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napoleon wilson
26 days ago

remember peter judy wood is all part of the oz narrative ,the v.i.t.r.i.o.l involved can never be discussed by gullible apes ,imagine finding out america keeps blaming oz or the iconic moments have a wizard of narrative ,you see what i did to these fucksticks ,disney asthma for years,and the shambles of ignoring the blog,remeber controlled opposition cant touch 911 toys

but i made it a game

imagine that

download - 2023-08-20T180614.105.png
download - 2023-08-20T181225.040.png
ipiccy_image (92).jpg
transition-2 (17).jpg
Last edited 26 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
26 days ago

fakeologist.com/forums2/viewto… love the judy wood song peter ,and i am really enjoying aeons visits ,hopefully you won’t consider me rude for not coming and saying hello in person ,it has been a few years since i spoke to either of you,and with the amount of agents ab is now dealing with my position is as strong as it’s gonna get until an innocent enters the frey,it’s been four years now so ,not long till one comes along.and then ill pop in fakeologist.com/forums2/viewto… heres some mirroring images of rosicrucian v.i.t.r.i.o.l in the chamber of reflection ,i still think the twins goin… Read more »

Last edited 26 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
26 days ago

1 hour 45 mins peter asks who prepared the 911 movie we saw ,it was i.l.m industrial light and magic ,unfortunately peter that kind of talk will get you banned as the agents in place never want that question answering . that is because agreeing on a lie fullfills the masonic destiny of america becoming the whore of babylon and ushering in their feeble attemmpt at giving the americans a false messiah(apollyon),one story ,one scarlet chick doing the rounds ,and that can only be acheived with supposed american masonic men following the rosicrucian alchemical process ,that is v.i.t.r.i.o.l. this process… Read more »

download - 2020-04-29T082800.619.png
Last edited 26 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
27 days ago


17 mins ,aeon and peter address trans percentages in the real lol world ,we do see more i agree ,is it like buying a car ,once you have a particular type then you notice others driving the same car phenomenon, anyway pete always names one of my videos ,chance i suspect ,i do use common phrases as do artists,anyway im restarting 17 mins

fakeologist audio chats rule