FAK897-Jim and Phil discuss fakery

Jim Rizoli

Fakenukes Phil

Could the Israel Gaza war be a movie production? · Fakeotube

Jim Rizoli’s LOER – Fakeologist Forums

New London School explosion – Wikipedia

Bath School disaster – Wikipedia

Chris Sky lays out Canada’s future post 2024 · Fakeotube

Jim mirror

Phil’s mirror

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9 days ago


Dobie Gray : The In Crowd

Now that’s “HIP”

“you ain’t been nowhere till you been in,
with the IN CROWD”

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9 days ago
Reply to  Vespadouglas

vespa. you have and never will disappoint. you are always there to help me out.If its to make me smile or to help prove my point. cheers. ride on my green stallion

9 days ago

couple things. i see members have jabs at the hosts but i dont see anything but dismissal. I keep coming back here because its the largest place for it. there is free speech. Ab was cool to me the one time. but abive all I dont see branding marketing and image beimg a driving factor. doesnt mean getting shirts makes you less creditable. it just shows your first intention is truth. I’d like to leave a point that worries me as a whole and not this site. otherwise Id be on a hip flat earth podcast buying their keto powder.… Read more »