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    The Grenfell industry rolls on – job created October 2017
    Grenfell Performance Analyst
    Grade: Band 6
    Location: St. Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Exmoor Street,
    W10 6DZ
    In order to meet the needs of the Trust’s services you may be required from time to time to work outside your normal place of work. The Trust reserves the right to change your normal place of work to any other location within the Trust.
    Responsible To: Service Manager – Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service Accountable to: Grenfell Borough Director

    Job Purpose:
    The primary duty of this post is to provide comprehensive and high quality information to support the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, by the provision of management information and analysis

    Rememeber, the day of the fire…June 14 2017 from NHS Central and NW London

    Fire in North Kensington
    14 June 2017
    Our psychiatric and community teams are working with the Emergency Services and Council to support people affected by last night’s fire at the Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road.
    Parkside CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) – in the area of the fire – is now open for routine and walk-in appointments. You can call on 020 8383 6123.
    NHS therapy rooms for Grenfell victims unveiled
    Free service for victims of the fire
    15 December, 2017 — By Tom Foot
    The Curve centre has opened in Bard Road – a short walk from the tower near Latimer Road – and is run by Central North West London NHS Trust.

    The redesign, funded by Kensington and Chelsea council, features a set of semi- abstracted, water-themed pictures by the artist Christopher Corr.
    Organisers said the pictures were “predominantly blue to create a cooling and calming effect which was seen as particularly relevant in the Grenfell context”.
    “We are also working on a project which will bring some additional work by local children into the building, to add to the pictures we have hung” said Dr Nick Rhodes, who runs art projects across the trust.
    The Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service is a free NHS service for children and adults affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in June.

    Bereavement: comments from Dr Alastair Bailey

    Bereavement: comments from Dr Alastair Bailey
    Clinical Lead, Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service and Primary Care Mental Health Service
    11 December 2017
    Where feelings of grief are not subsiding after about six months, then specialist help might be needed – this might take the form of Counselling or other psychological therapies. This might take place in individual sessions or with groups / families
    The Grenfell Fire is an unusual event in that it has taken a long time to identify victims and funerals have not always taken place in accordance with tradition. These factors alone may prolong the duration of acute distress
    The Grenfell Fire has affected a diverse community with different ways of responding to loss. Services supporting the bereaved have needed to be sensitive to cultural and religious beliefs and practices….

    Grief is a natural process following the death of a loved one – key principles:
    this industry was set up to run in parallel with the event, an essential component of the psy- op, as is the “prolonged temporary accommodation” of those alleged to have been living in the tower in June.
    In total, 300 homes will have been bought by Christmas to ensure that when families were ready to move on ‘we will be ready for them’, Elizabeth Campbell said.

    Read more:
    December 11 2017

    129 flats in the tower…. 300 homes required. Hmmmmm No further news.
    Strange, since on June 21, it was reported that 68 flats in in this luxury block, Kensington Row, had been bought for alleged Grenfell reisdents by the City of London on June 21

    On August 21 2017 we read…
    The 68 homes are now complete.
    Since then, the media has lost interest in this sub plot.

    Grenfell Truths: survivors meet the luxury of Kensington Row

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    Happy New Year Felix – excellent thread.

    I just read this article from the Big Brother Corporation Upside down!

    Grenfell Tower fire paramedic caught speeding at 116mph

    He admitted breaking the 70mph (110km/h) speed limit but told Flintshire Magistrates’ Court at Mold that a driving ban would mean the end of his career of 22 years.

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    Navigating the msm maze of lies.



    Thanks for the link, which I hadn’t spotted, and encouragement, Prescient.
    This event continues to give and give. The use of heroes-turned-villains is a familiar theme used by the controllers to perpetuate the original hoax, witness the use of homeless role player Chris Parker in the Aria Grande Manchester bombing hoax
    No doubt many more stories are being written for the first anniversary of the fire in 5 months’ time.
    David Hickling, 46? He looks older

    “driving to a terrorism-related training course” suuuure.
    Some more details from the local press…

    He had been determined to remain on duty at the tower because of his great sense of responsibility towards his team and he did not want to let anyone down.“Notwithstanding everything, the dozens of dead bodies he had seen and people dying he wanted to continue because of his public duty,” Mr Williams said.
    He attended while the fire was raging and was involved in the difficult and demanding work of searching and recovering bodies.

