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    PsyOp Histogram

    in an attempt to get a better world-picture, i wondered if anyone have made an historical overviex of events that have had major impact on our society and at the same time represent everything a Fakeologist might suspect include the ingredients of manipulation to be a suspected PsyOp ?

    under is a preliminary list, as a starting point,,
    would be great if other Fakeologist could contribute to fill in the gaps, add and subtract !

    71 Jesus
    1492 America Christopher Columbus
    1522 Spherical earth Ferdinand Magellan
    1541 Heliocentric System of the Universe Copernicus
    1623 Shakespeare
    1665 Gravity Isaac Newton
    1790 Vaccine Edward Jenner
    1791 Mozart
    1824 Dinosaurs William Buckland
    1859 Evolution charles Darwin
    1890 Fluoride
    1905 E = mc² Albert Einstein
    1906 cancer
    1912 Titanic (5/15)
    1915 RMS Lusitania (5/7)
    1923 Disney Brothers Studios (10/16)
    1939 Nuclear Weapons Robert Oppenheimer
    1941 Pearl Harbour Attack (12/7)
    1943 LSD Albert Hofmann
    1944 Holocaust Ilya Ehrenburg
    1945 Adolf Hitler Suicide (4/30)
    1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-Bomb (8/6 & 8/9)
    1946 King David Hotel Bombing (7/22)
    1947 Roswell UFO incident (7/7)
    1953 DNA Double Helix James Watson & Francis Crick
    1958 NASA (7/29) Dwight Eiesenhower
    1960 the Beatles
    1961 Apollo Program John F Kennedy
    1963 JFK Murder (11/22)
    1963 Cholesterol Ancel Keys
    1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident
    1965 Skylab
    1968 RFK Murder (6/6)
    1968 MLK Murder (4/4)
    1969 Moon Landing
    1970 Jimi Hendrix (9/18)
    1970 Kent State Univeristy Shooting (5/4)
    1970 Salt (health hazard)
    1972 Space Shuttle
    1976 Apple Steve Jobs
    1977 Elvis (8/16)
    1981 John Lennon Murder (12/8)
    1984 AIDS Dr. Robert Gallo
    1986 Palme Assassination (2/28)
    1993 ISS
    1993 WTC Car Bomb (2/26)
    1996 TWA Flight 800 (7/17)
    1999 Columbine Massacre
    2001 WTC Bombings (9/11)
    2004 Madrid train bombings (3/11)
    2005 London Bombings (7/7)
    2007 Virginia Tech (4/16)
    2009 Michael Jackson (6/25)
    2010 Iceland Volcano
    2011 Oslo Massacre (7/22)
    2011 Fukushima (3/11)
    2011 Amy Winehouse (7/23)
    2011 Osama bin Laden (5/2)
    2012 Aurora Shooting (7/20)
    2012 Sandy Hook (12/14)
    2013 Boston Marathon Bombings (4/15)


    I’ve posted the above list above. Anyone can edit it. Let’s keep it built and periodically re-paste it here.


    Thanks Ab !

    i’ve tried to make columns in the spreadsheet, and hope we will be able to fill in the gaps & information,, i suspect the dates are somehow important for the numerology, but i am unsure how to format a dedicated colomn for this purpose.. it would be informative though,,


    allready 66 entries,,,
    next goal,, 111 !


    it has been pointed out that the word Histogram is wrongly applied,,,,

    in a strict sense it is true that this word initially was used for graphical representation of statistics where rectangles have a proportional area to the frequency of a variable/interval (since 1891).

    however, the term has its etymological roots from the Greek “histos” (anything set upright), and gramma (drawing, record, writing).

    so if a Fakeologist look in depth at the meaning of the world around us, one could also assume fitting to look deeply into the meaning of the words we use…?

    if so, can we freely “set upright” any “drawing, record, writing” we might find suitable to arrange our fakeologist views in ?

    or should we just stick with the mainstream version ?

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    1666 Great Fire of London?



    Nietzsche on the “Jesus” PsyOp:

    “The Jews… have entrenched themselves within all the provisos under which a people can survive intact, or has been allowed to survive. Out of their own consciousness they have evolved a set of ideas in opposition to all natural conditions of living, one by one they have taken religion, culture, morality, history, and psychology, and converted them irreparably into a contradiction of their natural meaning.

    We meet with the same phenomenon elsewhere, but all disjointed, a mere copy, for the Christian church lacks all claim to originality as compared with the ‘holy race’…

    Because of their capacity for distortion, the Jews are the most fateful people in human history. In the course of their operations they have hoodwinked mankind so much that, even to this day, the Christian can feel anti-Semitic without realizing that he himself is the logical consequence of Judaism.

    In my ‘Genealogy of Morals’, I give the first psychological explanation of the distinction between a noble morality and a morality of resentment; the latter being merely a negation of the former and this latter is the Jewish-Christian morality through and through!

    In order to be able to say no to life on the up-grade, to success, power, and beauty, and self-affirmation on earth, it was necessary for the instinct of resentment, or for the genius of resentment, to discover another world, one from which that affirmation of life could be regarded as evil and reprehensible.

    Psychologically considered, the Jews are a people very hard to suppress, who when they had to face impossible surroundings, deliberately selected the part of decadence, and made their choice with a profound worldly wisdom in order to preserve themselves intact. I do not mean that the Jews were overcome by decadence, but that they saw in it a method by which they could assert themselves against the world.

    The Jews are the opposite of decadent, they have simply been obliged to take on the part, so much so that with an incredible degree of histrionic genius, they have managed to place themselves in control of all decadent movements in order to make themselves stronger than the assertive forces of life.

    The kind of man who seeks power under Judaism or Christianity uses decadence as no more than a means to an end. This kind of fellow has a real interest in making people sick, and in upsetting the ideas of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ ‘true’ and ‘false’ in a way which is dangerous to life and a slander against this world in which we live…

    Here we are among Jews… the elevation of deceit in attitude and phrase to the status of an art – is not any accident due to the exceptional talents of any one individual. It is a racial matter. In the formulation of Christianity, the art of concocting holy lies, which is the essence of Jewishness, after many centuries of earnest apprenticeship and practice in Judea, has reached technical perfection…

    Little super-Jews, fit only for the madhouse, reversed all values to suit themselves… Paul, the Jew, the eternal and perfect Jew, Paul the genius, realized that, by means of the small sectarian Christian movement which had broken away from Judaism, a world conflagration could be kindled. He realized that, by means of ‘God on the Cross’ everything underhand, seditious, and a product of rebellious intrigues within the empire, might be welded together into one immense power. ‘For salvation is of the Jews’.”

    ~ from “The Anti-Christ” by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

    Avatar photoA R

    Herge, thanks for bringing up this excerpt!


    1666 Great Fire of London?

    I should say so!
    Fresh start for London

    So many more to put in the histogram – Dunblane, Port Arthur, Lockerbie, Hillsborough, and pretty well every plane, train or motorway disasters one cares to investigate. Not forgetting all those post 2013 celeb deaths. Badly in need of updating!

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