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    I hate to wreck the Realities of the Hillbillies who actually believed the Racist hipe behind the Michael Morgan Taylor Case and ran with the falsehood that the mother was only out to gain money.
    After dragging the Taylor family to court 8 times, The judge gave her the Supeona to the DNA Profile to test.
    Well, the people you have been calling a FAKE is actually the one being defrauded all along.
    The DNA Test is 99.98%
    Note: Why are you all calling her out of her Name and ruining her reputation based on tabloid Bullshit! The Taylors knew that the baby was fathered by Michael All along, they just choose to lie on the Letters of Administration and keep the Multi Million dollar estate for themselves.
    The child was sent to 40K per Year private schools in Gstaad, Switzerland (JFK & Le Rose). Yet you all act like she needed their money. She owned a World Cup Polo Team and was the 1st women to represent England as its Captain. Earning her Title.

    Yet you quote Tabloid boloney by a Drunken Nigel Dempster & Sex Offender Max Clifford. Both Dead !

    Try Spreading the truth, They are o their way to Federal Prison for Fraud


    And, bang on time for the 20th anniversary of the psy-op, two more “victims” have been identified by the latest DNA techniques[and an old toothbrush..lol!]. But only one of them is being named…Dorothy Morgan.
    Plenty of duping by her daughter and grandson. The daughter even admits to “talking” to her mother all the time [and she’s watching too] Truth in plain speaking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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