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5 months ago

Look at this asinine message I get from Discord when I reply to their demand that I “Claim Account” and “Verify”. What a load of useless horseshit.

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Dave j
Dave j
6 months ago


Cheers giddy up

6 months ago

Hi Boyz. It’s Ian from the Gold Coast in Australia. To get through the area code from Queensland at least is 0011 then the number. Frank emailed me from Victoria and his code was different and didn’t work for me. 53 minutes in and you mentioned me. Absolutely love the show. Funny I found fakeologist.com on Spotify. I’ve only been listening for about six months but I’ve been somewhat aware of media fakery since the early 90’s . Can’t wait to chat to Rick and Ab on Saturday night. Keep up the great work ?

6 months ago
Reply to  iand

loooking forward to hearing a new voice ,you will have to tie rick up in the corner with a gag to a word in edgewise

i am a little worried though you spelt boys with a z ,dont be coming in here with poppers getting off ya tits lol

looking forward to hearing you ian

5 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

Discord is obtuse. It keeps demanding that I “Verify” and “Claim Account”, but when I enter my email and password it comes back with “Email already registered”. What stupid circular logic! How can I “Verify” and “Claim Account” (wtf does that mean?) if I’m ALREADY REGISTERED ????
Discord is a royal pain in the ass. Probably by design.