    Yeah suuuure he had.

    Funny thing, he’s not called David or Dave, but Robbie Hickling.

    on far left in 2012 raising money for “Help for Heroes” [that’s not Dave/Robbie but military veterans]
    Robbie Hickling | Professional Profile – LinkedIn
    Southend on Sea, United Kingdom – ?Hazardous Area Response Team – Team Leader at London Ambulance Service – ?London Ambulance Service
    Robbie Hickling. Hazardous Area Response Team – Team Leader at London Ambulance Service. Location: Southend on Sea **

    ** which is very close to his address given in the Daily Post article above of
    David of

    Oakwood Close in South Benfleet, Essex, [who] was the clinical leader for the hazardous area emergency team at Grenfell

    Kensington and Chelsea council has allegedly bought 300 properties for the occupants, alleged, of 129 flats, but it’s all easily explained away by some teed-up soft ball questions in parliament on December 14 2017…
    The non-existent residents all would like to split up and have their own flats or houses….
    The 129 homes burnt out has mysteriously ballooned up to…

    151 homes were lost in the fire some of those homes were overcrowded and others had multi-generational households which now wish to divide, so 210 households that formerly lived in Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk need to be rehoused.

    Oh that’s all right then! Carry on dividing.

    The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea plans, by Christmas, to have acquired 300 homes, set against the 210 that are needed. It is acquiring two homes a day

    Grenfell tower consisted of 120 flats originally, of which 1/3 were one bedroom flats for one person or a couple at most, and 2/3 were two bedroom flats. A number of flats allegedly had all their occupants “die” in the fire with no need for sub-division or re-allocation. The majority of the alleged occupants simply melted away after the fire leaving a tiny coterie of vociferous, coached spokespeople who continue to pop up in the media whenever a quote is needed.

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    This was a test case – this means that many people will have to pay for this new cladding – in this case increasing the service charge of the flat from by 300%… so this bankrupts or forces people to sell the flats at a vastly reduced rate (as no-one will buy). Repeat and literally rinse around every cladded tower block in the country.

    So Grenfell will create an enormous financial cleansing UK wide and the property management companies externalise all there costs, including other restructuring costs needed for the new cladding.

    This is huge amounts of money – and, as always, is going to make very rich people richer.

    Navigating the msm maze of lies.



    This was a test case – this means that many people will have to pay for this new cladding – in this case increasing the service charge of the flat from by 300%… so this bankrupts or forces people to sell the flats at a vastly reduced rate (as no-one will buy). Repeat and literally rinse around every cladded tower block in the country.

    So Grenfell will create an enormous financial cleansing UK wide and the property management companies externalise all there costs, including other restructuring costs needed for the new cladding.

    This is huge amounts of money – and, as always, is going to make very rich people richer.

    Thanks, Prescient, further confirmation that this was the most important fake death hoax of recent years in the UK. The video in the link pointed to other fires which almost certainly had no deaths – Bradford FC [covered here at Fakeologist in the football thread] Kings Cross as well as Lakanal House [2009] and one which I need to look into more deeply, the 1980 Denmark Place fire

    It is thought more than 150 people were inside 18 Denmark Place, which was home to two unlicensed bars – The Spanish Rooms and the Rodo’s – when 42-year-old John Thompson, of Hackney, deliberately poured petrol through the letterbox(opens in a new window) and set fire to the three-storey building.

