Oct 2020

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    Welcome Justagal

    So I have been researching truth only since October 1, 2017. Yes! Exactly that date. I am 55 years old now and up until 3 years ago, I rarely questioned anything. I have many stories but I will spare the details for now. That specific date was the day of the Las Vegas shooting. I have no idea what it was about that particular event that made me wake up. There are probably multiple reasons. I have progressed quickly in my research thanks to many of you guys that have been doing this a long time and paved the way. After going down endless rabbit holes (doing research pretty much 24/7), I came to the realization that there was something even more off than I originally thought. After that shooting, I set off to figure all this out because I thought I was smart enough to do that. The only thing that I was smart to figure out is that I know nothing and will probably never figure it all out. But I do believe that most of the stuff we see around us is not even real. I can’t put my finger on what it is. I realize there are many theories. But yea, pretty much everything is fake AF. If I don’t see it happen right in front of my very eyes, everything is suspicious to me until it is verifiable. And even things I actually see, sometimes are questionable. I don’t have any type of split from reality in a mental health disorder kinda way. I just know something is off and I am looking for like-minded, rational, intelligent and mentally stable individuals to have intelligent and civil discussions with.

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