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    Tom Dalpra

    3:31 is that supposed to be the stomach of the injured person? She was supposed to be pregnant then, I see? Either that or all that worthless mouth-to-mouth and they ‘blew her up’.

    She survived I think this pregnant woman from what I can tell?

    That’s strong if she was supposed to be pregnant. Good angle.
    ”How could you fake that?” etc… Is this a real pregnant woman they’ve used even? You know, one whose children can be living-walking psyOp promotion maybe?

    I have to admit some ignorance with this case having not bothered to translate
    too much from Dutch. I didn’t find many references to the pregnant woman only on the odd old forum posts.

    Scanning various forums reporting from the time of the event is quite an interesting exercise. This quote made me think.

    ”The felon’s motives remain unknown (to me, at least) at this very moment. Why? Why the… This reminds me of the many crazy lunatics that inhabit my country (Belgium) who will kill someone/children! with no reason at all (Van Gelder).”
    Every country has ’em it seems.



    Indeed, Tom – a pregnant woman -especially one who seems to be 8 or more months pregnant – would be a huge story, yet there is nothing, except this:

    The big drama during Queen 2009 in Apeldoorn provided many wounded. This involved six men, four women and three children. The children had an age of sixteen, fifteen and nine. All the victims are from different places in the country. The injuries ranged from bruises and broken bones to severe brain damage. There were six deaths, four men and two women. One of the women was pregnant. Among the victims was also a police officer, a member of a marching band and a member of the Royal Military Police. In total there were seventeen victims. The driver of the heavy Suzuki got himself badly injured.

    translated from
    The implication [see below] is that an injured woman was pregnant….since the article was published on May 1 2009, this would imply that the woman was visibly pregnant.
    The victims are named here
    John Veldhuizen, 64
    Roel Nijenhuis, 55
    Wilfredo Plantijn 71
    Addy Teunissen, 52
    José van den Berg-Begman,55
    Netty Martens, 50

    It seems unlikely that Netty would be hugely pregnant. And the same goes for victim #7 who appears here

    Marij Pijnenburg (46)

    The 8th victim of course was the driver of the car, Karst who conveniently pegged it shortly afterwards, job having been done.
    critical condition indeed..

    All those people we see on the road must be the dead [alleged]?? Plus 11 or 13] wounded, that makes 17 centres of activity on the road… what a nonsense.

    The range of ages immediately suggests new lifers in retirement to me.


    Karst told the police, allegedly, that it was an attack on the Royal family. Next day he was dead from severe head injures..allegedly. Lucidity then death.
    From about 3 minutes here there is some footage from the mop-up of the drill

    Note the photographer at 5.00 right in the middle of the crime scene taking photos watched by the police – no cordon.


    Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.



    Definitely looks like a match to me.


    In this clip there’s an interview with a reporter on site (from the 3.00 mark). Lots of static from an alleged break-down of communications infrastructure. Knowing what we know now, this interview is staged and the static is probably just a canned audio effect to add drama.

    There is also an odd report (at the 5.11 mark) about a guy dressed up as a WWII medic allegedly walking around at the scene in confusion wondering “if it was a movie.” I thought they were pushing it but no; he was really there.
    Here he can be seen dressing the “wounded”:

    Dad's Arrmy

    Guys with orange wigs, stunt performers in Royal Military Police uniform, a Calypso steelband, and now Dad’s Army. It was quite a carnival.

    Tom Dalpra

    Haha, rgos, that’s fantastic haha! Dad’s Army! ”Don’t panic!’

    Early reports also talked about another guy in the car who ”fell out”.
    I’m thinking he was the guy we see flung into shot and sliding to a halt, just before the car crashes.
    It seems it was later decided that he was just hit and carried along making it look like he was a passenger.

    This all seems probably like cover for the way the stunt was pulled-off.
    The guy was probably ‘flung’ from the car in some way.

    What about the pregnant lady rgos? xileffilex and I can’t find much about her at all.
    She appears to be perhaps the 46 year old Marij but it’s not clear to me or him.
    And yes, she does look like a dummy.

    My Grandad was a WWII medic who was on the beaches at Dunkirk, as it happens.
    He had a healthy view of the world which could be summed-up as: ”it’s all bullshit”. We all used to think that was ‘just old Grandad’. I’d love to be able to talk to him again.




    What about the pregnant lady rgos? xileffilex and I can’t find much about her at all.
    She appears to be perhaps the 46 year old Marij but it’s not clear to me or him.