    As you walked up the stairs, you went into one of the rooms and it was as if the bodies were dominoes that had been pushed over.
    “It was like they had been frozen in the same position they were in before the fire started,” said Alan [Freeman, fire brigade photographer….]
    John Thompson was jailed for life in May 1981(opens in a new window) for the murder of one of the 37 people. He died on the anniversary of the tragedy, in 2008, of lung cancer.

    One to look at more closely.
    Yet, as we saw with the Colney Hatch fire [1903, 52 female “victims” in a lunatic asylum], the victims, illegal immigrants for the most part, were from an under-appreciated sector of society. Many of the survivors, including the injured, walked away from the scene, not wanting to attract the attention of the authorities. The tragedy was soon forgotten by most people. As far as we know, it is not commemorated by any memorial.

    It’s a safe bet that one will be along fairly soon….

    Who were the “victims”? Easily managed, “mainly
    Spaniards and Latin Americans”
    AGUIRE Sylvia
    BARRIOS Alvaro
    BOUGH Pamela
    BULATI Beiddredin
    CAMPBELL Archibald
    CARROLL Leonard
    COWARD Diana
    DCEDARAN Clancy
    DICK Maria
    DOLAN Peter Alan
    FIORILO Paul
    FRANCO Jose
    GOREY Carol
    GUMIEL Maria
    GUMIEL Theresa
    HENAGHAN Denise
    ISHERWOOD Christina
    LONDONO Luz Mary
    McDERMOT Avril
    McILVANEY Diana
    MUNOZ Gloria
    MURRAY Anita
    NAVARO Antonio
    NORTON Bridget
    PUTAHU Segg
    RAMSEY William
    REID Alexander
    SAGASTA-JULDAIN Juan Antonio
    SMITH Edgar
    SOTO Carlos Alberto
    STIRTON Robert
    TAYLOR-HARDING Eustace Ralph
    VARGAS Alejandro
    VARGAS Hernan
    YULE Frederick

    [to be updated and continued elsewhere]

    Back to Grenfell…
    Two firefighters have been wheeled out to shore up the official story, half of whose lives are spent on drills [probably more, with arson drills going live….]

    but they won’t talk about “specifics”, the “stay put” policy. 124 firefighters “received independent counselling directly related to Grenfell”, so we’re told. It can’t be because they saw any bodies, and since, as we were told in the video, it was like any other fire, just with more flights of stairs, there must be some other reason for the “counselling”.

    And as expected, further “hard luck” stories are crafted to prolong the “victimhood”
    Money promised to Grenfell Tower survivors by Kensington council to help cover Christmas costs did not arrive in time for 18 households.
    “This was our error
    and we are sorry for this and have taken steps to deal with the households we are aware of,” said Kim Taylor-Smith, the deputy leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).
    suuure it was.
    About 100 households that survived the Grenfell Tower fire spent Christmas Day in hotels.
    Mark Simms, director of the Rugby Portobello Trust, which has been distributing grants to the local community, said survivors had been deceived by promises to rehouse them quickly.
    “We knew finding 300 properties in Kensington and Chelsea was never going to be three weeks, it was never going to be three months,” he said

    but see below….the leader of the council said they would have 300 by Christmas.

    From the Evening Standard, October 12 2017
    Kensington and Chelsea town hall today announced a further £155 million will be spent on housing so all Grenfell Tower survivors will have the option of a permanent home by Christmas.
    The council aims to have at least 300 homes available by the end of the year. They include 68 flats in the luxury Kensington Row scheme, where flats are advertised at prices starting from £1.6million.

    Tens of millions of pounds are being diverted from other budgets to increase the number of social homes significantly after the Grenfell disaster in which around 80 people died.

    Here’s the official response to the planted question about why 138 households need 300 houses….from about 2mins

    it’s all BS. “granny to have her own space”
    Listen carefully to Elizabeth Campbell, Kensington and Chelsea laughing and smiling actor/leader of the council – from 3.25
    “What we have done,is we’ve been buying flats and houses at a rate of two a day, about two a day. By Christmas we will have 300 and then we’ll stop…a choice for people to take…”

    So they did buy 300, allegedly?
    Again, it’s psy-op BS. There is no evidence anybody died.



