FAK783-Fakenukes Phil

  1. Fakenukes
  2. Putin Extends Cash Payouts for Babies to Counter Population Slump | Courthouse News Service
  3. Sandy Hook Father Awarded $450,000 In Conspiracy Theorist Suit

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7 months ago

i understand loads of ya are shitbag masons and can’t divulge what 911 really was,but seeing as i deciphered the cunting v.i.t.r.i.o.l. from 911 jfk and this farcical oz war

because none of you cockends could your oath now means about as much as a caller enter,liber oz fuckers

and them big bad masons behind ips and jlb can suck my dick

7 months ago

At 1.01.50, the well-read Pallywood director is deliberately and mischievously quoting the Descent of Christ from the Cross, a popular them among artists around the 15th Century.
Of course the ‘rescue’ is way beyond credible – they could have taken the actor down the back staircase in these uninhabited buildings, probably the way they all got up there in the first place.
Great show, Phil and Ab.

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7 months ago

29 mins the fakeologist synopsis is as good iv’e heard ,a story they are all trying to recreate and ab finished with the caveat all of em !! the etymology of synopsis even makes me chuckle Origin What does the Greek word for synopsis mean? From Late Latin synopsis, itself from Ancient Greek ??????? (súnopsis), from ??? (sún, “with or whole”) + ???? (ópsis, “view”) meaning whole view. sorry wandering and phil highlights the fact that this is fake on both sides ,allow me to steal from dave j here , it’s a temple of death they are building is in… Read more »

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Dave j
Dave j
7 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

Yes indeed Cheers NW