1. fake11.com/bitchute
  2. Homeless People living in Venice Beach Bathrooms – YouTube
  3. Germany’s far-right AfD is soaring. Can a ban stop it? – POLITICO
  4. 1983 Ernst Zundel – The Art of Photo Retouching
  5. Ernst Zundel last interview with Jim Fetzer 2012
  6. Adrien Arcand – Wikipedia
  7. My personal theory about the Holocaust (not a final conclusion).After having spent some time digging into the character of Ernst Zündel and Holocaust revisionism paired with my understanding of the fake world that is shown to us, I tend to believe door number 3 to be the most accurate version of what is hidden behind this event.
    Here is my thesis. We agree we are not being told the truth, the official version (door number 1) presented in history books and the mainstream media. People who see through the fallacies and apply logic and reason (to door number 1) are then presented an alternative version (door number 2). Door number 2 is heavily guarded by the controlled opposition. Yes, they can admit it was fake and a hoax. But be careful, don’t talk about it. The system will get you, destroy your life, imprison and bankrupt you. You’ve heard of that fella Ernst Zündel, have you? He is a “nutcase”, a Nazi, a right winger, a person you don’t want to be associated with. The last part is what most normies would probably tell you.
    Door #1 and Door#2 are both business models. The first one is there to milk the public for money. Create sympathy for the Jews and create an enemy, in this case the evil Nazi German. this also serves as a template for future fake villains and other fake war atrocity stories.
    Door#2 is also dangerous. It relaxes the critical thinking skills of the researchers and has most of them trapped. They think they have figured it out and there is nothing left to be discovered. They think the camps were used to intern enemies, but the inmates were not gassed. Basically, almost nobody died. At least not on a large scale, but war crimes still happened occasionally.
    This leads us to door #3. What if these camps were just movie sets used to create propaganda? If wars are big movie productions to fool the masses into handing over their wealth and are (as seen by evidence) faked for a big part, then why shouldn’t it be plausible that these camps were nothing more then movie sets turned to museums like Disneyland?
    We have heard of people being in camps and there most likely were improvised camps for enemy soldiers. But those real camps look nothing like Auschwitz or the other big camps. The real camps were probably cordoned off areas with barbwire fence on big fields with no housing and toilets. That’s were German prisoners most likely ended up in. There are no remains of these camps. Official history doesn’t even recognize them.
    So door number 3 gives you a broader perspective about history and how this world works. You are watching a movie and when you want to go to the movie set, you have to pay again. Just like visiting universal studios and going backstage. Say hi to one of the hoax actors, get your picture taken and a signed autograph. When you return home you can tell your family and friends how real and nice your experience was, not knowing that you’ve just become part of the lie.

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5 months ago

I like your door analogy. I agree with you with Door 1 Germany is bad, Hitler is evil, the West is Good, it wanted to save the Europeans, the real bad event is the holocaust where 6 million Jews were killed. At door 2 is the opposite (but the same set-up in the dialectical process) The allies are bad, Hitler wanted to do good for his Volk, he just wanted to do it for the people, the real bad event is Dresden where 100.000s of innocent Germans were killed. For long I was sitting behind door 1, then door 2… Read more »

5 months ago

Reposting this after the outage: So far, just 40 mins in, this is a great call. 01 is a great talker. What prompted me to call is this quote from Ab at ~40 mins Maybe there is a white force out there that does want these things to be revealed to all of us. They really want the apocalypse where we do discover all this and we can free ourselves. This is the hope isn’t it? That everyone is freed as we finally get the good information. This is also the reason why it will never happen – and I… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by YouCanCallMeAl
5 months ago
Reply to  realalex

Great post. I have been thinking on this recently. I listened to a great speech by Bishop Fulton Sheen on activism. So, let us have activists, but let them be men of intense prayer and concerned with the salvation of individual souls. The only reality there is in the world is a soul. The reality is not an entity except in the mind. Society is made up of persons. When we begin dealing with a person, then we are really beginning to work with the poor. He outlines the individual. When people are representing groups they just talk, and force… Read more »

5 months ago

Thank you – there’s lots I agree with here – but I mainly disagree – sorry. When you say God, I think you mean “Christianity”, Jesus and the Bible as you mention the Christian authority: Bishop Fulton Sheen. Feel free to correct me. To me, religious info is just another means of collectivising – anything that act as an intermediary does this, even religion. If the intermediary determines your value system, what is “good” or “bad” for you, you have adopted a metric that is not your own. You may do something that your heart/soul says is wrong, because your… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  realalex

I actually totally agree with you. Only we disagree on faith. I see it’s very different from the rules of modern society. The sandwich is a bad example. You are right, we don’t know, it depends on the moment, the situation, and then we feel what is right. This is not to be set in stone. “always give a beggar your sandwich” Faith helps me to distinct, to develop wisdom of feelings, to combine the rational and the instinctive, the sensitive. To me the priesthood is very different from doctors and teachers. The idea that “we” can judge things to… Read more »

5 months ago

Thank you for clarifying, and great to hear that you follow my reasoning, which I think is actually obvious and self-evident. It’s a case of a/recognising who one is, and b/ not applying stories to one’s life.