FAK891-Frank and Glenn Daniel on Pysops

Wake Up! Glenn Daniel · Fakeotube
The Kurgan Report
Everything You Know is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies by Russ Kick | Goodreads
Disinformation (company) – Wikipedia
Everything you know is wrong : the Disinformation guide to secrets and lies : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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25 days ago

Glenn Daniel was a great guest. I hope he comes back.

24 days ago
Reply to  realalex

Hello. I don’t agree with the you on the statement about me and my answers to your questions on Dover. The Blog gives 5 replies and then we have to do this. go off topic. Lets do a forum chat and talk about opinions on his work. You asked about the fathers work and how to true it is. The references I made are from a uk.gov website. Lets chat on topic somewhere. Not many people are talking about aaron dover these days. I sent you a birth registry and said it was my prized possession. That is not easy… Read more »

24 days ago
Reply to  nigeljtilbury

I’m no expert on Aaron Dover. I have listened to a few of his shows/chats (a few years ago) and think he was way ahead of everyone else when it comes to discussing potential fakery. My position is that I don’t even care whether he was real or not, whether his story and death are as portrayed. I’m not interested in him as a person, nor in his father. No one can give a link or video to the answers, cos truth/reality is not that type. I don’t care if AD was a shill. To me, the very idea is wrong –… Read more »

Last edited 24 days ago by YouCanCallMeAl
24 days ago
Reply to  realalex

Thanks Al. I think that was a pretty kind response in my experience here. The only AD dad evidence were experiments from UK.gov sites. The mom has gov docs too. Nothing outside of that. My other AD research is countless social media posts from him and others. The birth registry comes from and independent website that looks like aol dial up 90’s. My dad and brother were in there so I took it as decent. The other way to confirm something about his birth marriage and death would be pay the Irish Jewish registry website. I have searched Malaysian websites… Read more »

24 days ago
Reply to  nigeljtilbury

Thanks for posting these screenshots which do suggest he is a real person.

26 days ago

great chat and guests ab ,the song is catchy it’s still the one thing i wanna do write a hit ,or atleast finish a song i do feel glenns got more stories for us to talk about and i know rick would be interested in talking about psychological operations rick is old school and has some great topics that he and glenn could go at ,i never really paid attention to 911 either glenn till it was outed as a psi-op i always arrive late to the party and frank perfect again once again ab i am so so thankful… Read more »