FAK740-Fakenukes Phil

  1. JFK Reagan hoax exposed
  2. Fakenukes Channel
  3. davej – YouTube
  4. JFK Hoax, Nobody died nobody got hurt that day
  5. HOAXing of Dresden in World Hoax II – DaveJ – YouTube
  6. Abraham Lincoln Clown Show

Read the bitchute comments if you dare.

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Dave j
Dave j
10 months ago

Phil good video on the Maui hoax again as always control demolition strategic relocation…… A new city rises from the ashes just under New Management

I tried to tell Stu Peters this as well

Dave j
Dave j
10 months ago

Fake nukes Phil. You will be happy to hear that Dresden as well as all war is a hoax from the beginning it is controlled demolition and strategic relocation.

As a bonus state and federal death penalties are a hoax.

If you would like more of my videos just ask me and I will direct you to a video I’ve done on the topic whatever the topic might be.

I look forward to your next audio chat with Tim on the fakeologist show

richard benedict
10 months ago

Here is another fakeologist who thinks as you and Fakenukes Phil. He covers all of the hoaxes you discussed, JFK/RFK, nukes, Manson, the Donner Party, Patty Hearst, as well as current ones. Both his podcasts and his articles are top notch fakeology. Categories include spooks, Hollywood, MKULTRA/psychodrama. He may agree to an interview. Remember: It’s only murder if they’re dead.







10 months ago

id say get phil and dave to do an audio ,with slides or images and you got a fantastic presentation ,i reckon that phil is a keeper get him integrated asap ,sounding boards for each other with images

not that the video and chat with ab was not enough images ,i am being greedy ,but it definitely is the main message and having others with simmilar views gives us as fakeologists a tad more credibilty .

anyway a fine chat i listened twice ,i think phil has made an amazing amount of progress in such a short time

Last edited 10 months ago by napoleon wilson
10 months ago

i can’t thank you enough ab for contacting and talking to all the different people over the years ,top man