FAK766-Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide with John Kirwin

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8 months ago

people gorge … especially the obese. but more to the vax ‘slow death’ — we’ve forayed into this before, but i want to be sure of the position. in your current framework, the controllers / show runners are deliberately putting out poison inside batches of jibbie juice (however small a ratio of the aggregate). and this would be less severe of a crime than a ‘fast kill’? — plus… all prior events where most here will question the veracity of some or all of the elements…’they’ had the moral conscience to not intentionally cause casualties and deaths. is this a… Read more »

8 months ago

listening now…’i give her the credit card and i pay it’ — are you ever able to do that solely with onesie and twosie dollar donations? : )

dave j
dave j
8 months ago

Final review : bravo more like this. please

Last edited 8 months ago by dave j
dave j
dave j
8 months ago

AB, do not worry i will not hold your guests views as your own. Just let them talk if you do not mind.
You can still believe or disbelieve anything you like after its all done.
You will reach next level if you just let it flow and get Guests that “claim” to be on the edge……you know the inside is well covered.
Just a Point of Order.

thank you for the content

EDIT(he claimed last {7} years….alert alert…I will need to put “johnny” under the “scope”

Last edited 8 months ago by dave j
8 months ago

best way to tell friends and family is to set up a website like fakeologist i’m being flippant ,sorry has baby yoda done a paper on me yet? https://fakeologist.com/forums2/viewtopic.php?p=10921#p10921 he wouldn’t dare !! S. P. Lawrence your comment went in spam ,i’m not sure why pal ,sorry boot the delay john brings up the white hats and the black hats idea, personally i cannot prove any of that fun conspiracy ,but on a smaller level it fits truthers and shills bios on specific subjects a white hat will believe one thing and back up a belif system ,and the black… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by napoleon wilson