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    Black DogBlack Dog

    Are you programmed (or programming yourself) to believe that the programmers have good intentions?

    That’s what I get, too much, from too many, even on this site.

    Basically, “nothing to fear, all is lovely, it was fake but no one got hurt, nothing to be too concerned about …” What is the word for this? Stockholme Syndrome? … Safe, set, status quo, conformists … Absolutely average people, fine with everything, who can all but turn a blind eye to the media fakery … so they/ uncover/ sleuth and then go, oh, okay, I guess the government has to do it this way … (“no bigger conspriracy here”)

    Never realizing the totalitarian tiptoe we are all under, or would probably oblige as long as they thought they could keep their monopoly money and their established positions in commerce and society.

    I always like to know if I’m on the same page as anyone, here or anywhere, and get a sense of how much of a sell-out any particular individual is. Which incurs suffering their ability to take cheap shots at me here and there. I’m so not happy with people … including those here who seem to only be here as an interesting little side hobby and not much more, never delving much beyond the surface. God forbid, it would require total abandonment of their realities.

    It is a heavy trip but there must be ‘no quarter’! At least not in my world. I suffer people everyday. All one can do is oppose, as one can, when one can. Here at least I can (I resist often until it builds and then I write a general post as you are reading here). Fine tuning my experience, weeding out the elitist sympathizers, sending them to a metaphorical guillotine, saving their heads as a prize.

    To at least know who’s who or what’s what! … More so anyway and be under less of a delusion about whatever this virtual microcosm in this bizarre macrocosm is suppose to be.

    I don’t want contention but welcome it as opposed to nothingness and incompleteness. I thought the internet would be cooler … with at least some sites giving refuge from the cliques and bullshit everywhere else… All of the internet has not been much different than facebook where at the most, some sites are like a fairly cool page on FB (What should I expect though? Right? Virtual is of course less desirable … but if controlled, oh so favorable to you know who).

    I do sense more people I like here, at Fakeologist, than not though. Probably thanks to Ab blocking the more abusive types out and from what I can tell, fairly, not abusively himself as most seem to do when given such tyranical powers – I think Ab even gives people a chance to retract an uncalled for post or comment, or he should.

    Arrested development? Stockholme syndrome? What’s to be expected on this slaveship to nowhere? Where the slaves, for generations have been so indoctrinated that they … well …don’t know any better. Myself, included … But only ‘somewhat’, I like to think … that somehow something in me screams for more deliverance than the average.

    Genes that skipped numerous generations? As if I am simply unevolved to deal with this crap. A big american city terrifys me, I don’t get it, how could we do this?

    Black Dog

    Black DogBlack Dog

    Audio attached and here:

    Thoughts from Videre..
    Excerpts from Clues Chronicle 6 (Nov. 11, 2015), “Hi Videre” (Videre interview part)

    “..part of me is questioning whether I really want to protect somebody of the fear for that..” – ?

    Not sure, I’ve interpreted that above part correctly/the audio quality is lacking, although the rest of the audio was quite clear enough.

    I’d like to have a follow-up from Videre on these points (a good example of what I consider ‘Stockholme Syndrome’, which, let’s face it, we all have to a degree/and no doubt women more so). ..How is her ‘making peace with the controllers’ going? ..Is she going to intentionally join them to help program the human race for the elitist agenda? She seems like a nice enough woman (nice voice/bad audio though, from Cluesform). And yes I am paying her special attention … ‘we all have things to learn from each other’. As all and any, even the seemingly trivial.. ..are often the pieces we all crave in putting this all together, if can ever be accomplished. To at least a degree anyway … in these seemingly never ending increments.

    I personally have not the least bit of a feeling that our controllers may be the least bit benevolent of any sort. They do what they do.. and how could anyone think that does not include death, killing, murder, even large scale genocide of innocent people as needed?

    I am also very curious why the only voices on the internet seem to be us ignorant ‘westerners’ who have no first hand account of the devistation that has been ongoing. There should be voices out there, that, either through handed down stories (from trusted loved ones) or directly from people that are now living in this whole wide world /on this supposed world wide web.

    Audio source: CluesChronicle006_2015-11-13_Hi-Videre-Moon-Hoax

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    Black Dog

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