    46 years old and pregnant? That usually only happens after visiting that miracle doctor in Italy.

    No mention of pregnancy here:

    Marij Pijnenburg (46) is the mother of Britt Pijnenburg (14).

    She and her dad were part of the blue/white team and they can be seen acting out their roles here:

    Her story is told here:

    4.00: She says she can’t remember anything from the entire incident. However, in the pictures above she doesn’t look too unconscious.

    0.11: Mother and daughter had stage experience, which helps, of course, in these operations.

    1.10: Miraculous Prescience! Two days before the incident she had a dream about a car driving through the audience wounding her and killing her mother.

    We can only guess where the mother is now. New identity? Bavaria Radler Island?


    You can see the guy in pink formerly with orange wig walk across the scene at 5.29 in the 11-minute “AANSLAG” video…here he is again

    Yet another view of the much photographed kiss of life..

    Tom Dalpra

    Check this mildly amusing English translation I read on that article there rgos.
    That said, it seems to sum-up the whole affair quite neatly!

    ‘It still does not work for the monster that last month in Haaksbergen a fatal accident happened to get. Talking For investigating how the accident could happen, it is crucial that the monster can be started. But there are only a few people in the Netherlands who can perform this complex process, including the driver suspected of causing the incident.”




    Well, Tom, monster start procedure take two A4 pages. No wonder Dutchman cannot start monster. Monster break down. Monster need vacation.


    I just noticed in the back catalog of a youtube uploader in the Paris Hebdo hoax this animation video with printed commentary [uploaded October 8 2014, in the middle of our investiation into the Koeniginnendag staged event drill:

    Interesting timing…what to make rgos?
    Or of this, the alleged maker of the video…[uploaded originally in 2013]

    Tom Dalpra

    So the timing of the edit is interesting. The original was in English and
    a Dutch version appeared just as rgos’ thread here was developing.
    Who else was talking about this incident, if at all?

    What was added to make-up the extra 1 minute 57 seconds of this second Dutch version?

    The main suggestion of the video seems to be that the car was controlled from above by remote.
    It’s suggested that the driver wouldn’t have honked his horn if he was a real terrorist and in control of the car. 1: He wouldn’t have cared.
    2: He wouldn’t have needed to honk the horn if he could steer the car.

    This is a weak argument.

    If the man was so intent on hitting the Royal bus, he wouldn’t have wanted to disturb his progress by knocking random people over, necessarily.
    The use of the horn is understandable in that scenario and certainly no proof of remote control.

    What the use of the horn does prove, without any doubt, is that whether the terrorist employed the horn or it was done remotely, SOMEONE was trying to warn people and get them out of the way.

    This makes complete sense in the psyOp scenario.
    With the horn blaring and the car coming down a straight road, it may have given innocent bystanders ( non actors in the stunt) a warning and a chance to get out of the way.

    Then the author Max Havelaar’s facebook page with this 16th January
    ( Exactly one year ago to the day, coincidentally, they do happen)

    ”Hello, this message is not written by Max H. I am his sister-in-law and I got the password for his account in case he would die.
    Well… he is still alive, but he slipped into a coma for the second time after his surgery. He seems to have lost his memory, so he will probably not return here.
    I promised him that I would take over from him. My name is Felina Akuti and I welcome all friendship requests.”

    Then one post on August 14th:

    ”Dear ones, there are always messages and friend requests on this profile inside. Once again I say: Max is no longer with us.

    Felina (his sister-in-law)”

    Well he wasn’t alive in October if we’re to believe this.
    No more posts since, on the facebook page but his video got posted just as we started looking at the incident. Who posted it? The sister-in-law?
    Who did the edit?

    The Guy Fawkes mask as the profile picture on the facebook, the ‘spooky’ message from his sister-in-law ( ‘He seems to have lost his memory’) it looks like controlled opposition rather than naivety, to me.

    Who posted the updated video and why…?
    77 year old Dutch controlled opposition agent Max Havelaar is dead, long live Max Havelaar.



    Mario wants to do his tricks again. Will it ever stop?

    Tom Dalpra

    Do you think they’ll get him back to raise money for the victims’ fund rgos?!

    Couple of shows with the old beast to raise some cash? Remembering he’s apparently the only guy that can drive it!

    Monster Truck Accident



    Do you think they’ll get him back to raise money for the victims’ fund rgos?!


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