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1 year ago

I think there’s something to ‘us’ all being programmed / npcs.

Statue of Liberty was always greenish bluish to me, including when I saw it in person several times, but in my entire life had never heard of it Black Tom bombed… until recently.

*can someone timestamp (if) when CCK talks about family not being ‘real’? or was this simply part of the synthetic / reintroduction process

**if there were an ad free version? i’d pay : )

1 year ago

In no particular order, these memes popped into my psyche as I listened: Markus Allen, Tony Greenburg, voice morphing, Saturday Night Live, Gnosticism and Kabala

1 year ago

let he who is without sin ,be cryptic as fuck in the comments.

come on buddy elaborate on them code words ,the one person who use of the english language is perfect, has resorted to using trigger words ,the not knowing what the words mean triggers me

Dealey Plaza Satellite Map.jpg
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1 year ago

great observations from aeon in the first hour , and the rest of the lads

but especially aeon

1 year ago
Reply to  napoleon

The whole thing is interesting. All very conspiracy and Mandela Effect stuff from mysterious awareness – I’m not in agreement that things have actually changed like he says – but he has some unusual perspectives – eg the idea that our own history is provided, and that our own families are not what we think. I’m not in agreement, and have my own opinions – but these are different ideas. I can’t help wondering, maybe this is the direction WT and Ab want to go into more. More conspiracy stuff, more krazy stories, and a bit less fakery related chitchat.… Read more »

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1 year ago
Reply to  realalex

that’s the beauty of the livestream ,you never know what you will hear .

mysterious awareness’s observations theory sounds like one of phillip k dick novels,or invasion of the bodysnatchers

which ever fanciful whimsical way the audio goes ,it will never be as strange as reality

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