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    Tom Dalpra

    I was mildly amused to Google 9525 and find a toy aircraft normally flown by the
    ”unpredictable and dangerous” Mandalorians.

    How appropriate, I’m not making any leaps! I think it’s a coincidence! It just perhaps shows how they can occur?


    Perhaps an example of how it’s easy to see things everywhere? Especially with a catchy number like 9525?

    The other one on the first page of Google image search was this:
    Jet Sound 9525? Again quirky that there’s an aircraft link, but surely another little coincidence?


    Of course there’s more digits to the actual flight number.

    The Germanwings flight was FOR YOU 4U 9525

    Very 21st century. lmao m8



    And what of the Germans and their families?

    At CF, Kickstones has done some marathon research.
    It is indeed odd why the name of Andreas Lubitz has been removed from the online search for vest nr 403. But he does appear in the complete list HM-Gender-pdf in 608th place sandwiched between Stefan Daum and Hans-Peter Meybauer; the varying result times may be due to starter groups and starting mat times.
    However, we do see Lubitz in other finishing straight photos with runner nr 5617, Ingo Saatweber, whose time was 1:36:59, much closer to Lubitz’.

    I don’t think Lubitz has been inserted.

    Another example of a disappearing image is that of “victim” Fabio Rogge
    a footballer. The team image which he ought to be in has been removed from the web. [file not found]
    However, a previous year’s team is archived. [both are or would have been alphebetical lists, not L-R, so it is not clear where he is in the photo]

    archived Nov 10 2012 ETuS Haltern – Junioren C-Jugend II (Jahrgang 1998 – 1999)

    something funny going on at that Football club, because these two teams are identical but have totally different names

    and Fabio was scoring in the B2 team in the 2014-2015 season


    Tom, these victims fascinate me.

    He was clearly a lovely lad geddit?
    Paul Bramley – Salt of the earth this lovely lad. Loved football ( oh they all do ) and working. Basically he was a lovely lad. Did I mention that?
    This thin facebook page is a bit weird.
    Doesn’t feel quite right. A chunky 767 friends ( catchy number) but seemingly not the activity to back that up.
    He was at some posh sounding Swiss catering college. Caeser Ritz.
    There’s no posts since 3 January yet the page has been edited to say ”Remembering Paul Bramley”
    There’s very few photographs.
    He wears that scruffy white shirt a lot too.
    Read more:

    Yes, there are some very strange threads here.
    Firstly, nobody of that name was ever born. [adopted?]
    One can trace a marriage in 1978 of his father to Carol – but there is no trace of her birth either, and no children who can be traced.
    She is related to this chap Philip Neville Wilbraham [original name of Carol] for whom I also can’t find a birth. Perhaps both born outside England and Wales
    whose friends include Carol, Paul and even Paul’s girlfriend.

    But, our catering student was the director of four of his father’s companies at age 20!

    Unfortunately the business seems to have gone under in 2013
    Another recent director “Jack” Bramley has an unknown birth date…
    meeting of creditors in 2014
    …perhaps reated to this court case from 2009 ?
    :Looks like there was a cash flow problem there.

    Philip Bramley, of Exel Homes, said the court case would only place extra pressure on the firm during a difficult economic climate.

    The mist is startng to clear now.


    Well fancy this… from one hoax to another. This chap, lieutenant-colonel Frédéric Petitjean, le médecin-chef du Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours (SDIS) des Alpes de Haute-Provence, was prominent in this YouTube video : v=yYTCewE3Fg8
    [can only be viewed online, embedding blocked]

    “when it crashed, the first priority was to try and find out whether there were any survivors. It quickly became clear that there would be no survivors. You’ll see the images. The biggest pieces of debris of the plane aren’t bigger than three car doors. Of course there are bodies but the identification will be hard. It’s a plane crash and there were 150 people on board. You see the state of the plane so I’ll let you imagine the state of the bodies.