    Ms ADRIANA ZYMBERAJ, an Albanian or Kosovan name, at 106, is listed elsewhere in Grenfell Road in a low rise address on as well as on the above list for W11 !TG.

    Adriana Zymberaj broke cover in late November 2017
    The article says she’s been sending her two children [she’s from Kosovo] to the local school
    The link
    shows her living in the former house in Grenfell, 2003-2013 of a Barbadian woman and her daughter who moved out to one of the Walks [Upper Camelford according to]

    Zymberaj then, allegedly, moves into a one-bedroom flat in Grenfell tower, bang next to the Alves family [2-bed flat, two parents, one teenage daughter, one university age son….. hmmmm]
    Here’s Mrs Fatima Alves commenting on a sudden burst of facebook activity by Zymberaj after her Guardian interview
    Fatima Alves Lovely family! Happy new year to you all.

    Lovely family? Strange thing to say to your alleged former next door neighbour. And were they all 4 living in the one-bed flat, number 106?

    That’s curly headed Alt, recognisable from the Guardian photo.
    Adriana Zymberaj, whose family escaped from their 13th floor flat, says her son, Alt Haxhisefa, aged 10 and at Thomas Jones, cried a lot at first, in the evenings in the Premier Inn at Earl’s Court, “about losing his home, about his toys, about his bed. He was asking ‘Why us? Why did this happen to us?’ I didn’t know what answer to give him.”
    Zymberaj, who manages a local deli, says art and play therapy sessions at school have calmed him down, while Alt says if anything positive can be salvaged from the wreckage for him personally, it’s that “I think if I survived that, I can survive anything”.
    Zymberaj, who arrived in Britain as a refugee from Kosovo, was devastated to lose all her possessions for the second time in her life, and deeply appreciative of Lindsay Johnson’s search through school files for some photos of her two boys.

    “I knew Thomas Jones was good for education – that’s why I kept my sons in this school for 15 years,” she says. “But I never knew it would be good for all these other things. How can the school be so good when the council can’t handle it?”

    Angela Francis-Murray is feeling shattered.
    17 June 2017 · London · 01.38
    In 1981 I moved into Grenfell Tower , I have 5 Children my third child was born in Grenfell Tower. This was our home for 23 Years , Tuesday night I stood watching my first home go up in flames,
    I also watched a number of people lose their lives…..

    One bed flat, #106?



    Sabah Abdullah lost his wife Khadija Khalloufi in the Grenfell Tower fire.
    Khadija’s body is being flown back to Morocco for burial, but Mr Abdullah was told he would not be able to travel with her because his passport and identification were lost in the blaze.
    After the BBC contacted the Home Office, he received his passport in time to fly on Tuesday.

    The Khadija Khallouf “death” continues to give, milking the victimhood of “widowed” husband Sabah Abdulla and how her family
    She’s obviously also back in Morocco with husband.
    February 12 2018
    Moroccan national Karim Khalloufi, whose sister Khadija died in June’s tragedy, said his mother and other sister have been waiting since December to hear back from the Home Office after applying for visitor visas.
    Heartless old Home Office, prolonging the hoax..since they’re core participants [heaven knows why] at the sham inquests.
    Moroccan national Karim Khalloufi, whose sister Khadija died in June’s tragedy, said his mother and other sister have been waiting since December to hear back from the Home Office after applying for visitor visas…. Khalloufi said his mother, Zohra Rabbae, had been unable to come to terms with his sister’s death. He believes attending the inquiry will be fundamental in helping her accept what happened to her eldest daughter.

    How did the couple get separated [allegedly] in the fire?
    Khadija Khalloufi, 52, died from smoke inhalation after escaping from the 17th floor of the burning building in north Kensington on 14 June. Her husband of 25 years, Sabah Abdullah, survived.

