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    The attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne, London 1974.
    On reflection this has to be a staged news event.
    Why has it come back into prominence?
    Apparently the HERO [we always need one] is now getting old and needs to sell the GEORGE MEDAL for bravery which he was rewarded with. [PC Keith Palmer, the “victim” in the 2017 Westminster Bridge psy-op was also awarded one]
    How many of these acts of bravery were staged, btw?

    Note its use in sealing hoaxes involving Jo Cox, London and Westminster Bridge attacks, the fake Thai cave rescue etc etc
    And the prestigious George Cross recipients …[see below]

    Feb 5 2020

    The George Medal awarded to one of the civilians who thwarted the attempted armed kidnap of Princess Anne is to go under hammer.
    Former heavyweight boxer Ronnie Russell, 72, punched Ian Ball twice in the head as he tried to kidnap the princess at gunpoint in central London in March 1974.


    Ronald George Russell Area Manager, Exclusive Office Cleaning, London E2. He witnessed the attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne, and tackled an armed man, who had already shot four men, punching him on the back of the head and face

    Also awarded the GM at the same time… PC Michael John Hills
    For his involvement in an incident involving a kidnap attempt on the Princess Anne in The Mall, in which Inspector Jim Beaton was awarded the George Cross. PC Hills, despite having been shot in the stomach used his personal radio to contact Cannon Row Police Station reporting the situation and calling for assistance.

    Awarded the George Cross – Inspector James Wallace Beaton b 1943
    The [attempting kidnapper’s] car was driven by Ian Ball, who was later declared to be mentally ill **; Ball jumped out of his vehicle and tried to force the Princess from her car. He shot the royal chauffeur, Alex Callender, and a passing journalist, Brian McConnell, who tried to assist. Inspector Beaton was shot three times, including serious wounds in the chest and abdomen, and a gunshot wound to his hand, sustained when he tried to block Ball’s weapon with his own body, after his own gun had jammed ***. Beaton also sustained injuries to his pelvis while trying to disarm Ball

    ** hmmm wonder where he went to…
    *** suuuuure

    Mr Russell, who now lives in Bristol, is reluctantly selling the medal as he is in poor health having suffered several strokes, and wants to be able to provide for his future.

    So what happened at the time, back in ’74?

    The knocked out window…

    The Mall – easily sealed off

    The Queen paid off his mortgage, allegedly

    Mr Russell.. got out of his car to intervene when he saw the late night incident unfolding,


    From the Guardian
    Mr Samuel Silkin, QC, the Attorney-General, told an extraordinary story of how, over two years, Mr Ball planned in minute detail the kidnapping of the princess. He intended to hold her to ransom for £3 millions and to give the money to the National Health Service, to be used to improve the care and treatment of psychiatric patients.

    Using the name John Williams, he attempted to destroy his Ian Ball identity, burning his passport and other personal papers shortly before he carried out his kidnap plan. He had been to Spain to buy two pistols, he had rented a house in Fleet, Hampshire, not far from Sandhurst, where Princess Anne was living with her husband, and had written a long ransom note to the Queen.

    The letter was on him when he was captured in the Mall
    Mr Silkin described the story of the planning of the kidnap as unbelievable, one of the rare cases where fact was stranger than fiction.

    Fact IS fiction.

    Let’s all laugh about it…they couple had been married just 4 months previously…

    The official narrative also found here
    There were five persons travelling in the car with the Royal couple who were Inspector James Beaton, Princess Anne’s Royalty Protection Officer, Alex Callender the chauffeur and Rowena Brassey, the Princess’s Lady-in-waiting.
    A newspaper journalist called Brian McConnell **** had been travelling in a black London Cab down the Mall when he had heard gunshots. McConnell ordered his cab driver to stop his cab, running back up the Mall to confront the gunman Ball.
    McConnell is reported to have said to Ball “You can’t do that. These are my friends. Don’t be silly. Just give me the gun.” Ball shot McConnell once in the chest, telling him to “get out of the way”. Police Constable Michael Hills by chance happened upon the incident and managed to call for police backup. He was himself unarmed and was quickly shot by Ball.

    At this point Inspector James Beaton, the chauffeur Alex Callender, Brian McConnell and Police Constable Michael Hills had all been shot and injured by Ball, Beaton had received three gunshot wounds, in the chest and abdomen, and a gunshot wound to his hand.

    Another chauffeur Glenmore Martin, saw the incident unfolding and pulled over, parking his car in front of the white Ford to keep Ball from making off in the vehicle.

    Around about this time, Ronnie Russell, a 26-year old office cleaning manager arrived on the scene. Russell fought with Ball, punching him and narrowly missed being shot, the round hitting a taxi windscreen. Ball fled the scene, running into near-by St James’s Park, pursued by a number of arriving police officers.

    For his part, Glenmore Martin received the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct.
    **** just happened to be there…
    What a carry-on!

    The story was also briefly aired in 2006
    When he and [his wife] Eve ran pubs at East Runton, North Creake and Worstead word of his fame soon spread.

    “I don’t mind. We have had some laughs and I enjoy telling the story. And I am pleased that I get mentioned in my grandchildren’s modern history school text books.

    “I am a ‘get involved’ sort of person, and would do the same thing again today,” said Mr Russell, now the boss of EA Roofing at Cromer, and long-time owner and manager of the Arena Essex speedway team.

    Ironically, he will miss the programme because he is racing with the team at Wolverhampton tonight

    and also “re-emerged” only on December 5 2019, just two months before the sudden sale of the George Medal…hmmm

    How Princess Anne escaped a kidnapping at gunpoint with a backward somersault. Yes, she’s all kinds of awesome

    Anne said. ‘But I could reach the door handle behind my head and I opened the door and literally pulled my feet over my head and did a backward somersault into the road.


    Hoax probability – 100 per cent.

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