Sep 2022

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    I sort of re-discovered Fakeologist recently.  A number of years ago I used to visit the site occasionally, and early in the covid hoax I was tuning into the podcast from time to time as well.   I was a regular listener to Chris Kendall’s hoaxbusters call and used to talk with him by phone off-line…I probably had one of the last conversations with him before the accident.  He had called me and we talked for an hour.  I sort of sensed something wasn’t quite right, but I had no idea that he’d be gone just a few days later.  It hit me pretty hard.

    Anyway, in the last week I listened to a handful of your recent podcasts, including the one with Peter Wright. I thought that was fascinating; early in my career, I had a boss who had seen the writing on the wall and escaped to the US from South Africa.  While Peter’s life has been more extreme, there’s still a good deal of similarity between the two.

    I’d like to listen live and maybe participate in the chats.  Please let me know if you have other questions.



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