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    There are topics we are not allowed to doubt out of decency and disgust.

    Pedophilia is such a topic. It is quite literally horrendous. Yet, the media attention and fright that these stories exercise on the population is of tremendous proportion. If we look for examples that compare to pedophilia in terms of public distress, interest and trauma, it is worrisome to find that we must categorize these events in the category of well-beknown subjects in alternative research: Aids, the Atomic bombs, the Holocaust, Serial Killers. If we add pedophilia to this list, it stands out as the only topic alternative researchers have yet to investigate critically. Yet, if we look at the communalities, there are many…

    •culture creation (films, literature, press, experts)
    •military implication
    •intelligence involvement
    •alternative media and research
    •famous front figures implicated
    •legal action / trials

    Proceeding with inductive reasoning, it seems improbable that only Pedophilia would not part of the psychological warfare used against us.

    My focus will be directed towards two cases where public and alternative media has been very active. In both cases the two sides of dialectic both work in synergy towards a maximum of effect and attention.


    I hope to follow up here soon with more specific descriptions of each case. My research is not extensive at this point and my intention is to start this thread in hope that fellow fakeologist would be able contribute to critically investigate and shed light on these two major stories. Appreciate your scepticism and contributions !

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