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    Black Dog

    What a great cross section of thought in our brand new Orwellian state (it’s finally here), and I think Mojo is the only one somehow clear headed enough to think through it, – The fear of being outside of indoctrinated “norms”. Her approach is to the point (which is refreshing in a world full of spineless repeaters). “The f … ing” – – suspects – -. Not race (!!!) … how clever that an organization can hide behind the race card.

    Like if we, or Ab, decides, that to be accepted into this site you must become a “Fakeologist”, not just a registered user or whatever, but you will have the title of “fakeologist” and agree to certain things, maybe a ceremony of sort, and then your in.

    Next, Ab can pick some “race”, say one that barely exists, or maybe doesn’t even exist anymore, and fabricate an elaborate story connecting himself to that race, even some hereditary inheritance as some divine right ordained by God. All so ambiguous or so far in the past it can neither be proved nor disproved, or simply irrelevant! It’s just so because Ab says it’s so! Ab can even trace an actual people he may be a descendant of. You can pick any race, or geo(sic)graphical area and go as far back as you can and find a people that once dwelled there but have since been subju(sic)gated into the dominant races we have now. Like say “Celtic”.

    Next Ab interweaves an elaborate story, real or not, or just grabs whatever they had, maybe changes a few words around and there you have it. Fakeology is not just a title or a group but it is a race! And once you’re in, ‘you’re in’. Now to keep the wolves at bay we’ll indoctrinate them with anti-race propaganda (particularly ours), while at the same time using our superfluous amounts of wealth (Ab just happens to be in the usury business, remember I’m writing fiction here! Everyone knows Ab is a truck driver – thank god, right!), so with all this wealth … oh, what we can do!! And we’re smart, we have networks, exclusivity!

    Yes it’s a pyramid too, Ab can’t let all ‘fakeologists’ know the whole deal — World domination! I mean come on, we are the chosen ones … what do you think(?) – we’re going to just ‘turn the other cheek'(?) and just go back to being an insignificant, ghetto-like, website? No, we’re ‘movin’ on up’ baby, and we got the money and the wherewithal to do it! No, we’re not above paying people off – or god forbid ‘taking them out’ but hey, we can do that too, ‘god’ doesn’t mind. We’ve written our creed to justify just about anything!

    And if you oppose or even slightly, squeak a mouse-like question in our direction, well come down on you like a D-day invasion. Remember we got the money bro! And we know how to spend it – To the top bitches – banking, government, media, just to name a few.

    So don’t you ever(!!) question us! – We own you. And more importantly, we own your mind … and your childrens’, your grandmas’, aunt Bessies’, your teachers’, the grocery store clerks’ … (rewatch Invasion of the Body Snatchers).

    You are an anti-Indo-European! —

    Ah … that’s a ‘crime’, ah yeah, a ‘hate’ crime, yeah, hate-crime, that sounds good. Question a fakeologists and you can do prison time squeaky.

    Ab, or we (fakeologists), finally got enough money and we bought our own country, Wales, well we changed the name to Celtiberian, displacing, marginalizing or just killing anyone in the way and of course everyone hates us even the people we terrorize and kill, can you believe that. And yes these people are Indo-European, the real Indo-European … we’re so smart.

    Black Dog soundcloud.com/blackdogsongs

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