    But let’s go back to June 17 2017

    Mr Abdullah does not understand how his wife died if she managed to get ouside.
    It is possible that she died of smoke inhalation according to the newspaper, but this has not been confirmed by police.
    He said escaping from the building was like ‘a stampede’ and he believes he became separated from his wife around the 15th floor.
    But due to the chaos around him, Mr Abdullah kept going, believing his wife was also making her own way out of the building.

    suuuure, very selfish behaviour if true, which it isn’t…

    But today he was told by police that Khadija Khalloufi, 52, had been found dead on the grass outside the burning building very close to where he was waiting for her.
    Mr Abdullah initially believed his wife had survived the blaze and he waited for her until 6am on Wednesday.

    [50 feet away] It’s beyond ridiculous.



    One bed flat, #106?

    correction – 106 is a two-bedroom flat, it’s 101/104 and all flats with those last digits which are the one-bed flats.
    However, we can be sure Helen Gebremeskel and her daughter Lulia aka Lulya lived in a one bed flat, #191….until Mr A. Arab left and they moved down to flat 186, a two bedroom flat
    This pair have been coached and taken over the jumps yet again with their phoney baloney story of escaping from the 21st floor when all around were allegedly getting cooked to a crisp?
    It’s hard to knbow if Sarah Louise Ramsay is in the loop
    How would she suspect that Gebremeskel was in hospital? It’s obvious that the mysterious Sana Bashi is gatekeeping
    LikeShow More Reactions · 34w

    Sana Bashi Rest assured, I can confirm Helen is ok as she managed to escape. My best friend’s family members were her neighbours on floor above but still missing. I saw my friend yesterday and she is in touch with Helen and had spoken to her. She told me Helen is fine but Lulya is still in hospital recovering.
    Some replies there have been deleted, for some reason.

    Here’s the recent transcript of the latest video

    residents of #186 allegedly on the night of the fire….Helen Gebremeskel dog simba, Lulia Gebremeskel

    home for 20 years [so who was in flat 191? Empty?]


    Lulya “in the beginning everyone was calm and everything but in the end everyone was crying we was [sic] holding the dog, we knew something was going to happen”

    “How many times were you told to stay inside your flat?

    Helen “So many times, so many times, so many times, that’s why we stayed in”

    “When the fire reached their neighbour’s window they all decided to escape

    “We stayed in the bath until about three-something and it was really really hard, it was er, very hard [deep coached breath] the fire was attacking us that’s when we managed to get to escape.

    “Walking down the stairs, how much could you see?

    “Nothing, you can’t see nothing [sic] We went downstairs and we were stepping on dead, dead people’s body [sic] it was very hard”

    Lulya: “It was pitch black, you couldn’t breathe, it was like you were holding your breath but you’re still breathing at the same time. You could feel the heat on your face, you’re sweating. [cut] At some point I tripped on some erm, an old man erm and I fell on top of him and I was still carrying my dog [didn’t drop it then, good doggie] and he was telling me to get off of [sic] him so erm I was telling him I was sorry, I was sorry erm so I carried on rolling down the stairs with my dog on my hand and I could hear him crying” [cut]

    Helen “So much smoke, you can’t breathe, you can’t see nothing [sic] so we just, all of us just running to save ourselves”

    “Helen was the first out, she’d led the way, she often took the stairs, but Lulya was still inside the burning tower

    Helen ” Unfortunately my daughter, she pulled down on the 10th floor, which I didn’t even know that she she was on the 10th floor, I didn’t know. because you can’t see nothing [sic] and you can’t call[?] down and you just have to keep on going”

    “Lulya was eventually rescued by firefighters but her mother didn’t know. “Did you know she was safe?”

    “No, I didn’t know anything. Whether she was alive, dead, I don’t I didn’t know anything.

    “Sixteen hours later after frantic searches of hospitals, Helen found her daughter.” “And she was in hospital being treated for smoke inhalation and [pause] cyanide poisoning?


