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    To speculate a bit, the name of the Freedom Tower is ONE WORLD Trade Center, which means a synthesis, Hegelian style. The two WTC towers represented thesis and antithesis, while the new tower represents the synthesis into a unification of the two.


    I was a bit confused a year ago when I heard of the new “Xbox One”. Wait, didn’t we already have two Xboxes?

    One what?

    One ____

    The box also has one eye, that never turns off, that knows when your breathing.


    One world TRADE. What trade? I hope it means a new international digital currency similar to Bitcoin. And instead of being anonymous, like Bitcoin, the new currency will be public and transparent.

    Wait, before you think I’m a New World Order shill :mrgreen: , let me explain why such currency will be good. It will expose all the shady business in the world! And it will bring public transparency to trade. Anybody will be able to track any transaction.

    The sinister forces will still be able to run, but they will have nowhere to hide. mhuaha ha :evil laughter:


    When will the opening ceremony be held for One World Trade Center? January 7, 2014, that would be: 2+1, 7+7, 7 –> 3 and 777. For some reason those in power pick numbers like that. January 7 may be too soon though, I don’t know, but anyway it’s fun to speculate.


    A good story – a former tenant, alleged, of the old WTC moves into the new one

    [Former Canon employee] Greg Carafello describes the morning of September 11, 2001, in a matter-of-fact tone.

    He was on the 18th floor of the South Tower. His company, AbraCadabra, was headquartered there. He had gotten in early that day. Only one other employee was in the office that morning

    The problem is I don’t see any such company listed in WTC2.
    March 9 2012

    Carafello eventually pulled in $4 million per year with 39 employees at four branches in New Jersey and Manhattan, including a flagship on the 18th floor of the World Trade Center’s south tower

    Carafello also lost his best friend in the building collapse. He moved operations to a store in New Jersey, but with the loss of major WTC clients, the company’s revenue slumped more than 75 percent. In 2004, Carafello decided to sell..

    best friend is not named….

    The old Abracadabra firm seems to leave little trace


    Street: Street
    ZIP Code/City: 10047 New York – Manhattan, Lower Manhattan
    State: NY
    Phone: (212) 321-1070
    Fax: (843) 937-0900

    No trace of Abracadabra here either…

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