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6 months ago

The biggest “suss” on this is its promotion by shill “captains” like Sargeant, Weiss, Staveley, Oakley etc.

6 months ago

I’m sorry to see this nonsense about Judy Resnik – emerging from the NASA studios and continuing her Yale law lecturership – popping up again here. I researched it years ago on the old forum after this DBI operation was aired at Cluesforum, home of the “vicsim report” lol!

Some good discussion recently on Twitter.

It’s always nice to imagine scenarios on the basis of wishful thinking rather than conducting actual research.

Dave j
Dave j
6 months ago

Phil’s just recycling other people’s work all of this has been out for years and years and years

6 months ago

I suspect these people being outed was likely done by the evil doers that put on the space shuttle psyop. It seems very unlikely any citizen would have been able to locate these people in the different professions. I have to wonder why the perps outed these actor agents? Maybe it’s being arrogant showing that even with strong evidence the mind-controlled masses won’t even look if shown, and if they did probably would not care. Or is it directed at truth seekers to rub our noses in it. All of these actornauts are despicable human beings for going along with… Read more »

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6 months ago
Reply to  Gabriel

the term national defence covers all the lies from the apollo program to 911 , if were talking more damage by ignoring the facts ,we have hours days weeks of audios made after i solved 911 and thats not national defence is it thats just shitbag masons , american space program is straight out the minds of wizards a gruesome electrical flash fire ,killed grissom white and chaffe igniting pure cOz GRUESOME Definition & Usage Examples Dictionary.com https://www.dictionary.com › browse › gruesome causing great horror; horribly repugnant; grisly: the site of a gruesome murder. full of or causing problems; distressing: a gruesome day at the… Read more »

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