Sep 2020

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    Welcome Finbar,

    Here’s my introduction:Hi, my name is Finbar, and I have been a
    conspiracy realist since about 2005, when I was noticing strange long
    lasting trails in the sky that I have never noticed before. I looked
    them up on the internet, but to no avail. I even went down to one of
    the local news stations to ask the weather guy if he knew what they
    were, but couldn’t get an answer much less even talk to him face to
    face. They gave me a general email address to him, but no response,
    not even once. The trails continued and even worsened. Somedays I
    would go out to only find the whole sky filled with straight parallel
    lines, and sometimes with giant X’s and A’s in the sky. What does all
    this mean? Thus began my journey into the land of conspiracies, and
    the biggest land of lies to come…the land that we live upon, and the
    fe fi fo fum I smell lies of the deceitful ones. The flat Earth, and
    the long lost Tartarian Empire that goes hand to hand with it, has
    been one of the greatest realizations I have come to know. It has
    unearthed in me a new concise and much easier way to think. When you
    fully see the beauty behind the flat Earth, your mind becomes free,
    barriers drop away, you feel freer than ever before. It’s hard to
    explain, but I see things so much more clear now knowing where I live.
    Even if it’s not the one hundred percent working model, it sure is a
    lot closer than a spinning ball catapulting through infinite space at
    speeds and directions only imagined by deceitful hoodwinkers. With all
    that being said, I live in Denver/Boulder, Colorado, where I spend
    half my time working in Boulder, and the other half of my time living
    in Denver. The new new world order will be stopped, these criminals
    running this world into the ground with their rules and regulations
    will have their day with the karma police.As observable facts, what
    goes up must come down.Thanks for doing all that you do, look forward
    to learning and finding the truth in the days ahead.Thanks, catch you
    on the livestreams and the moonbeams real soon.

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