Lee Rigby – Woolwich London – 22nd May 2013 and beyond.

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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra


    Woolwich is ‘just down the road from me’. When the story broke last year and we heard that a guy wearing a Help For Heroes T-shirt was mown-down in the street by a car, then brutally attacked with cleavers and a machete, before being beheaded, by two African-brown-men spouting Islamic allegiance with English accents. My first reaction was NOT:
    ”How unfortunate?”
    The profile was so obvious. One glance in the newspapers the next day to see his nickname was ‘Riggers’ was more icing on a big, obvious, PsyOp-cake.
    This was the ‘return of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism to our streets’.
    It was a relatively big Op for the UK and has been sold around the world.


    The initial reports at Woolwich certainly foreshadow this summer’s returning ‘beheading theme’.
    This clearly-contrived ‘orange propaganda’ ( being hard-sold to -UK, US,AUS et al as we speak ) promoted this Summer for example, by the ‘craze’ of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.( what I see there is merely a subliminal reference – our friends and relatives in home-made videos sitting and yelping in discomfort as the bucket goes over their head – promoted and timed with three more fake beheadings this summer).


    So Lee Rigby, Drummer Lee Rigby…set a marker. It was the first ‘street beheading’ in the UK. At least for a few years! To clarify, early reports said he was beheaded but later reports were ambiguous, which could only leave one with the vague impression that they may have half-hacked-his-head-off. Still held on with a bit of skin maybe?
    Regardless, it was a real ‘heads-up’ if you will, to those used to these things. The message loud and clear was: Here comes a wave of that again. Islamic fundamentalist terrorism; that old-chestnut.


    Interesting case for the UK and very-much part of an ongoing campaign.
    For now, here is just one tiny moment that I found tucked-away on an ITV link.
    Go to the second video down on the link and 3:00.


    The interviewer/’actress'( ‘whore’ ), asks a weird question from her script: ”Do you chat to him?” in reference to the ‘dead’ Rigby. His ‘mother'( yes, blondie Lyn Rigby was/is? supposed to be, Lee’s ‘Mum’) , laughs. She stifles a laugh. It sounded funny, I don’t blame her. It’s a rare glimpse of her guard slipping for a fraction of a second.

    She’s quite effective as an actress generally I think. She keeps a straight face quite well most of the time. She’s got a good face for it maybe.

    Enjoy the Lee Rigby shrine in the background, including the model of what seems to be a pair of soldiers legs with a helmet on. Very appropriate.

    Again, second clip-down on this link:


    Avatar photorgos

    This clearly-contrived ‘orange propaganda’

    No, Tom, we’re not going there again.

    Monster trucks are the new psyop du jour over here now.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    MAY 2013

    MAY 2010 – GO TO 2:30

    How many black reporters wearing bobble hats and duffle coats do you see?

    If you’re staging one thing, you can relate it to another thing you’re going to stage.



    wtf – the pilot phones through the make and model of the aircraft – just so the emergency services can identity Farage’s plane among the forest of crashed planes in Warwickshire. This is, of course, a staged event.Rescue services must have been very slow in responding that day…all these photo-journalists got there first

    more here….
    Great stuff, Tom

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra


    I thought I’d put this here.

    It’s an art installation at The Tower of London.

    Beautiful isn’t it? It’s certainly been popular. As Rememberance Day approaches we’re told it’s the most popular ever attraction at the Tower. (Perhaps beating Mary Queen of Scots famous visit there into second? I have no idea.)

    Four million people have visited and there’s been people queuing round the block to put their name down for one of the ceramic poppies which will be duly sent around the country to their blood worshiping new owners, who will have an all-year round reminder of ‘The Glorious Dead’.

    We can see what they’re doing there.


    Now, this appears to me a subtle tie-in.

    Tower Gateway Station stands on the DLR ( Docklands Light Railway) Line. Many of the dutiful public coming to view this art installation for the glorious dead will notice Woolwich Arsenal down there referenced at the end of the line going East – the DLR line as they travel on the trains.

    As previously noted DLR = a Drummer Lee Rigby reference.


    As the public ride the trains on their morbid daytrips, the men and the boys eyes will naturally clock the Woolwich Arsenal reference.

    Future glory for the Arsenal football team ( the Royal Arsenal, The Gunners ) in their Red shirts will kind of seem to make some sense of the world, as they subconsciously remember looking up the line from Woolwich Arsenal, through King George V, all the way up to the Tower.


    I think this sort of attention to detail is probably brilliantly effective in that it writes the message into the very fabric of day-to-day life. It puts it ‘on the map’. So subtly that we don’t even notice.
    It’s written into our lives.


    It occurs to me that The Tower of London art installation with it’s ‘blood’ pouring out of the turrets is a bit weird, really. Surely the blood that historically flowed from The Tower there was the blood of the enemies of the Crown, not the ‘Glorious Dead’? Never mind.

    It all ‘hangs- together’ in the big picture. People buy the poppies.

    11 Million Pounds raised already for 6 military charities…'( we’re told!)
    ‘With 11 days to go before the poppies are sent off, there’s still time for more crowds’ the television tells us. They don’t let-up do they?


    Avatar photoTom Dalpra


    Just on The Tower and those poppies, today in the UK press we hear there’s been cries of ‘Gross insensitivity’ since:

    ”The Tower of London hosted a £240-a-head dinner for arms dealers while poppies were still being removed from the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red memorial.”


    Well what do you expect? It’s the perfect place for it. The Memorial was War glorification wasn’t it? Why the fuss now?

    The Queen is pictured with Prince Phillip walking through the poppies. ‘She’s one of us. She looked round the memorial like we did’.

    Mail caption : Thousands flocked to the poignant memorial to the fallen, including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

    Nothing changes.

    What I was really interested in here was the little video at the bottom of the link.
    It’s said to be ‘Drone footage’ of the poppies at the Tower.

    Mmmm ‘drone footage…’
    It’s a bit weird and jerky. At 42 seconds a group of guards march across a bridge.
    It looks a bit cartoony to me, but maybe I’m imagining things.

    It certainly seems clear that military intelligence will look for ways to send us pictures without giving us too much detail. The relentless unverified ‘mobile phone footage’ a staple of recent propaganda has proved that.

    I just wondered if they’re gonna try and get us used to ‘drone’ footage. It has a slightly cartoony feel to it and the picture looks like it has the potential to break up.

    That sounds ideal. Drone film at the bottom of the page on this link.



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