Alex Jones was retiring anyway

Miles Mathis says Alex was ready to retire anyway – this is just a convenient exit script. Link

Remember, Alex Jones plays a conspiracy researcher, and his role is to speak truth while acting completely insane. This discredits any real researcher for even looking at the material.

And in other news, Alex Jones is claiming he will now sell Infowars and use the proceeds to pay Sandy
Hook parents for . . . whatever it was he was faux-convicted of in that dummy court. You do realize
this makes no sense, right? In a real judgment, Jones would not have been allowed to just blow this off
for a year or more. After the judgment, assets would be seized immediately, not whenever it was
convenient to Jones. Nor would they wait around for Jones to sell. They would seize the asset and sell
it themselves. Either way, without Jones, Infowars is pretty much worthless. Jones IS Infowars. It
would be like The Joy of Painting without Bob Ross. A worthless asset.
Jones has already admitted he was nearing retirement anyway, so this story was just manufactured
around that. I don’t know what will happen with Infowars: I guess Shroyer and those guys will try to
keep it going. But I am sure the Sandy Hook parents won’t get a penny, since there are no Sandy Hook
parents. The whole thing exists on the level of Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh. I am just surprised
Jones hasn’t set up a GoFundMe page, claiming donations of 1.7 trillion, or whatever the final joke
number was. That way he could just pretend to pay the judgment and go on as before. He wouldn’t
have to retire. I probably shouldn’t have suggested that, because—knowing Langley—they may do it.
If they can make up the upside, they can make up the downside, as we are seeing with the Trump trial.

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