FAK899-Lynn Ertell Show

Josephine Baker: Si J’etais Blanche. Recorded in Paris, February 1933 – YouTube

Thank Heaven for Little Girls from Gigi – YouTube

“Flat Earth” and Freemasonry – Page 2 – Fakeologist Forums

Tribe of Judah – Wikipedia

Warfare in the movies: The suicide charge. – Fakeologist Forums

Jan Erik on the Jews and Jesuits · Fakeotube

Hanseatic League – Wikipedia

Taras Bulba (1962) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p] – YouTube

Challenging the Challenger hoax actors · Fakeotube | Fakeologist.com

ENDEAVOUR – the 30-year Space Shuttle hoax – Page 54 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception

Victims Of Space Shuttle EXPLOSION Found ALIVE: NASA’s Long History Of Space Travel Psyops REVEALED

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7 days ago

The intial thread is here – I suggest you all plow through it. https://fakeologist.com/there-is-no-island/ If someone can locate the NIH PhD Thesis of Judith A [Arlene] Resnik b 1949, I’d be grateful. [also cited as University of MARYLAND] Also the date of the marriage of Judith C Resnik b 1950 to Dennis E Curtis **[Denny]. And what her middle name is. As I said it must have been a busy time doing an engineering PhD and working as an academic lawyer. Perhaps “Judith Resnik” was a good multitasker. ** I’m guessing this was a 2nd marriage for Denny, with son… Read more »