temporary accommodation is the hotel we are staying in at the moment and we are very happy here.

    ‘The moment they offer something that will reflect the standard of living we had before, then we will take it. Otherwise we will not consider i

    Here’s his interview in Italian

    Laura Gil shared Danelle We’s post.
    28 June at 01:10 ·
    Share please! Help find true justice for Grenfell and surrounding residents impacted by the horrendous fire! Yass M Gil Christabel Castro Christopher Roncolato Rodriguez Maria Gil Nancy Coulibaly Maysaa Sebty
    Works at Millennium Gloucester Hotel
    like father like son

    Mr… Roncolato lives in hotel rooms in the last few weeks, because he is still waiting for suitable accommodation.

    He said, ” the council offered me two apartments, one in Westminster. I passed because it’s not in my neighborhood.
    ” I want to be close to my work and close to where my relatives are. And the second was an apartment in the basement at Earls Court, near a very busy road. That wasn’t suited to my needs either.

    By examining his reasoning, the BBC journalist asked the homeless resident what “acceptable” means to him.

    Roncolato replied: ” acceptable would be a two-bedroom apartment in the second, third and fifth floor, with an elevator if that is the case.

    ” in the area possibly close to where I work, near where my relatives are. Also the fact that my son went through some trauma because of what happened and he’s getting some counseling. Your Mother and your family want him to stay as close as possible “.
    Roncolato lived at the grenfell tower with his 26-Year-old son on the 10th floor since 1990.

    [no mention of his wife who is listed in Chesterton House, Ingrave Street in Battersea SW11 with Christopher in 2011]


    Deborah Lamprell seems to have company in the next life. Here’s the cover, from nieces for their missing uncle Gary Maunders.

    “family are worried sick for their safety”
    I bet they are.

    Kerry Sexton shared Joanna Sanderson’s post.
    16 June at 20:49 ·
    Deborah is my uncles friend who he was staying with in the Grenfell tower. They are both still missing. Please let’s find them both safe and well ??.
    Debrah (Debbie) Lamprell

    Jewjew Vesterfelt So sorry to hear sending prayers that they are found well
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 18 June at 15:52

    Doris Cox I hope he got out
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    And news from the amazing and rather quietly announced escape of one of the occucpants of Flat 73, 10th floor, Adam Supareogsanond

    Javkhaa Chuluunbaatar
    14 June at 16:48 ·
    All – I have now spoken to Adam Supareogsanond who is safe and managed to escape just in time! Thanks for your concerns and sharing #grenfelltower

    Marcus Clairmont
    Marcus Clairmont Thanks for the update Javkhaa & for getting in touch with him when others couldn’t.
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 2 · 14 June at 18:55

    Gone to ground….

    Michelle VonAhn I am glad you are safe. I am in involved in a crowd-sourced list of occupants to help identify how many people are still missing. I would be grateful if you could please message me with your flat number, whether Mariem has been found and any information on any other Thai nationals that lived in the building, as you are the only one I can see. I am putting this information together to help David Lammy MP push for more information about the occupants of the block. Thank you.
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 27 June at 18:16
    Michelle VonAhn I was very disappointed to not get any response from David Lammy when I sent my analysis to him. I have to start sleeping better, as I must go to work VERY early on Monday.
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    hmmm perhaps the figures were too low and there were too many “survivors”? **
    I get the feeling that Michelle is a well meaning but “useful idiot” who is merely analysing media lies or official lies repeated by the media.

    Listen to this clown Lammy
    “In one flat alone, people say there were up to 40 people gathering, because they gathered in the flat, it was Ramadan,” he [Lammy] said.

    **”I have listened to [the survivors and the community] explain how 79 is an impossibly low number



    The intelligence services, aka the scriptwriters for this obvious psy-op thought it necessary to bolster up the shaky residence and escape story of the EasyJet pair from Luton, Lee Chapman and Naomi Li
    July 3 2017
    Naomi Li, 32, and her cousin Lydia Liao, 23, are the only known survivors of the blaze to escape from the 22nd floor of the 23-floor building.

    The pair emerged from the tower just after 3am.

    sure they did. There’s no images of anybody escaping apart from a clip of Mahad relaxing nearby.

    After Mrs Li’s own flat became consumed with smoke, she and Ms Liao took refuge in the flat of a family on the other side of the building who were still able to breathe fresh air from their window.

    But the group began to lose hope as firefighters failed to appear.

    At 3.06am, the emergency operator advised Mrs Li that it was time to leave, according to the Sunday Times.

    Where did Ms Liao spring from? Oh, your recently married husband goes away on business [cough] and you get your cousin into the flat…perhaps they had sub-let the flat to Liao, not that she needed to be anywhere near the tower on the night of June 13/14, rather than groping.
    their way down the narrow stairwell with a wet towel and cardigan over their faces as smoke and toxic fumes swirled around them. They tried to convince themselves the bodies lying on the escape route were piles of clothes so they would not be overcome by terror.

    suuuuuure. Who writes this stuff?
    Jamal Ibrahim
    Jamal Ibrahim Naomi , I wonder if you could help me. First of all, I am happy for you and your cousin to have made it. I understand from a news paper report you stayed a while with neighboring family before deciding to leave the flat. I am wondering if the family you were with is 22nd floor, flat 192. If so, I’m desperate to be in touch with you. Please PM me. Thank you.
    Like · Reply · 2 July at 22:23

    hmmm, that would be the Kebir family , all “deceased”.
    , this article has been authorized to publish [sic] BusinessWeek,
    oddly the chinese article talks about a sister not a cousin. But the story’s all nonsense anyway.


