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    The Grenfell industry rolls on – job created October 2017
    Grenfell Performance Analyst
    Grade: Band 6
    Location: St. Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Exmoor Street,
    W10 6DZ
    In order to meet the needs of the Trust’s services you may be required from time to time to work outside your normal place of work. The Trust reserves the right to change your normal place of work to any other location within the Trust.
    Responsible To: Service Manager – Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service Accountable to: Grenfell Borough Director

    Job Purpose:
    The primary duty of this post is to provide comprehensive and high quality information to support the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, by the provision of management information and analysis

    Rememeber, the day of the fire…June 14 2017 from NHS Central and NW London

    Fire in North Kensington
    14 June 2017
    Our psychiatric and community teams are working with the Emergency Services and Council to support people affected by last night’s fire at the Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road.
    Parkside CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) – in the area of the fire – is now open for routine and walk-in appointments. You can call on 020 8383 6123.
    NHS therapy rooms for Grenfell victims unveiled
    Free service for victims of the fire
    15 December, 2017 — By Tom Foot
    The Curve centre has opened in Bard Road – a short walk from the tower near Latimer Road – and is run by Central North West London NHS Trust.

    The redesign, funded by Kensington and Chelsea council, features a set of semi- abstracted, water-themed pictures by the artist Christopher Corr.
    Organisers said the pictures were “predominantly blue to create a cooling and calming effect which was seen as particularly relevant in the Grenfell context”.
    “We are also working on a project which will bring some additional work by local children into the building, to add to the pictures we have hung” said Dr Nick Rhodes, who runs art projects across the trust.
    The Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service is a free NHS service for children and adults affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in June.

    Bereavement: comments from Dr Alastair Bailey

    Bereavement: comments from Dr Alastair Bailey
    Clinical Lead, Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service and Primary Care Mental Health Service
    11 December 2017
    Where feelings of grief are not subsiding after about six months, then specialist help might be needed – this might take the form of Counselling or other psychological therapies. This might take place in individual sessions or with groups / families
    The Grenfell Fire is an unusual event in that it has taken a long time to identify victims and funerals have not always taken place in accordance with tradition. These factors alone may prolong the duration of acute distress
    The Grenfell Fire has affected a diverse community with different ways of responding to loss. Services supporting the bereaved have needed to be sensitive to cultural and religious beliefs and practices….

    Grief is a natural process following the death of a loved one – key principles:
    this industry was set up to run in parallel with the event, an essential component of the psy- op, as is the “prolonged temporary accommodation” of those alleged to have been living in the tower in June.
    In total, 300 homes will have been bought by Christmas to ensure that when families were ready to move on ‘we will be ready for them’, Elizabeth Campbell said.

    Read more:
    December 11 2017

    129 flats in the tower…. 300 homes required. Hmmmmm No further news.
    Strange, since on June 21, it was reported that 68 flats in in this luxury block, Kensington Row, had been bought for alleged Grenfell reisdents by the City of London on June 21

    On August 21 2017 we read…
    The 68 homes are now complete.
    Since then, the media has lost interest in this sub plot.

    Grenfell Truths: survivors meet the luxury of Kensington Row

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    Happy New Year Felix – excellent thread.

    I just read this article from the Big Brother Corporation Upside down!

    Grenfell Tower fire paramedic caught speeding at 116mph

    He admitted breaking the 70mph (110km/h) speed limit but told Flintshire Magistrates’ Court at Mold that a driving ban would mean the end of his career of 22 years.

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    Navigating the msm maze of lies.



    Thanks for the link, which I hadn’t spotted, and encouragement, Prescient.
    This event continues to give and give. The use of heroes-turned-villains is a familiar theme used by the controllers to perpetuate the original hoax, witness the use of homeless role player Chris Parker in the Aria Grande Manchester bombing hoax
    No doubt many more stories are being written for the first anniversary of the fire in 5 months’ time.
    David Hickling, 46? He looks older

    “driving to a terrorism-related training course” suuuure.
    Some more details from the local press…

    He had been determined to remain on duty at the tower because of his great sense of responsibility towards his team and he did not want to let anyone down.“Notwithstanding everything, the dozens of dead bodies he had seen and people dying he wanted to continue because of his public duty,” Mr Williams said.
    He attended while the fire was raging and was involved in the difficult and demanding work of searching and recovering bodies.

    Yeah suuuure he had.

    Funny thing, he’s not called David or Dave, but Robbie Hickling.

    on far left in 2012 raising money for “Help for Heroes” [that’s not Dave/Robbie but military veterans]
    Robbie Hickling | Professional Profile – LinkedIn
    Southend on Sea, United Kingdom – ?Hazardous Area Response Team – Team Leader at London Ambulance Service – ?London Ambulance Service
    Robbie Hickling. Hazardous Area Response Team – Team Leader at London Ambulance Service. Location: Southend on Sea **

    ** which is very close to his address given in the Daily Post article above of
    David of

    Oakwood Close in South Benfleet, Essex, [who] was the clinical leader for the hazardous area emergency team at Grenfell

    Kensington and Chelsea council has allegedly bought 300 properties for the occupants, alleged, of 129 flats, but it’s all easily explained away by some teed-up soft ball questions in parliament on December 14 2017…
    The non-existent residents all would like to split up and have their own flats or houses….
    The 129 homes burnt out has mysteriously ballooned up to…

    151 homes were lost in the fire some of those homes were overcrowded and others had multi-generational households which now wish to divide, so 210 households that formerly lived in Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk need to be rehoused.

    Oh that’s all right then! Carry on dividing.

    The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea plans, by Christmas, to have acquired 300 homes, set against the 210 that are needed. It is acquiring two homes a day

    Grenfell tower consisted of 120 flats originally, of which 1/3 were one bedroom flats for one person or a couple at most, and 2/3 were two bedroom flats. A number of flats allegedly had all their occupants “die” in the fire with no need for sub-division or re-allocation. The majority of the alleged occupants simply melted away after the fire leaving a tiny coterie of vociferous, coached spokespeople who continue to pop up in the media whenever a quote is needed.

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