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    Welcome Steve:

    Steve Ransom from the UK

    Ok guys, Im 55 married for 30 rears with 3 grown up children. I have written many articles and 3 books particularly ‘the truth about HIV’ – exposing the fraud and murderous tactics of big pharma and big government and its links to population control. I’ve written on the fraud of nuclear power, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chernobyl 10 years a go or more. I had my old website threatened by UK ITN legal department when I exposed the fake Serbian concentration camp pictures taken by journo-crook Penny Marshall see attached. I currently have a book that took 20 years to research and available free online exposing the fraud of the alternative health industry go to

    I was the first person to write online about the UK fraudulent foot and mouth scandal ‘ stay away from the countryside stay away from the facts!’ On September 12th 2001 I wrote an article entitled Operation flatten Manhattan – an inside job, an article that led to my ridicule amongst friends until a few years later.

    The article was removed from all search engines.

    The Flat earth conspiracy is an immense opportunity for truthers BUT there’s a lot of fakery out there and also a refusal to engage by a big name in particular in getting one or two of the harder questions answered. Press too hard and immediately you’re branded as a schill. I’ve got some ideas on how we can as we say in the UK get our ducks in a row. 🙂 I’m also a Bible believing Christian. And I see what is happening right now is ripe to be used by the powers that be for deception if we let them.

    Hope that helps



    Most of Steve Ransom’s claims seems interesting, although i am really wondering how intelligent researchers can believe in “the book” from Babel which is a clear case of fraud and manipulation,,,
    Also, Ransom is probably a common name, but it’s also a name that sounds a bit like a pseudonym for internet use,,,


    Well, that’s a nice welcome for Mr Ransom, Mr Unreal. You sound a bit of a jerk yourself.

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    Mr Xileffilex:
    i’m not very fond of namecalling so i’ll stick to what i tried to say, and agreed, it is kind of blunt to criticize christians. on the other hand, it is not relevant to this site to track religious persuasions, and in above writing it sounds like Ransom makes an irrelevant appeal to authority.
    What’s in name ? As Steve Ransom do state to be a writer and a researcher, i do not believe it is uncommon that they have a pen-name, and Ransom just stood out as being a very fitting type of writer name or pseudo. I am not using my real name myself, so i do not blame anyone to do so.

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    richard benedict

    Welcome Steve, I look forward to reading your book and reading any comments you make. Thanks for the free download.


    Welcome Steve,

    Any chance you could re-publish those two articles you wrote:

    ‘Operation Flatten Manhattan’
    ‘Stay Away From The Countryside; Stay Away From The Facts!’

    The latter narrative – the nationwide outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease – has not, to my knowledge, been closely studied by the ‘fakeology’ community.

    Although the outbreak, real or imagined, left some dramatic mental images in our minds. Who can forget the footage of burning pyres of animal carcasses? And smouldering dead cattle being moved on the forks of bulldozers, and so on.

    In truth, were really millions of animals tested for F&M – to discover whether they were infected proper, or just as ‘carriers’? Were really so many cattle killed en masse?

    What purposes to the psyop, if that’s what it was? What effect did this have on the meat industry? Who made the money? Imported meat suddenly went up in value. Is that how it worked? It was said in farming circles that the “EU” was behind the operation.

    I’m not involved in farming, but was nevertheless affected when great swathes of the countryside were closed to public access, by order of the High Court or Parliament.


    Hello guys, nice to be here. First of all to Mr Unreal, I have nothing to hide in my life, and I use my real name because, if we think that anything is private on t’internet these day, and that no one knows where we live and what dress size I might want to wear in private, then we’re living in a bit of a vacuum. I’m not a cross-dresser but you know what I’m getting at. You don’t know me from Adam Mr Unreal and yet you have a picture of me already, as some crazed, bible-believing psy-op. Please do your research on me first before jumping to conclusions. I’ve got stuff all over the place on the net. Operation Flatten Manhattan has completely disappeared from the net but I have it on an old computer hdd which I removed from the PC itself back in 2002ish. I’ll get around to digging it out some time I guess, now that I’ve been asked for it. As far as the total BS that is foot and mouth, for those who are interested, below is the link to the article in full
    The foot and mouth swine flu, chicken flu etc etc is all part of the same concerted drive to break the back of UK independence via its food and farming industry. Interdependence leading to full dependence is the main goal of the EU and is covered in more detail in an article I was asked to write for Nexus magazine at

    On a different matter entirely, here’s something that occurred to me only last night. Space walking. I looked through about 10 videos of these intrepid EVA guys floating about (literally haha) outside the ISS and ‘mending stuff’ whilst hovering over a round blue earth and noticed that over this ’round blue earth’ I didn’t see a single jet trail. I’ve commented on this under NASA

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    @Ransomovitch: first off, i’m glad to see you as a researcher join Fakeologist.
    agree my skepticism was ill put as i misunderstood the posting was actually in the “welcome” section,,, my bad

    investigation into the european side of Fakeology is much welcome and often less mediatised than US driven propaganda. very interesting to hear more on the european pharmaceutical/medical, nuclear and space agendas (ESA).

    Prions & Creutzfeldt-Jakob have been the medical backbone of mouth & claw, and some researchers links these phenomenons to Alzheimers as well:
    Clint Richardson

    pro(teinaceous) in(fectious particle)

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    the link to my article on fake BSE outbreaks and the food mafia
    can be found here at


    Welcome Matthew:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m a researcher from Aust but living in Phuket, Thailand for 5 years. I have a background in policing and the Aust Military. Looked at most of the stuff you have and have stuff that I can contribute from both a personal and research point. Been looking and lost for several years falling into different holes of research. Could benefit from a group where we don’t get led from the path so easy.
    JLB put me onto this group and found it on the advice of Lord Rollo, PeeKay and others where I contribute to a number of webcasts. I have a great mind and will contribute as much as I can.

    Thanks for your time.

    Matthew Vale

    richard benedict

    Welcome, Matthew, from the Deep South of the United States. As they say in these parts”..ya done good”


    Welcome Blink:

    Hey Ab,

    I guess it all started back in the late 80’s when my mom mentioned the “Paul is Dead” theory…I then continued to be programmed by the TV throughout the 90’s.

    In 04′ after university, I moved in with my cousin. We worked construction, played music, and researched conspiracies online. Saw “Loose Change” at one point in 05′ and became obsessed.

    Fast-forward to 2015, with the luxury of fast internet, and smartphones, I am constantly listening to podcasts. Ive been following the “True Earth” movement since March…and damn…there are not many you can talk to about this.

    The news is absolutely even more ridiculous as of late, the propaganda is exhausting. Yet I feel like one of the only ones that can see this.

    Ive been listening to the audiochats for the last couple of months, and theyre very entertaining. At this point in my life I now question everything. So that is what lead me here.

    Peace. Blink-one-eye

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