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    …. the Leicester exploding Polish delicatessen…..
    is a very important semi-black box hoax.[no bodies, no moulage, no duping witnesses, just a real fireball and controlled demolition with 5 relocations] #NDNGH

    has been finally put to bed, with excellent hoax management involving our legal friends…Jaunary 18 2019
    [2 videos]
    Passing sentence, Mr Justice Holgate told Kurd, Ali and Hassan: “I agree with the prosecution that it is plain beyond doubt that Kurd and Ali were both centrally involved in the planning of these crimes.
    suuuuuuure they were

    Arkan Ali and Aram Kurd have been jailed for a minimum of 38 years. Hawkar Hassan will serve a minimum of 33 years.
    i.e. we can forget about them now, case closed, but perhaps we can have a few “anniversary” recapitualtions of the staged event.

    One of the Ragoobeer family, Scotty Ragoobeer managed to survive which the prosecution described as a “miracle”.

    i.e. didn’t want to relocate.

    Neat work! In fact, very professional, dare I say?

    Jon Reek, Leah’s father, said: “I can’t believe the mentality of them. It was for £300,000, I could have remortgaged the house and given it to them.”**

    In the midst of tragedy, the family’s relationship with Mr Ragobeer has blossomed. They recently invited him to their house for Christmas dinner so he didn’t spend it alone – Scotty spent Christmas with relatives in Mauritius.
    Did he now?
    source, BBC

    ** suuuuure

    And like all these scripted events, we have the lucky escape
    Adam Wells said he and his girlfriend had been out for dinner and were jolted across the road as they drove within 15ft (4.5m) of the blast.
    He rushed to help, kicking at rubble with his feet because the bricks were burning his hands.
    For months afterwards, he would dream about it and if he ever heard something loud, he would jump.
    “Sometimes I think about how lucky I was,” he said.


    hot bricks….

    Firefighters doing nothing, as usual, in these boring drills #NDNGH

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    Lyon explosion: Dramatic video shows huge blast at university which left three injured
    source, London Evening Standard
    Police and university sources said that work had been ongoing on the building’s roof and that a gas bottle exploded, starting the blaze.

    and here comes the big clue…
    The explosion comes days after a blast apparently caused by a gas leak hit a Paris bakery, killing four people and injuring several.
    ….which was a staged HRDPAR

    video –

    Call the Fire Brigade, our favourite hoaxers

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