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    You’ve read the official story, you’ve see the Picasso painting…
    According to the official Basque figures, 1,654 civilians were killed….[wiki and link below]
    let’s check out the available images.

    All very Hiroshima/Dresden like. [q.q.v]

    and from 40:00 here

    Just throwing this one out – the photos look staged.
    Perhaps it’s time to visit the “Peace Museum” there?
    heads-or-tails uprising [the best sort]
    The Mayor of Gernika, Jose Labauria, reported that over one thousand people had perished in the town, including 450 in the refuge of Andra Mari Street **
    A number of eye-witnesses, together with the most senior members of the government of Euzkadi and Basque society in general, informed the world of the destruction of Gernika and the involvement of the German army and Franco’s troops. The news was published in the main European organs thanks to the rapid action taken by a number of journalists, of which the best-known is George Steer.

    witnesses, journalists…

    Father Eusebio Arronategi, who like Labauria was actually in Gernika during the bombing and the days that followed, helping with the rescue work and the identification of bodies, professed to have seen “thousands of his fellow citizens suffocated, dead and wounded”. 38 eye witnesses, including international reporters who rushed to the town soon after the attack, back these figures up. But the total number of fatalities is hard to calculate, because the 60,000 m3 of rubble that remained in the town were not removed until the end of 1941.

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