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    Welcome Eva!

    I’m in my 60’s and remember being in school when the JFK event was announced.I watched the Moon Landing Event on tv. It was clear to me that these things were faked. My mother agreed but it wasn’t a topic that was spoken about with many others. It just wasn’t a thing that was happening back then.
    It wasn’t until the 911 event that the internet was available in full force so it was possible to investigate so many things.People like Mae Brussell were doing this way before the Internet . Check her out on youtube just for fun.

    I have no idea how I came across Fakeolgy. Its not called the World Wide “Web” for nothing. I’m glad to know that there are other like minded people in the world (whatever shape it is.)
    That’s a super short version of where I come from. As far as where I am now, I assume that all the news is a lie unless proven true. It’s like the news is actually a SNL satire of the news. Being expected to believe such nonsense one feels as insulted and degraded as as if being herded through the TSA “security” at the airport.

    Anyway, I’ll stop this complaining and count my blessings.


    Welcome David Allen South:

    I have been a research journalist for over 36 some-odd. I have worked for several television Crews I have volunteered at TV stations, radio stations, and I have my research online and it has been online since 2011 and not one aspect of it has been refuted as yet. I am an American citizen and I am a scientific n historical researcher… Caveat: I believe in the Constitution. I have been exposing fakes and frauds for almost 46 years now… so I believe we would be a good team. fakeologist seems to me like “you find an expose frauds” and since I do that, I believe we can help each other…
    thank you for your time


    Welcome Johnnysupertramp:


    I’m a new user to your site. I have some information that might be helpful to the Humboldt bus crash hoax. My youtube channel is Johnny Supertramp 12. I’m a numerologist and have been studying these masons who pull off these money heists through staged disasters.

    Link to my youtube channel



    Welcome Mindflowers:

    Hello Fakeologist,

    My name is Eric and I would like to join in order to be able to comment.

    I have read your blog for a long while now.

    I listen to AA Morris’ podcast and the Fakeologist podcast.

    I am regularly reading Miles Mathis, CluesForum, CuttingThroughTheFog, PieceOfMindful, and VexmansThoughts.

    I have done my own original research into a few fictional events: Parkland, Isla Vista, Joshua Beale, and Howard Unruh (1949).

    I appreciate the blog and the community very much!


    Welcome dbuser:


    Up to my mid-twenties I was a full on normie. I didn’t really question anything except the limited spectrum of permitted debatable topics, such as left-right politics and so on. I’m in my late thirties now.

    The first kick in the pants was the documentary Loose Change. Then I read a detailed debunking of it, and left it at that for a while.

    I dabbled in Moon hoax material too but seeking the debunking angle, and I usually found convincing material when I looked for it.

    This actually led to the first major revelation. Why were certain topics “debunked” so thoroughly, while others remained untouched? This trained my focus on those topics.

    More recently I was subjected to the Brexit and Trump sideshows. These reawakened me to the real truth about mainstream media: it’s all bullshit. I knew this deep down but rarely had the inclination to examine it, what with real life getting in the way so often.

    So I did compare things, for months. I compared news sources with independent evidence, I double-checked claims in the news.

    This led me to Peekay Truth via Robin from How I See The World. This then led to a YouTube feast of Fakeologists, many of whom are no longer around thanks to the new censorship rules. It really opened my eyes to media fakery.

    With those new eyes I dug much deeper into 9/11, watching all the documentaries I could find. I went through the gamut of possibilities, even going as far as buying Where Did The Towers Go, before finally settling on Simon Shack’s version of events. It was, evidently, a brilliant piece of co-ordinated stagecraft to cover up a bog-standard controlled demolition of empty buildings. I’ve since pondered the esoteric side of 9/11 too, thanks to people like JLB.

    For now JLB remains my primary muse. I think he brings a lot of value, although I probably only agree with half of what he talks about, maybe less. I also enjoy listening to the Fakeologist audio chats with Faye, Gaia and Rollo to name just a few. There’s always new insight to be gleaned from their various perspectives.

    I hope that’s sufficient!


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