    An essential component, and give-away, of any hoax is the use of a managed twitter stream to get the fake story across to the MSM.
    This was done at Grenfell using the tweets of Rebecca Ross aka @rsrzy_ RIP Dad ?Protected Tweets
    and which, as usual, have been made private, their job having been done.
    the message was originally
    still no news about my dad. If anyone sees or hears anything, please get in touch with me ASAP. I’m distraught right now
    8:33 AM – 14 Jun 2017 [4:33 PM BST]

    KS ? ?? @KS_maraqdigaag 10m10 minutes ago
    Replying to @rsrzy_ @Abs_mu

    That would be her apparent father Steve Power
    other tweets [again deleted or unavailable] concerned being stuck inside the block and people jumping out of the building…..

    Rebecca Ross, 22, takes to Twitter to post: “I’m stuck in this block!!! Can’t leave my house because I’ll die from the smoke.

    “Panicking because people are jumping out of the window.”

    She is one of the lucky ones and does eventually get out but her father Steve Power is missing.

    Steve tries for the stairwell but the smoke is so thick he cannot see much, let alone breathe, even using a cloth over his mouth, so he returns to his 23rd-floor flat and bunkers down, soon after his phone cuts out.
    June 15 2017

    standard ploy.

    Rebecca is visible at both flat 111 in the tower and also at the same address as Steve Power, which was given elsewhere as 122.

    Here’s another prolific tweeter through the event…

    ???? @sarmadbdk
    Guys there’s people stuck inside the block of flats on fire in Latimer Road. A lot of Muslims, it’s getting worse. Please make dua
    6:11 PM – 13 Jun 2017

    ????? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 2:17 AM
    Replying to @sarmadbdk
    Guys there’s a family stuck in there, 7 kids apparently ?

    He tweeted several videos of the fire between 1.30 and 2.10 am


    ????? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 2:48 AM
    the sun decided to steal my pics and media of the fire after i specifically told them i dont want them to have it. @TheSun

    ???? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 3:08 AM
    Replying to @sarmadbdk
    They are waiting for the building to collapse now

    ?? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 3:55 AM
    Replying to @sarmadbdk
    Also please pray for everyone who may have been effected. A lot of people may have lost loved ones and memories.

    ????? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 4:31 AM
    These emergency services don’t seem to care about the poor. They told them to stay in their flats. The hose couldn’t even reach the top!

    ????? @sarmadbdk Jun 14 4:57 AM
    i hope this fire was an accident and not deliberate

    sure, he knows the Sun has his pictures and he’s angry….

    That’s called getting the message across early.

    Crystal clear photo of deceased “dad” Steve Power [15th floor, flat 122] for circulation

    This is the staged footage allegedly shot from within flat 206 owned by Deborah Morris, but inhabited by the Ibrahim family, allegedly.
    Leadership, Macroeconomic Policy, Raising Capital, Single European Market, The Setting up of the European Union, The Single European Currency, Statistics and Research Project.

    Ysgol Rhiwabon [Ruabon, North Wales]
    Degree Name High School Field Of Study Various subjects Grade 12 GCSEs Grade A-C
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2008 – 2011

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    How soon did the exploding fridge story emerge?

    Adam Davids? @AdamElrawi
    Cause of fire: fridge explosion on the 4th floor possible from faulty wiring. #GrenfellTower #latimerroad
    9:44 PM – 13 Jun 2017 [5:44 AM BST 14 Jun 2017]
    in other words, less than 5 hours after the most devastating fire in Britain for many years, the cause is known almost instantly. And we even have the maker’s name of this “dangerous” fridge plastered across the media shortly afterwards.

    He was also pushing the story of the missing Wahabi family member later that day

    Adam Davids? @AdamElrawi
    STILL MISSING: Grenfell Resident: Yasin Wahabi (21) lives on 26th floor, haven’t heard anything back. Please Pleas Retweet! #GrenfellTower
    8:46 AM – 14 Jun 2017 [4:46 PM BST]

    Well, there was a Hanan Wahabi in flat 66, 9th floor. But there was a whole El-Wahabi family allegedly in flat 182, 21st floor who all were recorded as “deceased”. It turns out that Hanan is the sister of the husband from the 21st floor, and who provided the story, along with another cousin Ottman Boujettif
    The sister was interviewed by the press…

    Garbage human fan? @Demigodershon Jun 15 7:51 PM BST
    Replying to @AdamElrawi @OwenJones84
    maybe they’ve fled to Syria??

    Good call.

    And all written out of the script by the afternoon of June 15, on the basis of not having been heard from….

