FAK797-Viking Helga

  1. Sanity4Sweden
  2. ILLUSION WARFARE (@LezLuthor) / X
  3. John Cecil Masterman – Wikipedia
  4. Lez LuTHOR – YouTube
  5. viking helga | Search Results | Fakeologist.com

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7 months ago

1 hour ten mins the best 4 mins of advice i have heard in a long long time ,

question for helga for next show
these cockknockers that tell us truth on the way lala land that believe in demons ,sometimes equate their deception and knowledge to that of a demon ,as in demons decieve and the best make you think your being freed

mary poppins is as far as i go believing

Last edited 7 months ago by napoleon wilson
Dave j
Dave j
7 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

Oh yes that demon Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins 880 in Hebrew gematria….. Just so happens to be the same as (880) so I will make a poem with phrases called speech otherwise known as spells that also equal 880 in Hebrew gematria everything within the ‘880’ marks =880… There is no coincidence so here is the poem of 880 yes (All words within quote marks equal 880 in Hebrew gematria) poem called 880 16 7(Sion7/?\7Zion) the mind of the fallen man. ‘Oblivion’ ‘I am so sorry’ ‘I am seven’ ‘The voice’ ‘jester’ and ‘verse’ i ‘serve’ ‘The devine’ ‘for such… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Dave j

that could almost be an early smiths song
thank you

Dave j
Dave j
7 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

Good stuff indeed I left some out just so others can explore and continue with the 88 idea.

Yes it will make them less “miserable”indeed