    Our Doc Petitjean was a key person getting the narrative out quickly.
    He was rushed to Le Figaro to deliver his story.

    translate by google:

    LE FIGARO. – How did you arrive at the crash site?
    Frederic Petitjean – Once the alert about the disappearance of the plane was given, we immediately boarded a helicopter. I was accompanied by two rescuers of the high mountain Jauziers police squad. We were the first to direct us to the scene of the accident. We quickly located the place, because previously a witness called the police after hearing a loud explosion and saw a large plume of smoke out of the mountains. We had indications that helped us to lead us.

    What was your feeling at that time?
    We were surprised. Flying over the scene, we have spotted that slight smoke while we expected to see flames. We were so surprised that we grew that one wrong place. Then we spotted debris but so small that we said that the first information supplied were false and that it could be an accident involving a tractor. It was hard to believe.

    Once hoisted on the spot that has happened?
    We, one by one, was placed on the upper part of the accident. There, we saw debris spread over several hundred meters, no bigger than the size of a chair. We ended up spotting a body fragment with three portholes. At that time, there has been certain it was a crash of an A320. We have also seen, terrible scene, body debris.

    Did you find any survivors?
    As soon as we visualized the scene of the tragedy, we realized that there was no survivor and I immediately sent a message to the command post in this direction.

    When you think that there are survivors, what are you doing in general?
    We search the site and we note with screams. We prepare the evacuation and then ask people can move to gather on a secure location.

    How have you responded by noting that the 150 passengers were all dead?
    I have a strong ability to lock my affect. To work is essential. As there was no help to organize, I went to another mission entrusted to: ensure the safety of investigators and rescuers. But their task is, remember, very complicated. The area is rugged and extremely friable soil and slippery.

    Do you know where the first black box was found?
    It was located down the area of ??the accident and it is one of two rescuers who accompanied me who managed to discover it.

    Where was the doctor for five weeks, ending on January 17 2015? Fighting the Ebola hoax in Guinea! Two hoaxes in three months.

    Here he is:

    A safe pair of hands. Fortunately he didn’t develop ebola, otherwise he would have been unavailable for being rushed to the alpine “crash site” by chopper.


    Look who has been wheeled out now…Jim Brokaw of Maine whose father apparently died in the mysterious crash of Egyptair 990

    Brokaw helped organize the group Families of EgyptAir 990, which he said was instrumental in pressing the Egyptian airline and others to respond to family concerns. Now he has reached out – through the German government – to the families of those killed on the Germanwings flight to offer the advice and empathy of someone who has endured a tragedy of that magnitude.

    Of course, after a long run of plane crashes, he appears when another one downs at 40 degrees caused by a suicidal and homicidal pilot. That one was before 9/11 in 1999.

    deliberately crashed the plane as an act of revenge, according to a source close to the investigation.

    Gamil el-Batouty had earlier been reprimanded for sexual misconduct and the executive who told him he would not be allowed to fly US routes again was on board the plane.

    another fake by the sound of it.

    I think it’s one of the biggest hoaxes that were ever told

    See brianv’s list of “crashes” in water

    And the modern parallels….
    And here’s Jim popping up in the German media to reinforce the story..

    Jim’s flight 990 relatives group is no longer active. One presumes no assistance was accepted or given.

    Back to 1999…

    The victims of the Boeing 767 which crashed in the Atlantic with 217 people aboard included more than 30 Egyptian military officers, it was disclosed yesterday.
    Among them were two brigadier-generals, a colonel, major and four air force officers who had been in the United States on a variety of missions, said security and aviation sources. Newspapers in Cairo were prevented by censors from reporting the officers’ presence on the flight.

    and here comes the big one..

    Also on the flight was Virginia Chaplin, a newlywed at 72. A week after their first wedding anniversary, she and Richard Brokaw, a retired scientist, were heading for a trip down the Nile.

    “He was just so lucky to find love again,” said Brokaw’s daughter Frances.