    Children’s author Philip Pullman is also active in this psy-op, saying he’ll name a character in his next book after one of the “dead” children from Grenfell Tower…
    Wonderful. And the leading contender is an El-Wahabi…

    El Rawi, at the forefront of the El-Wahabi thread, also put out a video also at 4.55 AM June 14, showing the pyrotechnics around 1 am, caused by the “fridge fire”.


    And the appearance of “RAW Footage” [thus labelled] is another good sign of a hoax/staged event.
    And so it fell to Chox89 to film the tower, with dubious “authentic” soundtrack. “oh my days”, “started on the 4th floor or something” “wet towels”…flashing lights, ropes made from blankets…
    looks like a specially set up channel for the event.
    Some of the later clips from from this periscope

    staged to the nth degree.


    Seems like the sky is not the limiti for the number of “dead” announced following the Grenfell Tower fire.
    I wonder why? Surely the perpetrators had a blank canvas in front of them, to fill with fake names who had never been there.
    We move now onto the identification part of the psy-op, the usual simulation of DNA, fingerprint or dental identification.
    Visual identification by relatives is not used because this is regarded as unreliable. Nor is the discovery of property on a body, such as bag or purse.
    ~Or because there’s no body.
    Note the photo of the Marchioness [q.v. in another thread] which psy-op was a pivotal point in DVI, Disaster Vicsim Identification Simulations.

    Police say 255 people survived the blaze
    Police say “extensive investigations” led them to conclude 350 people should have been in the Kensington tower block on the night of the blaze on 14 June.
    That night, 14 residents were not in the building, leaving at least 80 people dead or missing, the Met said.

    police said the coroner had formally identified 32 bodies.

    Scotland Yard said forensic pathologists were sieving through debris in the building to look for human remains.

    So if 255 people escaped, where were they all in front of all the assembled cameras? Nowhere, apart from the photo op provided by “escapee” Olawaseun Talabi
    seen from about 1.30 in this video

    Note the use of a child crisis actor and a large drill format triage label on another actor.

    and again from 3.37 here

    So where did all those 255 people disappear to in their night clothes? Or were they, more likely, not there?

    Here’s the standard interactive chess board of “victims” as used in every disaster psy-op


    Let’s look at the medical witnesses. The Air Ambulance team have pulled up as expected in any staged event and were photographed in standard “pointing” mode. At 7.10 in the documentary…

    These are the “major incident” tweets

    Sadiq Khan? Verified account @SadiqKhan Jun 13 [4:16 AM BST Jun 14]
    Major incident declared at Grenfell Tower in Kensington. 40 fire engines & 200 firefighters at the scene – follow @LondonFire for updates.

    John Grumble? @DrGrumble Jun 13 [3:03 AM BST Jun 14]
    Major Incident declared at St Mary’s Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital.

    Tne hospital itself only reported a major incident at 8.52 AM,almost 6 hours later, despite “Dr Grumble appearing to indicate that no patients turned up at the nearby hospital…

    seems like no patients turned up at St Marys….

    John Grumble? @DrGrumble Jun 13 [7:46 AM BST June 14]
    John Grumble Retweeted AssedBaig
    I earmarked some beds we could empty in the night. They weren’t needed. I fear the reason why.

    I think the reason might have been that the tower was empty.

    However, the Guardian, no surprise, manages to find a doctor at distant Kings College Hospital who allegedly treated patients…

    Dr Malcolm Tunnicliff was in bed asleep when my phone rang at 2.39am with an automated message from the King’s switchboard. It just said ‘major incident declared, King’s is a receiving hospital’,

    Who’s doing all this “major incident” declaring?
    Here’s the drill tweet

    King’s College NHS? @KingsCollegeNHS
    Our Emergency Department at Denmark Hill is accepting patients from the fire in #NorthKensington. More information when we have it.
    8:57 PM – 13 Jun 2017 [4:57 AM BST Jun 14]

    I reached the hospital at 3.30am and our first wave of what ultimately became 12 patients from the fire came in by ambulance at 3.45am. The injured were a mixture of children and adults, both men and women, ranging in age from four or five to middle age….

    and so it carries on in the usual drill style. Kings College Hospital was deeply involved in the recent staged “terror” events in London on Westminster and London Bridge. I doubt anyone went to Kings College Hospital.


    Someone uploaded this 2012 video from Roubaix in France to twitter following the Grenfell fire [in which there is not one scintilla of evidence that anybody died, other than we are told so by the controllers….]

    How convenient that someone should be filming the whole event, as firemen potter around in the background as if nothing is happening. Not a soul moves no curtain twitches. Againk the block is empty one imagines although we are told,for the purposes of the drill, that one person “died”.


    More on Emma Louise O’Connor, [see post #849782]
    Turns out she and partner Luke Towner [not seen] allegedly sauntered out of flat 171 on the 20th floor and caught the lift down…. amazing. No need to knock anybody else up. Who else was in the lift? Were they even in the building that night?

    Now it’s time for the DVI police, looking for teeth and bone fragments… the 9/11 routine.

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