Dunblane, Montreal and Port Arthur – pre-Sandy Hook mass shooting psy-ops

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    There have been a couple of blog posts, but no dedicated thread to these important psy-ops which were put to bed and the official narrative rendered almost unquestionable before 9/11, before the mass internet age and before many people woke up to media fakery. The events are heavily gatekept, aided by the use of schoolchildren and students as key ‘victims’.
    Let’s have a closer look.
    Cluesforum thread, with some good work by Euphoria

    A blog here with comments

    FAC445-Kelito Brigante

    and one without from Ab which mentions the largely forgotten 1989 [hoax calendar date December 6] Montreal psy-op, aka the École Polytechnique massacre [which had the added bonus of having women as all 14 ‘victims’, the anti-feminist ‘crusade’ by the predictably suicided perp-actor Marc Lépine leading to subsequent, predictable agenda-steering

    Dunblane massacre a template for Sandy Hoax

    Perhaps we can look more deeply into that event later.

    The ‘injured’ and how they shape up in the media are often the big give-aways.
    Here’s another boy shot in the spine, in addition to the quite unbelievable story of Aimie Adam
    @2.46 and @5.13 – Steve [and Bev] Birnie describing his son Matthew being shot twice [as with Aimie..] “managed to chip part of his spine”

    uploaded Feb 2015

    Matthew wheeled out for the 20th anniversary event in 2016
    Strangely, the injury moves from the spine and paralysis to the heart
    The murderer shot five-year-old Matthew twice. And one of the bullets only missed his heart because it was deflected by one of his ribs.

    In two weeks, he was back at school.

    No interview from Matt, however.

    Another ‘survivor’ waited 20 years to break cover

    Amy Hutchison, then five years old and now a nursery teacher in the town, was shot in the leg in the firearms massacre, the deadliest in British history, when Thomas Hamilton went into the school on March 13, 1996, and opened fire, killing 16 children and one teacher.

    In a forthcoming BBC documentary, Ms Hutchison recalls the moment Hamilton entered.

    “We were skipping round the gym hall,” she said. “I don’t remember the pain of being shot. I don’t remember the noises. I don’t remember sounds. I just remember my leg turning to jelly and falling to the floor and then dragging myself to the gym cupboard

    we’ll hear a lot more of this cupboard…
    Ms Hutchison was one of several children that teacher Eileen Harrild and supervisory assistant Mary Blake managed to gather into a cupboard.

    “As I crawled into the gym cupboard I was very aware of the amount of blood everywhere, the crying and the pain that people were in,” Ms Hutchison said…She still has scarring on one leg [which we don’t get to see]
    Parents who lost children, among them, Isabel Wilson, whose daughter Mhairi was shot, and died in hospital, have also relived the day their lives changed forever.
    She describes the pain of not having been with her child when she died. Today Wilson has built a new life away from Dunblane with her second husband, Guy.

    The custodians of the cupboard aka storeroom story are mentioned here from 1996 reporting of the inquiry, Eileen Harrild

    She is seen at 1.41 onwards here from May 1996

    @2.31 and 2.46 – note the two bullet hole props in the building. At 2.59 onwards, Prof Anthony Busuttil who performed the alleged autopsy on the alleged Perp, Hamilton [Busuttil was used at Lockerbie]
    @3.18Jack Beattie, doctor who declared the deaths
    and Detective Chief Superintendent John Ogg, who admitted a label on one child which didn’t match any child on the register. [the widely used mix-up hoax management sub-plot]

    Contemporary new report from the evening of the shooting, MArch 13 1996

    Mrs Blake gave a “written statement” to the inquiry. Mrs Harrild said she had been shot four times [2005 report]
    Despite being shot four times by Hamilton, Mrs Harrild managed to scramble into a store cupboard with another teacher and several wounded children. She lived to speak of the horror she witnessed.

    For some reason Mrs Blake is never named in the above article. Strange, because, in 2016 we learn that Mrs Blake was shot in the head and legs
    but obviously survived

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    Dunblane paper by Miles Mathis’ guest

    Click to access dunblane.pdf

    Strange that guest writer leaves out medical staff as key perps in any death/disaster hoax…doctors, nurses, ambulance workers. They’re just as key as police and media.

    One good find there [via the description, not the title]

    AP video
    UK – Injured Teacher Talks From Hospital
    Teaching Assistant Mary Blake, shot in both legs [multiple gunshot wounds to both thighs] and in the head ! which required a blood transfusion of “something like four units – doctor. Yet there she is in bed, cheerful with dirty fingernails and [not shown!] an entry bullet wound above her right ear and an exit wound at the lower end of her neck
    This rehearsed and acted scene must have occurred at Stirling Royal Infirmary [or simulated as such] The doctor seems to be MR DUDLEY BRONSON BOOTH, the consultant surgeon. A key participant…..
    This reported 1997 event involving Mr Booth, now retired, has a fake veneeer to it

    The official narrative for the whole staged event may be read here, The Cullen Report

    Click to access 3386.pdf

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    In a blog post comment I mentioned the curious archiving of two of the most useful web pages on Dunblane before Miles’ paper of 2019 – Dr K’s research at NoDisinfo [site currently down]
    The single, daily archiving of the two posts is crazy beyond belief. Who and why?


    The original articles are available there.


    Miles up to his tricks again, adding an addendum on the guest post on Dunblane
    I quote
    Miles, added January 29, 2019: The reason this photo is B&W is that it is from the 1960s, not the 1990s. A perceptive reader pointed out ** that the clothing styles, shoe styles, hairstyles, and background contents of this photo all point to the 1960s. Children don’t wear shoes like that anymore. Little girls don’t wear elbow-length sleeve blouses. One little girl has on a boy’s tie with a sweater and skirt! In the 1990s? Another thing I noticed is that this is an extremely blond class photo, with about 20 of 29 people here blond. Even in Scotland that would be very rare. So
    whoever pieced this photo together seems to have had something against blondes.

    ** oh really?
    Er,actually those polo uniform shirts with the name and emblem of the school, in the school’s primary colour, are NOT a 1960s phenomenon. More disinformation muddying a generally good piece.

    Click to access dunblane.pdf

    Miles once again…

    Now on to the famous class photo. Note there is only this one photo of the teacher and her students:

    Er no.
    There are, I can now see, two different class photos from the same “shoot”, which is a little odd, since the official photographer might be expected to release the best one for general consumption, rather than offer a choice….

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    oh, here’s another…

    source – the spooky Sun newspaper

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