    Observer has posted here at CF.
    Observer thinks that Andreas L is photoshopped in.
    Observer cites the similar finishing times of runners 1371 and 3192 in the 1h 34m bracket.
    the presence of runner 931 behind them confirms this:
    Jens Peusch – 1:34:40 1:34:44

    Howver the presence of runner 5617 behind 3192 throws a spanner in the works with a finishing time apparently 3 minutes later.

    This sequence shows Saatweber – 5617 – finishing between
    3192 and 1371 with 931 Peusch in red shoes right behind 1371.
    1st image – Deller 1371 has been overtaken by 5617, 3192 is ahead of both.
    2nd and 3rd images – 931 in red shoes appears behind 1371.
    possible order at finishing line: 403 [Andreas] 3192 5617 1371 931
    positions in the race: 608th, 455th, 601st 436th, 473nd.
    5357 with close cropped beard and white shirt is seen behind this group in long shot in the CF link,Marcus Orland, in 471st place….

    It is obvious that their these are chip mat times from different starting waves and corrals.
    chips are attached to the laces of the shoes:

    Tom Dalpra

    Good stuff, xilef. I’ve been busy and a bit out of the loop just lately,
    but, Doc Petitjean, Brokaw, the Bramleys?

    The picture builds as the ‘mist clears’ a little , as you say.



    Quite a few retired Americans on Egyptair 990, Tom….
    good report here..

    Published Monday, November 01, 1999

    Virginia Chaplin was a newlywed at 72.
    A week after celebrating her first wedding anniversary with Richard Brokaw, a retired scientist, she and her husband headed for Egypt and a trip down the Nile River.
    But it wasn’t to be. Their plane, EgyptAir Flight 990, went down in the Atlantic after departing from Kennedy International Airport early Sunday.
    The couple met while traveling in Greece and married a year ago. They split their time between Chaplin’s house in Georgetown, Maine, and Brokaw’s house in Strafford, Vt.

    “He was just so lucky to find love again,” said Brokaw’s daughter, Frances Brokaw of Norwich, Vt. “As horrible as all this is, they didn’t leave anything undone. He had a job that he loved, he had a successful career, he lived in the place he wanted to live. We’ll miss them a lot.”

    Frances is a Doctor.

    Here’s the distressed relative shot from the BBC in Feb 2000 when it “emerged” that a pilot had asked for political asylum at Heathrow airport, London saying he had knowledge about 990…standard limited hangout.

    [see 40:30 in YouTube video below]
    a key flight before 9/11 where a muslim committed suicide…

    ‘For a religious person to commit suicide is beyond belief,’ said Amira Sonbol, a professor at Georgetown University’s Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding. ‘This is why the Arab world is so cynical about this investigation.’

    14:31 – wake up at 5:30 AM, turn on TV to check weather, like you do, note that a plane has crashed , go to check retired parents’ itinerary…right.

    very early it was clear there would be no survivors….
    Brokaw appears at 17:28 and again from 53:50
    100 US, 21 Canadians, 89 Egyptians 7 others on board
    The couple following Brokaw and Anita Childs are actually brother and sister
    [the same sister who earlier produced the TV weather story]
    John W. Simermeyer and Maureen Sacratini both of Finksburg, whose parents Arthur F. Simermeyer, 72, and Marie V. Simermeyer, 60 of Randallstown Md.

    Hmmmmm The FDR stops??? An easy one to carry out.

    PS For whom did “retired scientist” Richard S Brokaw work? NASA

    Click to access 19680018225.pdf


    Do all Fakeologists have their tickets for the Germanwings EU remembrance service high mass on April 17?

    BTW, you’re kindly requested not to bring your pilot uniforms.


    And please, do keep mum.

    Current travel information
    Current information: Flight 4U9525
    Planned memorial service on April 17 in Cologne
    On 17 April, the state of North Rhine – Westphalia together with the Federal President will organize a memorial for all families of the victims of flight 4U9525 . The service will take place in the Cathedral of Cologne. Out of respect for the victims Lufthansa has canceled the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the company originally planned for April 15.
    Family and friends of the victims of Flight 4U9525 request that the media show restraint
    Families and friends of the passenger and crew members of Germanwings flight 4U9525 have asked Lufthansa and Germanwings to shield them from any questions coming from the media. It is their wish to not be disturbed and to remember the deceased in privacy.