    “Seven months on, home is a hotel [that’s strange, she was being shown into a posh modern flat which the council had just acquire in the previous video interview…] and Helen remains worried about her daughter’s health.

    “My daughter used to be very healthy [she still looks it] you know she never had problems, never and since the fire she has this, the breathing problem. ”

    “I used to love doing sports I did swimming, running, football, i did all that type of stuff [smiles] and now it’s like I carry an asthma pump around wherever I go

    “Their life now confined to a single hotel room with just a photo to remember Simba [aaaaahh] who died in the tower. [eh, I thought the daugher was carrying him] “Has life moved on since the day of the fire?”

    “No, no.

    “How important is it that you and your daughter move out of an hotel?”

    “I just can’t wait to get out, I just want to get out from the hotel, we feel trapped.”

    “Helen has been offered a permanent home by the council but she’s not moving in because there’s a dispute about the right to buy. [ah, nicely conjured up problem]
    “In the simplest terms, you just want to move into a home with the same conditions you had at Grenfell [that’s having a right to buy for 20 years but not exercising even though it was much cheaper….] before the fire.

    “yes absolutely, yes, every time you speak to them it’s they would say something and then the other time they would say to you different things so you don’t know where you’re standing. [big smile] And they’re not communicating with us very well. I am very disappointed, very disappointed.

    But while lawyers argue about that issue, Helen just wants to leave the hotel and move into a temporary home”

    “for seven months, no-one has contacted me, no-one has even offered me, if i needed, like, temporary accommodation and erm I didn’t get nothing [sic] none of that [cut] they’re not there to help us. tjhey’re not [sniff]

    “in her hotel room, Helen keeps a vigil [burning candle….careful now, we don’t want the hotel to catch fire] to the friends who didn’t get out alive

    “We lost all our friends you know, friends I call them family, my daughter, she always go to them and play with them she doesn’t have none of that ”

    “How much do you miss the friends you lost?”

    “[inadible”, [cue fake grief]

    Lulya [happily] “How can you not miss them? It’s like the life is taken from you at the click of your fingers. [cue to shot of fluffy teddy bear]

    “Without a home do you feel you can move on and grieve properly?”

    “No [glances at camera] I need to settle down like feel home, feel like I’m at home again. If I can’t then…

    “How important is any type of home, just to be out of the hotel?

    “Just to have a home is the most important thing anyone can have [gulp, cut]”

    Cut to Emma Dent Coad, MP – “I’m Completely bemused when the council say they have acquired 300 [homes]….when they [former Grenfell residents] bid for them there are only 3 or 4 available

    She’s asking questions every day [allegedly]
    Let’s see the exchanges then, Emma..

    The response from the council is…

    the right to buy clause is the alleged sticking point [see above]

    This is just another 9/11 style staircase story.

    Here’s another perceived “victim” the same ITV reporter has dug up, Winston Dowarris, 69 and he just happens to be a backtop for one of the pensioner “deaths” in the tower, that of Tony Disson, chatting to him “Stuck” on the 10th floor…”the door handles were burning his hands” all of a sudden his voice went so “we” knew he’d gone” Yes, gone to warmer climes.

    Check the plaster on his head surely that’s unrelated to skin cancer?….he allegedly suffered a heart attack on returning to the estate. Suuuure.

    The Guardian also is pointed in the direction of Winston
    Winston Dowarris, 69, was woken on the night of the fire by bits of cladding and other debris blowing into his bedroom through an open window. His bedsit on Hurstway Walk is opposite Grenfell Tower and he witnessed people trapped inside their flats as the blaze swept the building. As the fire took hold, he spoke on the phone to a childhood friend who later died in the fire.
    Dowarris, who has skin cancer, is too traumatised by what he witnessed on the night of the fire to continue living there. While visiting the flat to collect his post Dowarris collapsed in pain.

