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10 months ago

iv’e ransacked all them masonic temples ,made earings out philosphers stones ,smashed them emerald tabletsand made order out of chaos ,done all them things,even made pavlovs dog bite shrodingers cat lets pop opEc through the ozma v.i.t.r.i.o.l. psi-pher shall we opEc The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization enabling the co-operation of leading oil-producing countries in order to collectively influence the global oil market and maximize profit. beep boop beep beep opEc now becomes …….. a fucking tin man!! with reversed opEc for a name “I am C-3PO, human–cyborg relations.” ?C-3PO. human–cyborg relations.close to opec’s description ,and he ends up… Read more »

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10 months ago

lets give you girls something easy to understand ,i know my ideas will never be discussed by cgi fucks or judy wood fans and 911 toys are still the final nail in the duplicitous houseclowns coffin but i do like to show off,and you can’t back or debunk me cos it retires all your truthers you thought were legit hahaahah so with the understanding that the v.i.t.r.i.o.l. in the chamber of reflection spawned the childs book wizard of oz (ruby rosicrucians) introduced this degree round about the same time they took over your country ,and 100 years later the theosophical… Read more »

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10 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

now i understand that truthers with masonic members won’t like this ,and their masonic benefactors pay them to talk about other bullshit,also the judy wood wand posse clues forum police and hoaxbusters massive that inhabit these lands ,oh and the chaps that hacked me and wanted me to hang myself including the psilly racist pops from rollo and the boys ,yes so theres a few that won’t like the millenium fall-con fuckem after all we are talking not only the miniatures on 911 were talking america’s favourite franchise star wars being extrapolated from 911 official story 24 years in advance,and… Read more »

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10 months ago

ricks abilty to chat unhindered and be interesting was highlighted by frank in his and the fakeologists latest audio

i wholeheartedly agree ,theres a nack to connecting the dots

addressing the destiny of america is the only game in town and ricks fully aware of that .

10 months ago

oz emerald camelot rick says jfk had 911 coded into it , j=10 f=6 k=11,mirrored becomes j=10 f=6 k=11 k=11 f=6 j=10 11-09-01 and he is right 100 percent 10.06.11 11.09.01 wisdom of the rosicrucian mirror here is the 12 rosicrucians round table, no king arthur the king kill 33 ceremony on 11 22 63 fixed that particular step to asscension, ,that theatre company and their puppet put on a good show ,if i only had a brain shh ,number thirteen 13 member is oz hidden ,not really though is it ,enlightenment my arse ,bunch of masons that can’t think… Read more »

utuyty (1).jpg
photo_2023-05-16_17-35-21 (1).jpg
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10 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

rosicrucians ,oz and other shite Little is known about the precise origins of the Chamber of Reflection. There is some consensus that it first appeared in France around 1750, and the Hermetic nature of its symbolism indicates the direct or indirect influence of the Rosicrucians. Author and occultist Robert Ambelain goes as far as suggesting that the Rosicrucians deliberately infiltrated Masonic lodges in order to spread their ideas. Rosicrucian degrees appeared in some French rites during the second half of the eighteenth century In chemistry, vitriol is iron or copper sulfate salts and their derivative, sulfuric acid. The name comes… Read more »

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10 months ago

Ricks love for the potato guy crowe777 is hilarious

“He’s real”


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10 months ago
Reply to  Vespadouglas

Rick has a Hard-on for Realologists like Crrow777 but I will still listen to what Rick says because he does a good job of questioning our culture creators.

When Rick and Rollo got cancelled in 2022 and Ab decided to start a new broadcast called Rick and Ab, I was initially skeptical because it just doesn’t feel like Rick and Ab have the same Fakeo chemistry but I think Ab does well getting Rick back on track if Rick happens to veer off into Realology Land.

9 months ago
Reply to  grandillusion

I used to enjoy listening to Ricky ” two times” but I find that his patter and attempt to brand himself has become tedious. Be told, guaranteed.
His constant promotion of frauds like crow, watt, kendall etc is very tedious too. Very tedious.