    Therefore, Lufthansa and Germanwings ask media representatives not to actively contact grieving family members and friends.

    The immense interest of the public and media concerning the occurrences surrounding the tragic event is of course understandable. The press offices of Lufthansa and Germanwings are available around the clock and on the weekend to handle media inquiries. Lufthansa and Germanwings media representatives will answer all inquiries with the highest possible transparency and as quickly as possible.



    And yes, xilef, nice work.


    key para…

    Families and friends of the passenger and crew members of Germanwings flight 4U9525 have asked Lufthansa and Germanwings to shield them from any questions coming from the media. It is their wish to not be disturbed and to remember the deceased in privacy.

    back on Egyptair flight 990, Arthur’s brother Jack is or was in 2009 still around in Maine and Florida
    The crew and passenger list is here [why did only Egyptians board in LA?]
    released by…. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New York’s Kennedy International Airport, and by relatives and friends.
    …not by the airline, note. The Port Authority….now where did we hear about them?



    Flight 990 even has one of those classic film lines: “pull with me, pull with me” like “let’s roll”
    Naturally, here’s the alleged flight path..

    The tape reportedly indicates that the pilot had left the cockpit, returning shortly afterwards and asking “What is going on?”

    Taking back the controls, the pilot is said to have issued the order: “Pull with me, pull with me.” Experts say this is a command that would normally be given to bring an aircraft out of a steep dive.

    Total 9/11 warmup BS, isn’t it, as propagated by Germanwings 4U9525 more than 15 years later

    The full “recording” is here, ending suddenly when “Apparently, electrical power to the recorder ended” [hmmmm]

    and links


    Any sign of parents or family of Iris Claassen. Rgos?

    I don’t see any. Just this mass outpouring of grief organised by the neighbour

    who appears at about 1:50 here

    I must say, the owner of the shop she worked in, Wil Olde Hampsink seems very relaxed about it all. Cheerful in fact.


    I must say, the owner of the shop she worked in, Wil Olde Hampsink seems very relaxed about it all. Cheerful in fact.

    The problem with crisis actors is that they suck at one thing: acting.
    And it shows.

    But Wil the Old Ham even sucks at what he should be doing best: selling warm sausages. His company, HEMA, is in a slow crash since foreign vulture funds took over.


    Looks like I posted comments about the two disappearing Haltern Gymnasium teachers in the wrong thread – sorry

    Perhaps you can move it Ab?

    And what of all the other passengers? We get just a smattering, to make it appear there were 150 or so on board.
    There were supposed to be 72 German passengers.

    Originally there were 75 Germans , corrected to 72 – ah the favourite dual nationality gambit
    Where is a list of names? This question has been asked…
    There is apparently no officialist available, apart from this release by El Mundo complete with spelling mistakes e.g. Andrew Brawley, Paul. and wonderful facts e.g. “Cercek” [no other name given] was a big fan of Valencia football club.
    Spanish victims are treated to 9/11 quality mugshots in the video

    Carol Friday, 68, was a nurse and her 29-year-old son Greig, an engineer. They were on holiday in Europe before Greig was due to start a teaching job.
    Their names were released by the foreign ministry in Australia, along with a statement from the family asking for privacy, according to ABC News.
    “Carol was a loving mother of two, a devoted wife to her husband, Dave, and a sister to three brothers,” the statement said.
    Greig was to have turned 30 on 23 April.
    “He was a loving son to Carol and Dave and an exceptional brother to his sister, Alex. He was adored by all his family and friends.”


    As I have said, 1989 was a bumper year for disaster hoaxes. Here’s another which I stumbled across –
    How inane can you get – it combines elements of the Moscow motorway snowy plane crash and German Wings. Immediately the news teams seemed to know that there would be survivors and deaths.
    “Just minutes after take-off the left engine caught fire and the crew were redirected to East Midlands Airport

    nowhere near the closest airport, but on the route and a hub for the airline….no doubt because there was a handy motorway nearby for the drill.Look at the “survivors” at 1:00 in the video
    The plane also looks like the Moscow Red Wings 9268 crash in December 2012- exploded into several pieces leaving tail and nose intact.