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    The suspicious role of Eden Care muslim burial service. Even empty casket funerals have overheads and need careful planning

    Eden Care UK is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust, charity registration number -1161219. Over 95% of our work is UK based.
    Based in Forest Gate London E7

    London Grenfell Tower Fire

    Eden Care/ Muslim Burial Fund is co-ordinating burials for Grenfell fire victims as part of the Muslim Unified fire response. All Muslim charities are working together. We will offer FULL Muslim burial for the victims of the Tower Fire FREE of charge. Families who can afford to pay for burial will be asked to pay after assessment.

    Our Funeral & burial partners are:
    Eternal Gardens
    Balham funeral service
    Compassionate funeral service
    Taslim Funeral service

    From the Guardian Sept 28 2017, reporting the “burial” of five people from the 23rd, top floor…
    Hundreds of people have gathered in the al-Manaar mosque in west London to say funeral prayers for three women and two children who died in the Grenfell Tower fire.

    The Grenfell Muslim response unit has estimated that a majority – perhaps 80% – of those living in Grenfell Tower were Muslim. The organisation has worked with , a specialist Muslim end-of-life and burial service, to organise funerals for Grenfell victims – including non-Muslims – without charge.

    Unlikely, especially when we look at the 2013 occupancy lists.

    Hmmmm the JustGiving [GoFundMe style] £5711 received wouldn’t go very far
    The very first media “funmeral” for Syrian Mohammed Alhajali occurred very quickly on June 21 in Whitechapel, the operating area for Eden Care, …
    [The family, whom the Mayor of London “met privately beforehand….] also thanked volunteers for their kindness and charities, especially Eden Care.

    As reported in the Guardian July 2 2017
    The Grenfell Muslim response unit has been working with Eden Care, a specialist Muslim end-of-life and burial service. The two organisations have offered to organise funerals for Grenfell victims – including non-Muslims – without charge.

    Abu Mumin of Eden Care said the organisation had laid on six funerals of people who died in the fire, as well as offering counselling, transport and accommodation for relatives. He expected to be organising more funerals in the coming weeks as bodies were released by the coroner and remains were recovered.

    Here;s Abu Mumin “extensive free burial planning” hmmmmm

    Eden Care has one high profile named “victim” from the tower, Khadija Saye on its website

    Khadija Saye – Grenfell Tower

    Born in London, she lived with her Gambian mother. Khadija lived on the 20th floor Grenfell Tower and was found in a hallway of the 9th floor and had died from inhalation of smoke and burns. She was identified by her fingerprints.

    Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon – We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

    Janazah and Burial announcement – Khadija Saye

    Date of burial: Wednesday 28th June 2017
    Time: 1:00pm

    Funeral Prayer:
    East London Mosque

    Time: 3:30pm

    The Al-Hajali media funeral was reported in the Metro, inter alia

    The hearse registration suggests the use of Taslim Funeral service for this staged event

    A mnore recent Eden Care hangout is here
    Grenfell Tower Voices from the Ground

    where Ahad Miah thge ‘burial lead’ is sent in to attest to the presence of ‘bodies’ along with Koly Begum alongside him, who looks very uneasy as he gives his account
    “I met the parents of Mohammad Alhajali and I personally washed, er, the young man’s body getting him ready for his burial/… and then putting the shrouds on before the Janazah prayer and at the burial. Erm I cannot really describe to your viewers how horrific the state his body was in erm even today I was asked by his father earlier on and he wanted to know, as strong a man as I am I couldn’t let, say this to him and I explained to his other siblings,to explain to the gentleman to remember his son as a beautiful handsome young man, erm it’s not right…”
    Hmmmmm Did he really wash any dead bodies from Grenfell?
    Also appearing in the video were
    Lotifa Begum of the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit, Abdurrahman Sayed, CEO of Al Mansar Mosque and Muslim cultural centre, Amina Rafiq of “Here is the Help” which suddenly popped up at the time of the fire
    Jon Meech of ‘Hands on London”
    Raza Mir of Zoo Cars LTd
    Omar Salha of Ramadan Tent Project, who seems to be conflating the event with the fake rise of the far right [Jo Cox staged event] and describes the Grenfell tower staged fire as ‘the biggest human catastrophe in London since the second world war”

    And now we have a familiar 9/11 story [since this is the UK 9/11 on a smaller scale] – the finding of a ‘bone fragment’ requiring a further funeral
    Feb 1 2018
    The police have apologised after a Grenfell victim’s bone fragment was found in a tumble dryer six months after the tragedy.

