July 2022

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    Been a while for an intro-phaseenergy

    Here’s my introduction: 

    hi, since elementary school age I’ve been blamed for causing people to seek psychiatric treatment because they began hearing things when near me. To cut a long story short, during the first Gulf War I was eventually trafficked to Australia’s Holsworthy army base in a similar way that Fiona Barnett claims to have happened to her. Fiona is the same age as myself. 

    In 1998 I had a job cleaning a car park at night because it was a way to avoid people. I had been thrown out of teacher’s college in 1988 after another student was put on Haloperidol and complained about me. 

    So in 1998 around the time a security guard at my carpark job had been admitted to a local psychiatric hospital for hearing voices attributed to me, Ted Turner began having a lot of functions in the building where I worked. 

    There was a tsunami in PNG at the time. I was also visited a USAF General based in Dulcie who discussed 9/11 with me along with ASIO agents. (Fiona Barnett claims this general tried to rape her as well as being raped by Ted Turner at Disneyland )

    I eventually quit working there to get away from what was going on and then was visited by another ASIO agent in early September 2001, who was asking about hurricane Erin. I remember seeing the same agent after the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. I was also active on the Let’s Roll forum around late 2011 where I became aware of your work. I was drawn there after googling the term ‘woman in the hole’ and found Edna Cintron in the plane shaped hole.

    During this period I began having PTSD like experiences of the period at my work in the carpark when I was being questioned by ASIO and the US general.

    I currently enjoy listening to Tim Ozman’s show and believe that the metascript he talks about is influenced by foreknowledge of events from the viewpoint of future events existing in the past of the future, resulting in many barriers to manipulation of events. This explains many of the odd activities described by Tim in the mainstream media because of techniques used to deal with barriers to event manipulation across times in order to keep populations under control.


    Welcome streamofconsciousness!

    Not sure what else to add as an intro. I emailed you the link about the 3-part yt which I found has a 4th part (and a blog) that I’ve been listening to, and about the book and movie The Giver. I relocated to Indiana from Michigan when I married a narcissist in the late 90s. God released me from the marriage and I’ve lived a pretty quiet life since. I’m careful about who I express myself to. A couple of friends listen to me and agree and understand where the world powers are moving us, but don’t speak about it unless I bring something up. I am a Christian in a Bible-believing church in the most libertine city in Indiana. I dare not speak there about what’s going on. Basically if it’s in the news it’s true, in their perspective. So that’s lonely, but I’m an introvert so it works and I wouldn’t trade it.

    I’ve started saying some things to my 20yo son and he listens. During his school years, though, I couldn’t say things about the fake history narrative because if he’d spoken about them at school it would have caused conflict I didn’t want to deal with.

    I enjoy your show and will listen as much as possible.

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