Update 5/1/23: Is it over May 11. WH says it is.

Update 4/30/23: Maybe I should have read this first:

Update 4/29/23: CDC extends its mindless mandates, now it’s up to DHS. No mention of land crossings from Canada.

Petition to remove travel ban.

  • 4-29-23: 203k
  • 4-27-23: 199.1k
  • 4-25-23 1145h: 163k
  • 1250h: 110k
  • 1108h: 94k
  • 0940h: 80k
  • Update 0800h 4/24/23: 54k views

This little tok is getting some views.

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dave j
dave j
1 year ago

good work Tim.