    This was an accident on the borderline of survivability and there are very few of these,” says Prof Angus Wallace, a consultant who was on shift at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham on the night of the crash.

    The unusually high number of survivors allowed for an unparalleled level of research – which gave rise to several improvements in the airline industry.

    This is insane. It flew from London to Derby with an engine on fire……..

    “St Annes Cathedral, Belfast, July 2010 (20)” by Ardfern – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Belfast,_July_2010_(20).JPG#/media/File:St_Annes_Cathedral,_Belfast,_July_2010_(20).JPG


    We always need a key witness for the media. In this case it was a Peter Wragg..this looks like the one:
    whose line of business is…..flame retardant textiles.

    Eyewitness Peter Wragg from nearby Kegworth described a lot of noise, as if it was a backfire. Flames coming out of the port engine. Very much nose-up and wing-down on the port side, as if (the pilot) was struggling for height.

    Its a brand new airplane,said British Midlands chairman Michael Bishop.`It was delivered from the manufacturers less than 12 weeks ago,</strong> and it is the very latest technology Boeing 737.</blockquote>

    This “accident” occurred less than three weeks after the Lockerbie incident.

    Lots more photos here, lots of compensation

    The cabin steward survivor’s tale, told 25 years leter…

    <blockquote>The first reporter on the scene that night was <strong>Ian Woods. Now a senior correspondent for Sky News,</strong> Ian started out on local radio Mercia Sound in Coventry after leaving University of Warwick and <strong>was working for the BBC in Nottingham at the time of the crash.</strong></blockquote>
    Woods is reporting here at the time at 2:54 –

    What did it give us? The new brace position.
    <blockquote><strong>Alice O’Hagan,</strong> who’d been travelling with her <strong>husband Eamon.</strong>
    Like many of the passengers, they were trapped between broken seats that had been thrown forward on impact.
    Alice tried to free herself, but couldn’t. Looking down, she realised why.
    Speaking to BBC documentary Collision Course in 2003, she said: “I don’t know where I got the strength from but as <strong>I pushed the seat forward my feet came away. And as my feet came away I could see they were hanging off.”</strong>
    Graham came to Alice’s aid, and began working to stem the <strong>blood pumping from her shattered legs</strong>.

    ks later, shortly before she was due to return home.

    Graham [Pearson, a Royal Marine who happened to be driving up the motorway] was hailed a <strong>hero</strong> for the three-and-a-half hours he spent helping passengers. But the experience haunted him for years.
    Flashbacks and recurring nightmares cost him his job and almost destroyed his marriage. In 1998 he <strong>successfully sued British Midland for £57,000.</strong></blockquote>
    “The captain asked to make an emergency landing at East Midlands Airport”
    – absurd if the engine were on fire minutes after taking off. Our star witness Peter Wragg is at about 1:00 in the upper BBC video. “flames coming out of the <strong>port</strong> engine” – like your average guy in the street would say – not! And the plane didn’t catch fire, naturally.

    Here’s the National Geographic official narrative biopic

    be very scared…

    Tom Dalpra

    Graham [Pearson, a Royal Marine who happened to be driving up the motorway] was hailed a hero for the three-and-a-half hours he spent helping passengers. But the experience haunted him for years.
    Flashbacks and recurring nightmares cost him his job and almost destroyed his marriage. In 1998 he successfully sued British Midland for £57,000

    What? Haha. What a hero.
    Unflappable and stoic, he hung-on, irritating everyone and pleading mental, until he got his cash.


    Tom Dalpra

    And wasn’t it at least a great stroke of luck that they crashed on the one section of motorway embankment in the UK that had it’s own neatly built set of steps ?!

    That must have been extremely helpful!

    What a fluke! haha





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