    The family of Mohamed Amied Neda held a second funeral after the discovery was made a few weeks ago, when police sent his clothes to be cleaned and found “one piece of his bone”.

    Mr Neda, 57, jumped from the tower block and died as a result of multiple injuries consistent with a fall.
    His wife Flora has spoken of her anger at the police and said the reburial was harder than the first funeral.

    The Metropolitan police said they had apologised to the family for the “distress that this has caused” and said Grenfell was “one of the most complex investigations” ever undertaken by the force.

    “Mr Neda’s clothing was sent to an external company for professional cleaning of each item prior to their return to his family,” a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said.

    “Each person’s items are cleaned within an isolated environment so no cross-contamination can occur. It was during this process that a small fragment of bone was discovered. Applying the same rigorous identification regime used throughout this operation the fragment was confirmed as originating from Mr Neda.”

    She added: “At no stage during the postmortem was it identified that there was a possibility any part of his body was missing.”
    Mrs Neda and her son Farhad were the only residents to make it out of the 23rd floor at the top of Grenfell tower.
    She said she was comforted that her husband spent his final moments trying to help their neighbours. “I’m proud of him, he helped people and he died because he wanted to help more people.”

    Suuuuure Anything to keep the huge hoax alive. Who’s scriptinig this nonsense?



    Hoax management – additional scripts. We’ve already had one Vietnamese fake fraudster to prop up the official narrative. Now along comes another “fraudster” Joyce Msokeri, 47 from Zimbabwe, whose role in the management narrative is too silly and unbelievable for words. She’s probably another one who’s either won a get-out-of-jail card or permanent residency in the UK for her role in this psy-op.
    spun a web of lies and spent weeks posing as a survivor of the inferno so she could scoop up around £10,000-worth of clothes, electrical goods, food, and cash gifts.

    The fraudster took so many handouts that her hotel room – given to her for free after she pretended to have lost her home – was “full to bursting” and she had to store suitcases of freebies with the concierge.

    Charities, well-wishers, and Kensington and Chelsea council were all duped by Msokeri, who claimed her husband had been lost in the fire when he heroically dashed to try to help a neighbour’s children.
    However, her story began to unravel when she claimed to live in a flat that did not exist…Suspicions began to emerge when Msokeri claimed to live in flat 583, despite there only being 207 homes in the tower.


    Er, actually there were 120 flats original flats plus 9 subsequently incorporated beneath them, total 129, the highest flat number being 206, one of six on the 23rd floor [ex 20th floor]

    Msokeri was given a paid-for two bedroom room at the Hilton in Holland Park, use of a driver, and the pick of clothes, food and electronic goods which had been donated as part of the relief effort. She also received around £5000 in cash handouts.
    Over the course of a few weeks, Msokeri helped herself to ten suitcases worth of possessions, feeding her desires for designer clothes and the latest laptops and phones.
    She even sacked a key worker assigned to help when she refused to help secure Msokeri a fourth mobile phone.

    Suuure she did. Cue outrage from the idiots who believe this truck load of nonsense from the hoax managers. But more importantly, the lawyers at Southwark Crown court got a good drink out of the fake story.

    The story broke on September 5 2017, prior to which there was no mention of the woman anywhere.
    Her 2004 address looks like some kind of hostel
    A marriage seems to have been contracted to a Ghanaian, Bright Y Ampomah in Sutton in 2004, but who seems to be the wandering kind – I guess some marriage of convenience.

    Joyce, try to look fraudulent for the camera! [the only picture you’ll see]

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